Getting Over Someone: Tips That Can Help You

Getting Over Someone

Break-up hurts. There is no question about that, especially since we get so emotionally connected with another soul that it is bound to hurt us in some way or the other. When our heart breaks it does not make any noise but we change in some way that the world does not notice.

As time passes we heal and start reminiscing about the time or phase of our life. Some learn a lot from their past relationship that makes their future relationship so much better. While others learn to prioritize something else other than investing in emotional connection.

Some look inwards and start to love themselves before falling in love again, others find it convenient to focus on their careers or work to get over the pain. Whatever might be the process, heartbreaks are a part of our life and almost all humans go through it at one point of their life. So you are not alone in this journey.

If you really want to get over someone or your ex then these tips might come in handy to help you recover from your heart break.

Getting Over Someone: Tips That Can Help You

Use These Tips

No one knows exactly how to get over someone you love – that’s the worst part of being into someone who doesn’t love you back. Meanwhile, there are still a few methods that might actually work for you!

It May Be Hard

Even for mindful and disciplined people, it may be quite hard to get over someone, and there are a few explanations for that.

Emotional Attachment

When you’ve spent time and shared emotions with someone, it creates a strong connection that’s tough to break. Letting go of someone you cared deeply about can bring up feelings of sadness, grief, and loss.

Memories and Triggers

Reminders of special moments, places, or experiences you shared with your ex can stir up strong emotions, making it tough to move forward. Even small things, like a song or a familiar smell, can bring back memories and feelings of longing.

Uncertainty and Doubt

After a heartbreak, it’s common to question your choices or wonder if things could have turned out differently. This uncertainty can make it way harder to accept the end of the bond and may prolong the healing.

Fear of Loneliness

The idea of being alone or starting over can be intimidating, leading some people to hold onto past relationships even if they’re no longer healthy or fulfilling.

Use These Tips

To find out how to get over someone, you should prioritize your healing. Here’s how to get over someone and also make yourself your first priority again.

Deal with What You Feel

Deal with What You Feel

When you’re trying to forget someone, it’s okay to feel sad, angry, or upset. Let yourself embrace your own feelings without trying to hide them or pretend they’re not there. Recognize that it’s normal to feel this way after a heartbreak, and let yourself experience your emotions without being hard on yourself.

Write A Letter To Your Ex

Write A Letter To Your Ex

You can write a letter to your ex. The best way to bring forward all your emotions from your relationship with your ex is through a letter. Pour out your heart, be it anger or sadness, unfulfilled dreams, lessons you learnt from the relationship, good or bad memories, and the final goodbye. This will help you let go of most of your bitterness and anger from your past relationship with your ex.

Once you have written the letter you can choose to give that letter to your ex or not. Most people benefit a lot from ust writing and burning the letter instead of sending it to their ex. You can also write and close the letter to finally be over with that chapter of their life.

Take Your Time

Healing takes time. It’s a slow process but the emotions you are feeling will subside as time goes on. You will have your good days and bad days. 

Then there will be days that you would not want to step out of your home or bed or some song or place might trigger your emotions. 

Best way to overcome it is by letting it out, cry if you need to but let it out. Once you are done crying look for something that might lift your mood might be food, song or something you love doing like reading or baking or shopping a bit to cheer yourself.

Emotions are normal so try to accept it and focus on good things or try making good memories with loved ones.

Be Kinder to Yourself

During this tough time, practice kindness and compassion. Imagine you’re comforting a friend going through the same thing and offer yourself the same intensity of care. Take care of your physical and emotional needs by doing things that can actually make you feel better, like taking a warm bath, watching your favorite TV show, or hanging out with loved ones.

Grow as a Person

Try new things, explore different interests, or learn new skills that excite you. By investing in yourself, you’ll rediscover your identity and find fulfillment outside of the bond.

Set Some Limits

It’s vital to set boundaries with them to let yourself heal. Limit how much you talk to them or see them, especially at the beginning. This might help you move on and also prevent you from getting caught up in old feelings. Consider unfollowing them on social media to avoid seeing updates about their life.

Find the Good Things

Take a moment to appreciate the good things in your life, even if it’s hard right now. Think about the lessons you’ve learned from the bond and the opportunities it’s brought you. By focusing on the pros, you can shift your goals and feel grateful for what you already have.

Stay Busy

Stay occupied with activities that make you happy. Spend time with your close people, pursue a hobby you want to follow, or volunteer, find things that can bring you joy and distract you from negative thoughts. By staying busy, you’ll feel more positive and motivated to move on.

Embrace The Experience

Reflect on the bond and what you’ve learned from it. Think about the patterns or behaviors that led to the heartbreak and reflect on how you can grow from them. Take your time to become more self-aware and make positive changes in your future relationships.


Now that you know what you can do to get over your ex, it’s time to put these tips into action. We hope you get over your ex soon and come out as a brand new person for the very next chapter of your life. 

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