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Best Undercut Hairstyles: 7 Attractive Variations To Stand Out & Look Your Best

Undercut Hairstyles

In the present era, men are becoming more and more concerned about fashion and style. Well, for some, the enthusiasm is no less than a woman. However, the approach of men’s fashion and style is totally different from a woman. Most men are obsessed with the maintenance of their beards and hairstyle.

If you fall in the same group, this article can support you to change your outlook in 2022. Here, you will learn about the undercut hairstyle and seven variants of it. Moreover, you can check if it would fit appropriately to your face type. So,  go through the points given below to know everything about undercut hair.

Undercut Hairstyle: Definition

Undercut Hairstyle Definition

The undercut haircut is a modern hairstyle for men. Its main characteristic feature is shorter sides and longer tops. However, it is different from the fade hairstyle that remains connected to the top. Undercut’s disconnection with the top hair gives sharpness to a person’s face. So, you can expect to look more bright and trimmed with an undercut.

Yet another good thing about the undercut hairstyle is its diversity. It is compatible with all three types of hair, namely, short, medium, and long. Even bearded men can also keep undercut as it adds more sharpness to their face.

When it comes to the maintenance of the undercut, you can simply trim up the sides. So, it is simple and cost-effective. Nevertheless, you should apply hair serum, shampoo, and organic styling gels on the top part of your undercut hairstyle. This can keep your hair silky and easy to comb. Moreover, your forehead can get proper exposure that enhances your manly outlook.

Top Seven Variations Of Undercut Hairstyle For Men

Now, as you are already aware of the definition and maintenance facts of undercut men’s curtains hairstyle, it is time to concentrate on the variations. Take a look below:

1.  Slicked Back Undercut

When it comes to the standard undercut hairstyle, you can consider the Slicked Back Undercut to be the best example. Many people also simply call it the back undercut hairstyle. To keep a back undercut, you need to simply comb back your hair to the rare side of your head from the top.

Remember that both the sides of your hair would be short as per the theory of undercut. Moreover, you would have a chance to independently choose the texture and length.

2. Disconnected Undercut

The Disconnected Undercut is another style of men’s undercut where the top and side are completely disconnected. People who desire to have an intense form of undercut go with this.

If you are sure to keep this hairstyle from the next time, tell your barber to be very careful with the canal at both sides of your head. There should be no bends in the canal.

3. Side Part Undercut

The Side Part is more of a formal variant of the undercut hairstyle that you can keep if you are a professional. In the side part undercut, a little extension of the longer top hair goes to both sides. In this case, you need to comb your top hair to the side. Furthermore, the dividing line of the hair would show up clearly by proper combing.

The aspects of maintenance are the same as before, but here you have to keep patience and grow your top hair long.

4. Undercut Fringe

If you desire to have a casual outlook for a party or you are a college-goer, the undercut fringe can be the right choice for you. This is simply a combination of undercut and fringe hairstyle. If you have a wide forehead and you desire to hide a part of it, just ask your barber to work on the fringe undercut.

Well, a fact regarding fringe undercut that you must remember is that it has a time-consuming cutting process. Moreover, you would need frequent trim-ups to keep the fringes in perfect shape.

5. Wavy Hair Undercut

If you are the one with wavy hair and desire to get the undercut hairstyle, you can catch a treasure. Wavy hair undercut can not only give you relief from long, uncombable hair but add up to a different level of allure.

All you can expect your barber to do in this case is trim up the sides completely. Moreover, the top hair would remain normal with all the curls. Moreover, if you are lucky to have a good beard, try to keep it with this undercut style in 2022.

6. Modern Undercut

The modern undercut hairstyle would fit you the best if you are into modern men’s fashion. Consider keeping it and maintaining it properly if you are into films and modeling. In this type of undercut, the top hair is cut in a higher-and-shorter way.

Now, for the slides, you can choose among shaved, trimmed, and layered haircuts. No matter how you cut the sides, the modern undercut would always fit the best.

7. Classic Undercut

As per the last entry in this men’s undercut variation list comes the classic undercut. The classic undercut has got such a name because it entirely gives you a classic outlook. In this case, you can comb your top hair towards the side-corner.

Moreover, the sides demand a short trim. Remember not to include the layered thing in this case, as it would not look classic. You can also keep a beard without it with the classic undercut.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Is An Undercut Hairstyle? 

Ans: The undercut hairstyle revolves around the top part of the hair and the sides and back. In this case, the top part of the hair generally remains long, and the sides remain shorter.

Q2. What Are The Different Kinds Of Undercuts?  

Ans: There are multiple types of undercut hairstyles. Some of the side parts are undercut, pompadour undercut, undercut quiff, back undercut, etc.

Q3. Why Are Undercuts So Popular? 

The undercut hairstyle is popular because it is easy to carry, and the top hair does not fall right into your eyes.

Q4. Are Undercuts Hard To Maintain? 

Ans: No, the undercut hairstyle is one of the simplest to maintain’.

Final Take Away

Hairstyles change with time, both for men and women. At times, some can even come back to trend. The undercut hairstyle is one of the evergreen styles that have been present for decades now. Nowadays, it has even gained relevance as we have shifted from the scissor age to the trimmer age when it comes to haircutting. So, as you now know about the variations of the undercut style, choose one to incorporate according to your preference.

Also, check out the barbers who can do it the best for you here. Finally, do not forget to inform us about your experience keeping the undercut.

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