3 Steps to Securing Your Business Property from Theft

Business Property

Business properties need a good level of security for peace of mind.

Your livelihood is tied up in your place of business and it should therefore be protected with the best means necessary.

There are too many options out there to consider every single one, so this article provides four of the easiest and most efficient ways to secure your business property from any potential theft.

Top 3 Ways Of Securing A Business Property From Theft

  • Install CCTV
  • Control Access
  • Professional Security Services

1. Install CCTV

Installing CCTV should be your first call to action. CCTV is a collection of cameras dotted around the property and entrance and exit points, and any other hidden problem areas where a thief may enter. How many you get it up to you. You can get a professional assessment to decide how many you need and where they should go.

CCTV installation

The main benefits of having a CCTV operation in place are that it may deter potential thieves, it may take a break in more logistically difficult, and it will make any person who does commit a robbery on your property more identifiable to law enforcement.

They are also useful for insurance claims if a burglary should occur, as they serve as proof of what happened.

2. Control Access

You can control access to your place of business through employee key cards or fobs, which are electronically coded entry keys. Anyone who has one will be recorded each time they leave or enter the building and you can monitor comings and goings.

Control Access

Monitoring entry can help you hold people accountable for any discrepancies, but also ensures that there is no unauthorized access.

Depending on how pressing the need for a secure building is, you could also implement thumb/retina scans, so you have an extra step in place. You can also place security personnel at the building entrance to verify the entry of each employee and address any unauthorized attempts of entry.

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3. Professional Security Services

When you hire a professional security service, you get a guarantee that your business property will be guarded to a high and refined standard. There are many benefits to having a security guard up front and patrolling your property during work hours and when the business closes too.  

Professional Security Services

Benefits are mainly that any potential break-ins may be deterred when the intruder is alerted to the presence of a guard, and you can have a constant presence monitoring events even when you cannot be physically present in the building.

Whether you do this through a company or elicit the services of guards on a freelance basis is up to you. If you go for the individual freelance option, you may want to explore how to provide the best equipment to enable successful security protocols and procedures.

This means, of course, professional observation equipment such as auditory communication devices, but it also means arming them in case of a hostile intruder.

One of the best options to consider is the AR15, which is often preferred over a standard pistol because of its ability for precision. In order to fully equip your AR15 with the right iron sight, you can browse these great options.


Regardless of the route you choose, having the proper security in place for your business establishment is an essential box that needs ticking. There are too many instances of theft and break-in that have devastating consequences on any business and can even result in you having to shut down all services. Protecting your property is a smart and sensible move, and there are some easy ways to do this after you invest in the right equipment and tech. After all, an asset that is valuable needs effective protection.


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