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How To Make Facebook Private – Hidden Settings

How To Make Facebook Private - Hidden Settings

Did you ever know that you can make Facebook private for yourself and hide your account data from unknown stalkers? If you want to know how to make Facebook private, you need to go through to the end of this article.

Known for being one of the biggest social media platforms, Facebook is a great place to connect with friends, family, and new people as well. Since you connect personally with many people, Facebook also contains a lot of personal data. However, Facebook offers you a great solution regarding how to go private on Facebook, where it offers you to change your privacy settings.

How To Make Facebook Private From Facebook Privacy Settings?

How to Make Facebook Private From Facebook Privacy Settings

If you do not put your account information private, you are basically compromising your personal data, and the data and account information will be on public display. However, you do not have control over advertisers and other brands to whom Facebook sells your information. Nevertheless, you can definitely ensure that other Facebook users do not see your account information and posts.

Facebook will allow you to hide your account from those people who you do not know. Apart from that, you also have the option to block other people in your friends list to not see your information. If you make your Facebook account private, the people who are not connected with you will not be able to view your profile information, friends list, date of birth, posts, relationship status, and other details.

Furthermore, according to Facebook’s Help Center,

You can use the Privacy Checkup to review and adjust your settings to make sure that you’re sharing with who you want. To make sure that you continue sharing with who you want, we recommend regularly checking the audience for your profile information and posts. Your privacy shortcuts also give you quick access to your privacy settings.

Different Types of Privacy Information On Facebook

Different Types of Privacy Information On Facebook

If you want to make your account, posts, or some information on your account private, there are mainly four types of security levels that you can apply to them. These four levels are mentioned below:

Public: If you choose this security level, anyone can see your post, and access your link, even those people who do not have your Facebook account.

Friends: Once you choose this security option, only the people that are on your friends list can see your account details, posts, and other information.

Friends of Friends: Once you choose this security option, the people with whom you have some mutual friends can see your posts, photos, and other information on your account.

Only Me: If you apply this security option to your posts and account, only you will be able to see it, and no one else can access that information or post from your account. Once you choose the ‘Only me’ option for everything on Facebook, all your posts will be fully private.

How To Set Facebook To Private From Computer?

How To Set Facebook To Private From Computer

If you want to know how to make FB private, you will need to consider visiting “Privacy Settings” on your Facebook account. Here are the major ways through which you can adjust your privacy settings from your Facebook account through a computer:

Step 1: Log in to your Facebook account through a browser.

Step 2: Click on your picture in the top-right corner of the Facebook page.

Step 3: From the drop-down menu, click on the Settings and Privacy option. Go to the Settings.

Step 4: On the left column of the settings section, click on Privacy. On the privacy option, you can select your security settings as per your need.

There are many other ways as well, with the help of which you can change the way in which your account information is available to others. Facebook lets you review the privacy policies of the platform and also lets you change your privacy settings from Facebook’s Privacy Center. Furthermore, you also have the ability to update what comes on your news feed on Facebook. Here, you can select what type of content you are more interested in.

Suppose you do not like a particular advertisement. You can hide that advertisement. You can also share feedback on why you do not like that ad. On the other hand, you can also do Facebook privacy checkups so as to ensure that you are sharing your information with only those people who you want to see that information.

Through the “Access your information” option, Facebook lets you see and manage all the posts and personal details on the platform. Additionally, you can also manage the posts that you share with your friends and the public. You can select the level of security for photos and videos as well.

How To Make Facebook Private On iPhone?

How To Make Facebook Private On iPhone

If you want to know how to put Facebook on private on iPhone, you will need to open the Facebook app on your iPhone and follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Open your Facebook app on your iPhone, and ensure that you are logged in to your account.

Step 2: Tap the three horizontal lines at the bottom-right corner of your Facebook app.

Step 3: Click on the “Settings and privacy” option, and go to the “Settings” section.

Step 4: Find the “Audience and visibility” option, and tap it to change the privacy settings of your Facebook account, as well as your posts.

Once you follow these steps, you can control whom you want to see your posts on your Facebook account.

Summing Up

In this article, we offered you information about how to make Facebook private from your computer and iPhone. Once you change your privacy settings from your Facebook account, you will have better control over which people you want to share your information with. However, this will not stop you from receiving ads from Facebook, as the advertisement brands will have information about your ad preferences. By changing privacy settings, you are controlling the access of other people to the information on your Facebook account.

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