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Customer Communication Management (CCM) platforms are those tools or software that play a crucial role in the supply chain management procedure. These are strategies to improve the creation, storage, delivery, and retrieval of interactive and outbound communications. These tools support the creation of personalized customer messages, transaction documents, new product intros, and marketing collateral. One such CCM platform is Subiz which this article is going to analyze critically. 

There have been questions arising lately whether Subiz Chat is reliable or fake? We are here to explain it in detail today. Keep scrolling to get the answer! 

What Is Subiz?

Subiz is a customer communication management platform intended for supporting global business communications. It claims to interact efficiently in the areas like sales, marketing, customer support, and management. Subiz official website mentions its efforts of research and developing products in order to generate business values overcoming the expenses. 

Subiz Live Chat software came into being in Vietnam in 2013. Notably, it was the country’s first cloud computing SaaS for online support. The company upholds itself as the pioneer in collaborating multi-channels into a single platform. 

What Features Do Subiz Provide? 

Here are the core features provides to the users. The official website mentions them all. 

1. Cross Channel Communication

With Subiz, you can interact with customers across multi-channels under a single platform. This includes Subiz Chat, Subiz Messenger, and Subiz Email.   

2. Lead Generation

Subiz states to automate your welcome messages to welcome your customers and collect information. The interactive messages drive interest within them, resulting in lead generation. 

3. Makes Customers Happy In Every Conversation 

Subiz auto-assigns to the right customers and sends them professional messages swiftly through product buttons, media buttons, templates, and emojis. This enhances customer relationships

4. Produces Customer Data 

It synchronizes customer data from the channels mentioned above and stores them in a single place. Post that, it classified the customers by dividing them into groups considering the business model

5. Automatic Customer Care

Subiz claims to make your business run automatically by setting up a structure of multiple workflows. In addition, it also applies various customer interaction strategies to deliver and pursue a quality customer experience. 

Pros And Cons Of Using Subiz 

Researching the existing customer reviews, we have been able to find a list of pros and cons of Subiz Live Chat. Check the points below to get better clarity about the software.

Pros Of Subiz.orgCons Of Subiz.Org
Pre chat options and co-browsing are easyWidgets are super big
Reasonable priceThe widgets are pretty basic on mobile
Easy to install Triggers are unstable 
Helpful client support from Subiz Team Lack of API 
The automated welcome messages are incredibleFixed Chat Window 

How Much Does Subiz Cost?

Subiz website mentions that it has subscription packages, a free version as well as a free trial. The paid packages start from US$9.59/month. This is a reasonable price, and small business owners can easily afford this.  

What Are Users Saying About Subiz?

Below are some testimonials of Subiz we have presented. We have observed that the clients are quite happy using this tool and have posted their useful feedback. We have picked 5 reviews so that you can get credibility about the platform. 

Review 1

Review 2

Review 2

Review 3

Review 3

Review 4

Review 4

Review 5

Review 5


Is Subiz Legit Or Scam Website? The Verdict

Here is our final statement about Subiz that you all have been waiting for. 

Is Subiz a legit or scam website? 

We have found from our research that it’s not a scam website. Although there are some flaws, improvement areas, and cons, the features and benefits it provides are superb. If you have a small business and are looking for a collaborative CCM platform, Subiz can be a great choice.   

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is Subiz A Scam?

No, Subiz is not a Scam. It’s a legit customer communication management platform with a network of powerful features and some improvement areas. 

Q2. What Is The Price Of Subiz Live Chat?

The price packages start from US$9.59/month. 

Q3. Which Is The Most Credible Tool Of Communication For The Customer?

There are many effective CCM platforms. The best ones are LiveChat, LiveAgent, UserLike, Comm100 Live Chat, and Zendesk.

Q4. Is Subiz And Sunbiz Florida The Same?

Subiz and Sunbiz Florida are not the same. People often confuse these two. Subiz chat is a customer communication management tool. On the other hand, Subiz Florida or Florida Sunbiz is a Florida Department of State-run website. 

Disclaimer: This is not promotional content. Whatever the facts we have gathered are true to the best of our knowledge. We have also taken into account the real-life customers’ reviews, other websites’ reviews and gave our verdict based on them.

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