How To Use Spy Gear To Secure A Home Or Business

Spy Gear

Keeping a home or business secure has never been more important. Instead of just physical theft, individuals and employers need to be aware of online threats also. It is said that cybercrime nets criminals around $1.5 trillion every year, and spy gear cost $6 trillion in general. 

The UK and the US have the highest levels of cyber victim density with 4,783 individuals out of 1 million becoming a victim. This is more than triple the cyber victim density in the US. 

However, it isn’t just online crime that requires vigilance. Theft in the workplace can be an issue, and homes can be targeted by burglars. The good news is that this particular area of crime is falling. The bad news is that even with reduced burglary rates, $3 billion worth of property was stolen in 2019. And residential properties were the main target with 62.8% of all burglaries involving homes. 

One of the reasons that burglary and theft have dropped is due to cutting-edge security, and its ease of availability to homeowners and businesses. 

Can Spy Gear Be Used For Security Purposes?

Security Purposes

Clearly, the main purpose of spy gear is for covert operations. Perhaps the image of a private detective springs to mind when thinking of recording devices, or spies with miniature cameras. 

Due to its nature though, many spyware devices could be utilized to increase security in a home or a business. There could be some legal implications around certain uses, and this is covered briefly further below. 

However, SpyCentre and other similar websites sell spy gear watches that could help to identify and catch criminals, and even recover stolen items.

What Gadgets Could You Use Around The Home And Workplace?

Home And Workplace

Different spy gear shops will stock different items in the spy gear kit, but broadly speaking they will all have similar items. These would likely include at least some if not all of the following: 

●     Voice recorders

●     Bug detectors

●     Miniature cameras

●     Listening devices

●     GPS trackers

●     Devices for monitoring cell phones

●     Nanny cameras 

All of these gadgets could be used to secure your home, and some for certain areas in a business. If utilized correctly, they may help to reduce crime and identify the culprits. 

How Can You Use Spy Gadgets For Security?

Spy Gadgets

Sometimes these spy gear devices are used to catch an unfaithful partner, or in the case of a nanny cam to gather proof of abusive behavior towards children. And nanny cams can certainly help to make a home a safe environment. But, to increase security, a few other devices could be employed. 

For instance, one of the steps to secure your property from theft could be to use GPS technology. This can be used on business vehicles or privately owned cars. If you use GPS on your vehicle or place GPS tags on high-value items, you could help the police recover your property in the event of it being stolen. 

Spy cameras can be used to record employees you suspect of theft. They can also be used to monitor a break-in, in real-time. Some spy cameras connect to mobile phone applications, so you can contact law enforcement when a crime is in progress. 

You may remember the popularity of invisible ink in spy movies, or as a novelty for children. Using a UV pen to mark property invisibly is one way to help identify you as the owner if it is recovered after a robbery. 

Of course, all of this needs to be carried out within the law. You cannot start sticking hidden cameras in places where your employees’ or guests’ privacy needs to be protected. So, bathrooms and changing rooms are off-limits. 

There has been a lot of publicity about hidden cameras recently due to some incidents involving AirBnB, so if you rent your home in this way you will likely be unable to install the hidden spy gear cameras. 

In the workplace, it is perfectly acceptable to record employees on video in certain areas as long as the cameras are visible. According to Workplace Fairness, there can be a much higher burden of proof when hidden cameras are used. You would have to be able to prove that you had legitimate suspicions of a crime occurring for you to use hidden cameras. 

Similarly, recording individuals are protected from having their conversations recorded, but these laws differ from state to state. Before setting up your security system in a workplace it would be wise to check your local laws first. 


Spy gear toys are primarily designed for surveillance and detection. This makes it perfect for installing in the home and workplace to reduce crime. Setting up a smart security system can be expensive, but spy gear can be inexpensive. Voice recorders can be used in meetings to gather information for legal matters, or in the home to collect evidence of abuse. Hidden cameras can record and upload crimes taking place, and the right app could help stop a robbery in its tracks. 

As long as federal and local laws are respected, spy gear could help to make your home safer, as well as any small business.


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