The ProudlyUpdates Guest Post Program is intended to help aspiring bloggers & writers who are looking for a credible platform to publish their work. We encourage bloggers that are category experts to submit one or many Guest Posts every month on ProudlyUpdates.

You can create informative, engaging, and SEO-Friendly articles in any of the following categories-

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Benefits Of Guest Posting On ProudlyUpdates

Once you become an Author on ProudlyUpdates and start publishing your content, you stand to benefit in the following ways-

  • You will get 100% Authorship Credit for the article
  • You can have a specific Author Bio Section at the end of the article
  • You can place In-Content Links of your website or social media in the article (1 Do-Follow)
  • You can become an esteemed part of one of the fastest-growing blog platforms
  • You can follow like-minded authors on the platform and upvote their articles

Guidelines For Publishing Articles On ProudlyUpdates

Anyone who wants to publish articles on the site needs to first create an account by registering. This can be simply done through Gmail. Once you have created your account, you need to enter the account details. This is where you will be able to add the author bio.

  1. ProudlyUpdates will only accept Guest Posts that are above 1000+ words. Please do not expect to get published after submitting a 500-word article.
  2. All the articles need to have proper formatting. This includes having H2 and H3 tags, a proper Introduction, and a Conclusion section.
  3. Authors will submit their articles to the Admin. The Admin will verify the content and then publish the same. The Admin has all editorial authority on the platform.
  4. Authors are encouraged to make their articles as SEO-friendly as possible. Such articles will be given priority over others.
  5. All articles should be 100% Plagiarism Free. Authors are requested to run their content through a plagiarism checker software like Copyscape first.
  6. The content needs to be in-depth and explanatory in nature. The platform will not accept promotional content pieces under any circumstances.
  7. The use of the Keyword Rich Anchor is not encouraged. If you are linking to a website, please use Branded or Generic Keywords like ‘view more’, ‘read here’, ‘view website’, etc.
  8. The Final Right of Review and Publishing rests with the Admin of the ProudlyUpdates platform. We reserve all rights to review, publish or remove the content.
  9. Anybody found violating the guidelines or agreements of Guest Posting on ProudlyUpdates will have their author accounts removed.
  10. Links to low-value websites or spammy link-building will not be tolerated on the platform. Please do not send us articles with affiliate links to them.
Please Note- Please do not submit articles on Casino, Gambling, Adult, or CBD Niches. Do not include any links that are related to the above niches. 

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