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What Is Table Shower? What You Need To Know About It?

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While all of us had heard of massage parlors or even spas in our life. Though it might not be the ideal way of relaxing for some, for others, it is great to relax your muscles and let go. To apply pressure on your sore or aching muscles feels just great.

There are a lot of types of massages available for you to pick from according to your preferences. The exact origin and reason for a few massages are still unknown to you, just like the concept of a table shower.

Well, what is a table shower spa? It is a very popular type of Asian massaging practice. There are many different names for table showers, like Scotch hose, Vichy shower, Swiss shower, or even hydrotherapy.

Let’s start with what table massage is. Keep on scrolling to find out.

What Is A Table Shower Massage?

What Is A Table Shower Massage_

The name of the massage is exactly what it does. The client lies down on a modernized table and will be drenched with water showers through the pipes attached to the table. Normally a table shower massage involves about 13 gallons of water pouring per minute.

As per the client’s instruction, the masseuse changes the direction of the water in a different part of the body. For a better experience, the masseuse can even use handled showerheads that they can operate on specific body parts. They can even control the water flow pattern and temperature.

According to experts, if you have a table shower massage after a regular body massage, then all the dead skin cells get scrubbed off from your body. It gives a more holistic and relaxing feeling than any other massage.

In a few Asian countries, the table shower spa involves a lot of sexual massage actions.

History Of Table Shower Massage

History Of Table Shower Massage

Although the history of the table shower massage is not clear, it is also known as Vichy Therapy. Vichy is a town in France that is famous for its long history with hydrotherapy. Although this technique originated from Asia, it is possible that it has its roots in Europe as well.

Some history lovers believe that Julius Caesar discovered a Vichy spring on his way to capture Gaul. It is believed that the water from this thermal spring was drunk by his horse, who immediately recovered from fatigue.

This made the ruler believe in the magical healing power of the spring and built spas surrounding the area.

Several hundred decades later, people understand the use of these springs and are enjoying the relaxing sensation that it provides. The town of Vichy is one the most popular places for spas as it has over five natural springs.

Benefits Of Table Shower Massage

There is a lot of importance that is linked with a table shower massage, and a few of them are.

1. Promotes Full Body Relaxation

Promotes Full Body Relaxation

Unlike any other type of massage, a full-body table shower massage provides you with the ultimate relaxation. This type of massage combines both kneading and hydrotherapy to promote circulation and relaxation.

2. Increases Healing Process

Increases Healing Process

Table shower massage is believed to enhance your general body healing process. It alleviates your muscles to heal faster, and it is great for joint injuries.

It soothes your sore muscles and increases the oxygen level in your body for faster healing.

3. It Provides Relief And Detoxes The Mind

It Provides Relief And Detoxes The Mind

Any massage works as a detoxifier and mind reliever, and hydrotherapy just amplifies this process. This process is great for the mind and body. It detoxes your body and mind from negative energy and aligns your chakras.

4. Increases Blood Circulation

Increases Blood Circulation

During a table shower massage, you are given hot and cold water alternately, which would anyway improve your circulation. And when that is combined with relaxing kneading, it provides you with the greatest benefits.

The therapy is conducted with hot water, and once it’s over, you can ask for a cold shower, to balance it out. The expansion and contraction of your blood vessels are done through these showers.

5. Relief From Body Pain

Relief From Body Pain

The main reason to go for hydrotherapy is to relieve your body of any pain or soreness. This clears your body of acne, stomach pains, headaches, or blockage in the lymphatic systems.

It promotes body circulation and increases your appetite, and decreases menstrual cramps and cellulite. 

6. Full Body Treatment

Full Body Treatment

With this spa treatment, you get a full body treatment. First, starting with a hot bath, then followed by a full-body scrubbing to remove dead skin cells. Then comes the kneading, and if you like, end with a mud wrap. 

7. No Pause Between The Treatments

No Pause Between The Treatments

If you have ever gone to a spa, you know that you won’t always go for a full session. Maybe sometimes you prefer a regular massage or a mud massage. For these massages, you have to take breaks during each. 

But for a table shower massage, you won’t have to take a break and go for the next one as you are already lying down.

Top Table Shower Places In New York

Top Table Shower Places In New York

Here are the top Table Shower places in New York that you can visit for a relaxing massage.  

Zen & Relax Spa 

Zen & Relax Spa offers table shower massage which would relax your muscles and tension points. This place opens at 10 a.m. and closes at 10:30 p.m. from Monday to Sunday. The prices are in the moderate range, costing you 50 dollars for an hour of massage and 40 dollars for 30 minutes of massage.  

Jules M. says, “Almost never leave reviews, but just went here for the first time and am happy to say that it was a very pleasant experience:  

1) The staff is the nicest ever! Not pushy at all and very accommodating.  

2) The back massage was great for the price, and they focused on my lower back as I asked.  

3) The ONLY negative (and I use that word lightly) was that they did not include a front leg, front arm, or head massage which is pretty typical at these types of businesses. Had to deduct a star for that. Between the price, convinience, and quality- I will be back!”  

Address- 286 Mcguinness Blvd Brooklyn, NY 11222  

Osaka Spa  

Osaka Spa is a Korean massage studio that offers pure relaxation massages and tailors massages based on client’s preference. This is an all-male massage studio that rejuvenates your body from days stress. They offer table showers as well. They remain open throughout the day all day long.  

Address- 226 E 51st Street, New York, NY 10022, United States  

Oasis Day Spa  

Oasis Day Spa is a national award-winning day spa in New York City which also has locations in Westchester County. They are known for their message therapists who are experts in relieving stress and tight muscles.  

They also have aestheticians and highly trained staffs who know how to behave with customers. Some of the advanced spa messages they provide are skin care, hydrotherapy, and table shower.  

This is a 5-star establishment designed to provide you with the best spa treatment from experts in this field. They are open from 9a.m. to 8 p.m. every day.  

Address- 1 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10016, United States  

Mayflower Bodywork  

Mayflower Bodywork is known for their message therapy, full body massages, foot massages and reflexology. This place is open from 10 a.m. to 12 a.m. all days in the weeks.  

Address- 5 Mott St Basement New York, NY 10013  

Shangrila Men’s Spa  

Shangrila Men’s Spa was specially curate massages for men. This is a luxury place founded in 2018 that nurtures not only your body but inner soul health as well. They use different massage techniques like male for male.  

They offer lots of discounts and free table shower massage. This place stays opens all throughout the week from 11 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. So, what are you waiting for? Just go for a massage on weekends or after office hours. Relax and loosen your muscle joints and stress points with Shangrila Spa.  

Address- 226 5th Ave Fl 4 New York, NY 10001 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Now that you know everything there is to know about table shower massages, here are some of the questions that people ask.

1. Why Do People Get A Table Shower Before A Massage?

Ans:- There are a lot of health reasons why people opt for table shower massages, but the main reason is for relaxation. The main reason for any type of massage is to provide relaxation and promote circulation in your body.

2. How Do I Locate A Table Shower Near Me?

Ans:- If you are looking for a table shower place near you, then the best way is to type “table shower massage near me” on Google. Not only will it give you many options, but you can also even compare the places to find the one that suits you the best.

3. Do People Have Sex During A Table Shower Massage?

Ans:- Although table shower massages have been linked with many types of illegal acts of prostitution and sexual acts. But there are many other benefits of table shower massages that have nothing to do with sex. It is typically not used for any sexual activities, but clients visit to get massage services.

Wrapping Up!

Now that you know what table shower massages are and what are its benefits. Clients receive very therapeutic hydrotherapy, that relaxes their body and mind.

To get the best treatments, visit a good salon or spa near you, not some shady place near you. A place with good ratings and reviews will ensure sanitation and hygiene after each table shower.


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