Should I Complain About My Co-Worker?


If you’re at loggerheads with another employee and they’re at fault, should you make a complaint against them? Or should you handle the matter one on one or let it slide?

Well, there is no correct answer to this question. Why? Because sometimes, the issue could be workplace bullying, and other times, it could be something that can be hashed up quickly between both parties.

However, before you make a complaint against someone, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Did your co-worker make a comment about you or something that affects you, and you didn’t like it? If they did, inform them that their words made you uncomfortable and see if they change. If they don’t, you can make a complaint against them.
  2. Do you have a problem with your co-worker to the extent that you don’t want to report for work? Or does their presence prevent you from getting work done? If the answer is yes, make a complaint against them with human resources.  
  3. Did your co-worker threaten or harass you physically or emotionally due to their position in the company or physique? If the answer is yes, you should make a complaint.

How To Make A Complaint Against Another Employee At The Workplace

Complaint Against Another Employee

1. Keep A Record of the Person’s Unbecoming Behaviour

Rushing to human resources or a supervisor the first time a co-worker exhibits inappropriate behavior can backfire on you because you might come off as petty.

Co-worker Behaviour

And although you don’t want the issue to worsen, a better approach would be to establish a pattern of their unbecoming behavior. To do this, you should keep a record detailing the date and time of each instance the person acted inappropriately.

Your record should also clearly state what went down that you felt was inappropriate. If other parties were present when you were wronged, you could include their names; they might come in handy if the person tries to deny they wronged you. 

2. Make A Complaint in The Context of Performance, Not Feelings

When a co-worker does something inappropriate at the workplace, it can make you uncomfortable on a personal level. While these are grounds for making a complaint against someone, especially if it’s assault, a better approach would be to highlight how your co-worker’s actions are negatively affecting your output.

co-worker does something inappropriate

Keep the focus of your complaint on the work side of things; if you make it personal, again, you might come off as petty, and it might be seen that you simply don’t like your co-worker.

3. Affirm Your Commitment to Resolving the Issue

Another thing you should do when lodging a complaint against a colleague is to affirm that you want to resolve the issue and that you don’t want to have your colleague fired.

Talking with colleague

This will help you seem professional in a very awkward situation. You can even make suggestions on how to help solve the problem, such as transferring to another department. 

Final Thought

In conclusion, if you’re upset by a colleague at the workplace due to something they said or did, you can make a complaint against them, albeit you first need to establish if you can solve the issue amicably. If not, follow the steps listed above regarding how to report the issue. 

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