Top 10 Similar Websites Of Vip72 – You Must Know About It


Most people are looking for similar alternatives to use instead of Vip72. The use of a VPN is very important nowadays to stay protected from attackers and prying eyes. They help you to use the internet and browse safely without putting your personal information at risk. Although Vip72 is not accessible anymore, there are plenty of alternatives that you can try. 

You have to make sure that these apps provide the same functions and features to help you use the internet safely without any restrictions. For example, using different proxy servers helps you connect to a specific location and access all the available websites. If you do not want to rely on a fraudulent VPN like VIP72, here are the alternative VPN that you can use instead of vip72. 

Top 10 Alternatives Of VIP72 That You Can Choose 

Here are some of the reliable alternatives of VIP72 that you can choose from instead of VIP72. Make sure to go through each of them to choose the best one based on all the requirements and choices. 

1. SmartProxy 

Are you looking for the best IP rotation proxy? You can try the SmartProxy that is known for providing plenty of features and good results. Instead of providing bad IP addresses that redirect you to malicious software, this is a reliable application that provides more than 40 million rotating proxies. It is a far better choice and an excellent alternative to VIP72 VPN

2. Bright Data 

If you are looking for an alternative to the VIP72, you can choose Bright Data is a very good choice for you. Features like a huge proxy pool, mobile IP addresses, and geo-targeting make it exceptional. This server is very good for data center proxies, residential proxies, mobile proxies, and others. More than 70 million IPs are available for the users of Bright Data. 

3. OxyLabs 

When it comes to handling large-scale data extraction, Oxylabs is the best solution for you. It offers millions of IP addresses over the world that help to get connected to wherever you want. Furthermore, users can choose from a wide range of data centers to residential proxies based on their choice. This is one of the best alternatives to VIP72 com that you can choose to get the best experience. 

4. NordVPN 

Why choose a non-reliable VPN like VIP72 when you have the option to choose one of the fastest VPNs like NordVPN. It helps to protect your privacy while offering you access to plenty of content from different regions. In addition, it offers very strong encryption and more than 5000+ servers in around 60+ countries, along with a no-log policy. 

5. CactusVPN 

If you want to make sure that you are secured from any risk and restrictions, CactusVPN is the best choice for you. Using this VPN, you can hide the IP address and encrypt the internet connection. Apart from that, this VPN also secures the connections when connecting to public hotspots. 

6. Private Tunnel 

PrivateTunnel is one of the best VPNs that came with a different approach to true internet security. It creates a VPN and integrates it with IPS that helps to hide the IP address and projects privacy. One of the best alternatives of VIP72, which you can choose to browse the internet privately. 

7. Mullvad 

Mullvad is a VPN that helps to keep your identity, online activity, and location secure. The best thing about Mullvad is it comes at a very low price of  €5 every month. You can pay using cash, bitcoin, PayPal, credit card, swish, and others. 

8. is the best option for you to make the web faster and more secure. It lets you block some of the invisible malware and visualize them. That helps you to track the browsing history and search. From features to price, this one is far better compared to 

9. StrongVPN 

If you are looking for a VPN to connect with different websites securely without revealing your location, personal information, and other details. It has been providing unlimited high-speed bandwidth to multiple countries to more than 100,000 users. 

10. Shifter 

Why stick with VIP72 Socks when you have the option like shifter that offers both SOCKS and HTTP proxies. With the help of this proxy tool, you can get IP rotation every 5 minutes. This helps to make your web browsing safest among all the others.  

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. How much does VIP72 cost? 

The price of VIP72 VPN is around $9 per week last updated in October. You can get 169 services, no kill switch, 1 device per license, and torrenting support. 

Q2. What does proxy mean in it? 

The proxy server is a function of a router or computer that helps to relay between server and client. With the help of proxy, you will be able to prevent the attack from attackers to the private networks. It is also a tool that helps to build the firewall. The meaning of the term “proxy” is acting on behalf of someone else. Therefore, the server also acts on behalf of the user when the proxy is used. 

Q3. Is VIP72 Dead? 

It is still unclear what really happened with Vip72. Most users have reported that the network is still up and running. The functions are working, but the service’s website is missing for almost 4 weeks. Before the website vanished last month, the number of systems got down to only 25,000 worldwide. 

Q4. What is a SOCKs5 VPN Proxy? 

A SOCKs5 proxy is known to be very lightweight and a proxy for general purposes. It sits at layer 5 of the OSI and uses the tunneling method. The use of various types of traffic is generated by protocols like SMTP, HTTP, SOCKs5, FTP, and others. It is faster compared to VPN and user-friendly as well. 


There are plenty of VPNs available in the market that you can choose to make your browsing experience very good. However, if you are someone who is looking for alternative VPNs of VIP72, then here you can take a look at some of the best ones. 

We have done our research and handpicked the 10 best alternatives. Make sure to go through all of them to choose the best one based on your requirements. Then, if, you liked the article, share it with others and follow other articles. 

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