When Was The Stock Market Created?

when was the stock market created

Almost everyone knows about the stock market.  Some people have even traded there in the past making profits and losses in the process.  However, if someone when was the stock market created then chances are you are not going to get any credibility in the end.  

The truth of the matter is that not so many people know when exactly the stock market was created.  Due to this lack of information, it has become important to provide as much information on this issue as it is possible.  If you do not know when exactly the stock market was created then this is the text you need to be reading.  

The text tries to offer as much information on the issue of the stock market as it is possible.  If you have always had something that you wish to know about the stock market then this text is something you need to be reading.  It offers you any relevant information that you might need to know and enlightens you further on the issue of stock exchange.  

When Exactly Was The Stock Market Created? 

when was the stock market created

The question of when was the stock market created cannot be answered by a single response.  That is not possible and there are many reasons as to why this is the case.  First, you need to know that the stock market has a very long history. This history is spread across different countries meaning if you have to precisely answer this question then you will definitely not manage.  

First, you need to know that people have been doing trade since the beginning of time.  Given that the stock market as well as trade go hand in hand means that it is not possible to tell the exact date or time when the stock market was created.  

However, much as this has been the case, the issue of companies and shares began back in the 12th century.  From that time, there have been different forms of stocks that have been traded from that time up to now.  The intention of the stock was to make sure that returns have been maximized and risks minimized during the same time.  

The Stock Market Has Been Evolving

It is worth noting that the issue of the stock market has been evolving from the first day to now.  This means whatever there was as the stock market from back then in time is very different from what there is now.  However, this does not mean that dynamics of the stock have changed in any way, they have remained the same ever since.  

What might have changed is the way or the manner in which this mode of business is carried out.  The other things about this business have all remained the same from back then in time to now.  As per when was the stock market created is dependent on various countries.  

To help answer this question right, this text will be looking at some of the countries in which the stock market was created.  From these countries, you will be able to tell when exactly this business began and how it was carried out.  Remember, the stock market business was introduced in various countries at different times.  

This therefore means for this question to be answered in the right way there is a need to try and look at some of these countries in which this mode of trade was introduced.  The countries considered in this text for this purpose are those in which the stock market business started a long time ago.  


One of the countries that played a key role in the creation of the stock market from back in time is Belgium.  The commodity traders in Belgium made the stock meeting by creating a meeting place.  In the year 1531 brokers in Belgium met in the city of Antwerp with the goal of exchanging business as well as personal debt.  

This place where this meeting took place then went down in history as the first place where the stock exchange ever happened.  However, even though the business in this building led to profits in the end, shares never exchanged hands as they do now.  The stock exchange business in Belgium spread so fast to the countries that were nearby like Ghent and Amsterdam.  


When you ask the question when was the stock market created then chances are this might be the first country that comes into your mind.  Well, if that is the case with you then you are right, this actually was one of the first places in Europe where the stock exchange ever occurred.  Even now, London remains the biggest center for stock exchange in Europe.  

During the past days, the companies of east India companies would put up their products for the stock prices.  What started off as a simple business back then moved on to become something of great essence.  The history of this business dates back to the year of 1698 and intensified from back then to now a behemoth of stock exchange.  

The very official and regulated stock exchange business in London was back in the month of march in the year 1801.  At this point, the shares were regulated by the brokers from that time to now when the business has really intensified.  

The United States Of America 

The U. S stock exchange business borrows so much from the British government.  In fact, the U. S stock exchange was formed 19years after that of the British was formed.  The first place from where this exchange took place was in New York when some business people met in this area to discuss a business.  


The stock market summary dates back to many years.  The text above attempts to look at when exactly this business was formed and in which areas.  If you have been making enquiries about this form of exchange the text above is for you.  

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