9 Branded Items That Could Make Excellent Giveaways For Loyal Customers

Branded Items

Rewarding your loyal customers is an excellent way to increase that loyalty and help spread the word about your business to more people.

Customers like to feel valued by the companies they buy from, and giving away a quality piece of branded merchandise can be an excellent way to make a memorable impression.

You’ll need to choose the right items to give away, and these will need to be cost-effective, useful, and fun. It is best to select items that anyone can use and enjoy so that you can have a large number printed up and ready to go out with your customers’ next order.

Here Are 9 Branded Items That Could Make Excellent Giveaways For Loyal Customers

1. Chocolate

Chocolate is always a people pleaser, so you could get a big batch of chocolate bars made and wrapped with a branded label. It is best to get some dairy and some vegan options so that you can appeal to the broadest range of customers. The last thing you want is for your thoughtful gift to end up in the trash because it’s not suited to the customer.

2. Water Bottle

Everyone drinks water, so everyone has use for a new reusable water bottle. You should ensure that it is well-made and sturdy to last your customer well.

A water bottle with a loop bottle top can make an excellent option for customers who like to carry water with them throughout the day. Make sure the branding is clear, as it can sometimes be tricky to read on a clear water bottle.

3. Plush Toys

An ideal giveaway for businesses catering to parents or younger audiences, a branded plush toy can be a cute and cherished gift from you to your customer.

You should ensure that the toy is compliant with local and Federal laws on standards for soft toys, and it should be of the best possible quality. You could make it extra unique by making the toy in your brand’s colors, with the brand wording being relatively discreet.

4. T-Shirt

T-shirts are a staple in most American wardrobes thanks to their comfort and versatility. People of all ages, shapes, and genders wear t-shirts, making them a no-brainer for a customer giveaway.

Look for a quality provider with excellent printing services like Bolt Printing. Make sure to order in a range of sizes and styles to suit your customer demographic.

5. Pens

Branded Pens

Most households and offices simply can’t have enough pens. A pen with branding is a great way to promote your business, as pens often get passed from hand to hand in the office or at home. Make sure that the pen you choose is of excellent quality and will last, as any pen that loses its ink quickly or dries out will often find itself in the trash.

6. Calendar

Most people use their phones to track their appointments throughout the year, but a physical calendar can still be very helpful to have at home. Make sure the branding is clear but not too over the top, and ensure that any pictures or writing inside are attractive without being too generic or in any way offensive.

7. Stress Toys

Stress toys are a popular addition to most desks and workspaces, so including one in your giveaway can be an excellent option. They are also popular among kids, with options like fidget spinners being one of the most popular recent toys. You can also use the inclusion of a stress toy to highlight the importance of mental health and show that you are a brand that cares.

8. Travel Coffee Cups

Travel coffee cups are a great choice, as almost everyone has a need for taking a warm drink on the go at some point or another. Because it’s a travel cup, this means that your branding will be seen by people outside the home, potentially many people.

This is a win-win for you and your customers, as they get a helpful way to keep their hot drinks toasty, and you get your brand seen out in the world.

9. Phone Chargers

Phone Chargers

Phone chargers are always incredibly useful, so this is a gift that all of your loyal customers will appreciate. Many people find it hard to keep track of their chargers or end up bringing one back and forth between home and places they visit. Providing a charger with your branding will mean they’ll think of your business every time they reach for their handy spare charger.

Final Thoughts

Giveaways can be great for your business and your customers alike. By providing a free gift, you’re showing that you value a customer’s business and want to give back to them a little.

You are also helping to promote your business to new audiences as branded items will get seen by friends and family of your customers. Make sure that the branding and items you are consistent and high quality, so you and your customers get the best out of the giveaway.

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