Maheema – Midas, Ella & Diva – Three is Not a Crowd When They Are Pups

Welcoming the Pup Home
“Their presence in my life has brought a newfound sense of purpose and meaning, reminding me that even in the darkest of times, love and companionship can light the way forward.” 

They say that pets are like angels that come into your life, and they help you be a better version of yourself. They give us a sense of responsibility, purpose, and priority and that is exactly what happened when three little angels came to Maheema’s life.  

Meet Midas, Ella & Diva, this is their story!! 

These three little angels came into Maheema’s life when she was at her lowest, although not at the same time, but they made their way into her and her mother’s heart like no one ever.  

Welcoming the Pup Home

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Deciding on getting a pet was not an easy decision for the mother and daughter. After losing her father, and her confidante, Maheema, was broken, she lost her purpose of living and then he came to her life, her first dog Midas, a black Labrador pup, who was only a month old when he entered her life.  

Among all the different kinds of animals, why choose a dog for your first pet, well we asked Maheema these exact questions and what she said is what every pet parent feels like.  

“I decided to get a dog as my first pet because dogs have always held a special place in my heart. From my earliest memories, I was surrounded by the love and companionship of dogs, thanks to my maternal uncles who adored them.” 

“As the youngest member of that side of the family, I found solace and friendship in the company of these loyal creatures. They were my first best friends, providing comfort and joy during the moments when the adults were occupied with their responsibilities.”  

“So, when it came time to choose my own pet, there was doubt in my mind that a dog would be my perfect companion, bringing back cherished memories and filling my life with warmth and love.” 

The Initial Challenges 

The Initial Challenges

Although it is easy to adopt a dog, it is fair to say the initial days of a first time pet parent is tough, it is definitely not all hugs and cuddles, rather bites and scratches. The initial challenges of having a puppy dog are not a cake walk, so Maheema said exactly what we went through as pet parents.  

She said, “initially, when Midas joined our family as a one-month-old puppy, adapting to his new surroundings was a bit of a challenge.”  

“The fatigue from travelling and the sudden introduction to multiple new faces posed difficulties for him in his early days. Additionally, with my mom’s concern for cleanliness, we had to make extra efforts to manage the transition smoothly.” 

“Fortunately, we were able to rely on my mom’s past experiences with dogs to start training Midas right from the beginning. Her knowledge and expertise in handling dogs proved invaluable.”  

“As Midas is naturally a loving and affectionate dog, he quickly warmed up to us and his new environment.” 

Growing the Family 

Growing the Family

For the mother and daughter, they wanted to have a big family, so they decided on giving Midas a brother or sister. But since Midas liked being the only “Man of the House,” he got two beautiful sisters. Let’s here to from Maheema how it was to have three dogs at once.  

“Once that training Midas was on track, it became easier for both Maheema and her mother to train Ella and Diva. To the little one’s Midas became a true leader of the pack, of him it was natural as well, since he was the only male in a female household.”  

Having more than one dog as a first time pet parent can get overwhelming and challenging. But when you come back home after a hard day’s work and see these puppies running towards you as you open the door it is the best feeling in the world.  

What Maheema shared touched our heart, “the bond I share with my dogs is beyond measure. They bring an abundance of happiness into my life, making every moment brighter. Returning home from a long, exhausting day at work, the sight of my dogs eagerly running to greet me fills my heart with warmth and joy.”  

“It’s a moment that never fails to bring tears of happiness to my eyes, reminding me of the immense love I have for them. It’s like finally I understood how having a child feels like.” 

After hearing such beautiful things about Maheema’s little angels, we are eager to know more about each of their personalities and behaviors. And that is exactly what Maheema shared with us.  

The Pups with Different Personalities 

The Pups with Different Personalities

They say that every dog has a different personality and as you see them growing up in front of your eyes, their personalities get highlighted. And this was much clearer after seeing Maheema’s pups.   

So, let me introduce you to the delightful trio:  

“First up is Midas, our wise and protective Labrador, the eldest at 5 years old. He’s our household’s very own superman, always the first to investigate any potential danger and ensure everyone’s safety. His loyalty knows no bounds, fiercely guarding his family and home.”  

“Next is Ella, also 5 years old, a Labrador with the heart of a motherly angel. She showers endless love on her little sister Diva and adores cuddles with my mom. With a knack for timing, she knows just when to grace us with her presence, snuggling up for her dose of affection before retreating to her own space when she’s had her fill.  She is also a nature enthusiast, finds solace in the balcony, particularly during rainy days.”  

“And then Diva, our spirited 2-year- old Doberman, true to her name in every sense. She’s a protective diva, always ready to bark at the slightest hint of trouble and fiercely vying for attention in the house. She’s our little explorer, curious about every nook and cranny, making sure she doesn’t miss a thing.” 

The Emotional Connection 

The Emotional Connection

While talking about her dogs, Maheema got emotional talking about how her dogs are like her emotional support animals.   

“My dogs have always been my pillars of emotional support. As someone who struggles with expressing feelings verbally, I’ve found solace in their silent understanding and unwavering companionship.”  

“During my darkest moments, when I felt utterly alone and misunderstood, it was Midas who sensed my pain, gently reaching out with his paw and looking into my eyes full of empathy. His gesture spoke volumes, comforting me in a way words never could.”  

“Ella, ever the nurturing soul, stands by my side through every health or emotional challenge, offering her comforting presence without fail.”  

“For Diva, with her playful personality, knows just how to lift my spirits, demanding cuddles and attention until my focus shifts from sorrow to her playful antics.” 

Their presence in my life has brought a newfound sense of purpose and meaning, reminding me that even in the darkest of times, love and companionship can light the way forward.

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