What Is Power Waxer? How To Use It?

What is power waxer How to Use it

I know you deserve to take care of yourself. From skin to toe, you need to keep a clean and pretty profile. While that is all good, are you paying the same amount of attention to your car?

You need to wax your car every now and then. Yes, just like your skin. Your ride looks shiny and cool when you wax your car. It is just like the first time it rolled out from the showroom. 

I know that you want to wax your car with your own two hands and fill it up with love. But isn’t that time-consuming? It drains lots of energy and also bores you out.  

I will suggest you use a power waxer for that. In this article, I have talked about how to use a power waxer. I have also discussed what this thing is. If you are curious, I will request you to keep reading. 

What Is Power Waxer? 

What Is Power Waxer

A power waxer is a waxing tool for your car that lets you wax your car at a faster speed and offers a smooth result when it comes to protecting your car from small scratches. These electronic waxers make your car keep sinning after years, and they can spin faster than your hands. 

When you have a car, it is possible that you will get a lot of small and big scratches on your car. Getting your car waxed will help you shield the body of your car from scratch. It keeps the paint on your car intact and makes it look brand new. 

How To Use Power Waxer?

How To Use Power Waxer

If you typed this – “how to use power waxera” then I think you mean how to sue power car waxer. 

Anyways, It is pretty straightforward to use a power waxer. But, first of all, I would like for you to read and follow the manual of the power waxer you are using. You should follow all the instructions mentioned in the manual. 

Still, if you need simplification and help, then here are some instructions that you can follow–

Clean Your Car

Waxing your car when it still has dirt will make your car look even worse. That is why you should make sure that you are waxing your car fully and completely. Our suggestion for you is to use good quality soap and wash your car properly before using a power waxer to wax your car.

Apply Wax 

Now you have to apply the wax to your power waxer. First, you should apply small dots of the wax around the parameter of the waxer. Then you need to put a large amount of wax in the center of the waxer. This will help you spread the wax evenly upon the surface of your car. 

Also, when waxing, you should take long and straight strokes to make sure that the wax is not piling up in one place. Later you should keep waxing the car to gain a good finish. 

Cleaning The Wax

Once you are done with the waxing using a power waxer, you have to peel off/ clean the extra amount of wax that got dried on different parts of the car. You can use a microfiber towel to do it. Finally, you should rinse your car and enjoy the new shiny, waxy, smooth finish that you have been waiting for all this time. 

Why Should You Use Power Waxer?

Why Should You Use Power Waxer

I very much like the idea of watching a sexy woman wash your car and wax it as you enjoy it from the outside. But, she will get tired and leave her job soon unless she gets to use a power waxer. Waxing your car by hand makes it very hard work, and it is tiring. There are some good reasons why you should use a power waxer.

Do More, Do Faster

The first reason is why use a hand to wax your car when you can use a power waxer. It makes the work faster and smoother. When done by hand, the overall time increases. Also, the work takes more effort on one car. If you are using a waxer, you can wax the car faster and wax more cars within a small amount of time. 

The waxers move at the speed of 2000 rpm. As a result, you can wax more cars easily. 

Reduce The Hard Work

You can reduce the hard work you are doing when waxing your car. You will need a power waxer. This can work as a mechanical hand, reducing the effort of waxing your car. You might get sore shoulders when waxing your car using your hand alone. But if you use this spinning power waxer, you can kiss your shore shoulders goodbye. 

Better Finish Than Done By Hand

If you want a better result when waxing your car, then you cannot gain it only by waxing your car with your hands. The power waxers offer a smoother finish and better protection for your cars. When you get more amount of rotation from the waxer per minute, you will have a smoother finish on the body of your car for sure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the popularly asked questions related to this topic. You might want to know about them –

1. Is It Better To Apply Wax By Hand Or Machine?

Ans: You can use your hand to wax your car if you want to. But it is better if you use the power waxing machine to wax your car. The result is much smoother and faster if you use a waxer.  

2. How Often Should You Wax Your Car?

Ans: You can wax your car every three months. There is no need to wax your car more frequently. But if you want to keep doing it more frequently, then you should keep at least three months difference between the time of waxing.

3. Can You Over Wax Your Car?

Ans: You cannot over-wax your car. The car can only endure and use one single layer of wax. When you wax your car, you can use only one layer of your wax. 

Wax It Smooth 

A car power waxer can be a pretty smooth tool. All you need to do is to follow the instructions when using it. Using a waxing tool for your car will help you wax your car smoothly for sure. I have offered all the simple information you are looking for in this article. You should feel helped once you complete this article.

Did you find this article helpful? However, if you have any further queries, you can ask questions in the comment section. We will be sure to get back to you.

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