Best Short Spiky Hairstyles & Styling Guide

short spiky hair

Hairstyle enhances the outlook of human beings, and it has already turned up into one of the main aspects of fashion. Nowadays, both men’s and women’s haircuts have diversified due to the advancement of grooming sets.

So, if you plan to get a new haircut, this article can be of your help. Here you can learn that one of the trendiest haircuts is short spiky hair. Like high and tight hair, this haircut looks lovely in both men and women, and there are many fashion stuff you can try with short spiky hair.

Here you can check out some outstanding hairstyles that you can keep with your spiky hair. Moreover, this article consists of styling guidelines too. The article is divided into the men’s and women’s sections.

Best Spiky Hairstyles For Men

Best Spiky Hairstyles For Men

In this section, you can learn the various ways to keep spiky hair as men’s hairstyle. Some of them are even fit for the formal outlook. As a result, there would not be any problem for you to keep and go to an office. Have a look at the styles below:

1. Short Spiky Hair

Short Spiky Hair

When it comes to the short spiky hairstyles, the formal Short Spiky Hair always slates the show. However, it is a popular haircut these days as most celebrities keep it. The best thing about this haircut is it needs low maintenance, and you can have an entire month in your hand till you need to go to the designer again.

 2. Messy Spiky Hair

Messy Spiky Hair

The Messy Short Spiky Hairstyle carries a casual approach, and most barbers can cut this style easily. In this case, the top hair part remains messy and spiky. At the same time, the sides and back are fully trimmed. This hairstyle needs more maintenance than the previous variant.

3. Spiky Hair Fade

Spiky Hair Fade

In this case, the Fade haircut style goes in hybrid with the spiky at the top of the head. So, you can get both styles at the same time. If you have a beard, try keeping it with the spiky hair fade.

4.  Spiky Undercut

Spiky Undercut

The Spiky Undercut is yet another hybrid of short hair spiky. Here the top of your head would contain spiky, and at the sides and back, there would be undercut. This hairstyle can give you both a formal and informal outlook. Get the undercut hairstyle along with the spiky to look unique.

5. Spiky Fringe

Spiky Fringe

When it comes to short spiky hairstyles, the spiky fringe can play as a gamechanger. This hairstyle can give you a wild look. You can either keep it with a beard or without it. The best you can do is cut the short spiky hair men with a fringe just before attaining a party.

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Best Spiky Hairstyle For Women

Best Spiky Hairstyle For Women

In this women’s section, you can learn how women can keep short spiky hair. All details related to the hairstyles are given below:

1. Classic Blonde Pixie

Classic Blonde Pixie

The Classic Blonde Pixie short spiky hair is one of the buzzing hairstyles among females. However, you can only keep it if you are confident enough. It can give you pain and a pretty outlook every time but also keep intact your elegance.

 2. Short Hair Along With Sass

Short Hair Along With Sass

In the case of the Sass hairstyle, the short spiky can blend up well. You can keep this hairstyle to get a rough and rugged outlook. It will be best for you if you have short curly hair. At the same time, you can get rid of the extra time consumption for hair maintenance.

3. The Bed Head Spiky

The Bed Head Spiky

The Bed Head spiky hairstyle can completely change your outlook. It is a special type of spiky in which the hair at the top of the head is longer than the sides and the back. You can keep this easily as it needs no maintenance. Even you would need no combing in case you keep the Bed Head.

4. Sweet Spiky Front Style

Sweet Spiky Front Style

The Sweet Spiky Front Style is one of the unique hairstyles that you can keep as a bold woman. However, this is an informal hairstyle that you can keep if you are into casual outfits. This can be the best hairstyle you can keep if you are starting a career as a model and prefer short hair.

5. Layered Spiky

Layered Spiky

The Layered Spiky can be the best choice for you if you are a geeky woman. This hairstyle is the best if you have to visit showbiz parties and informal gatherings seldom. In the case of this hairstyle, you can apply different colors to form multiple layers. You can also apply the Caesar cut as a hybrid.

Styling Guidelines For Short Spiky Hair

There are some guidelines that you need to maintain while keeping the Short Spiky Hair. Take a look at the following points.

  • Cut your hair short and add a good texture to it.
  • Make your hair spiky after it is 75% dry.
  • Apply a good quality hair gel or styling cream to your hair.
    Start from the bottom of your hair and take your palm to the top to give the spiky texture.
  • Dry up your hair with a hairdryer.
    Make sure you put the dryer in the right direction to get the right style.
  • Apply hair wax to your hair to make it firm.
  • Do not apply water after you have put wax in your hair.

Makeup With Short Spiky Hair

Makeup With Short Spiky Hair

As keeping short spiky hair is easy, you can similarly save time on makeup while keeping it. The best you can do is apply some foundation on your face and trim your eyebrows to look alluring.

Apart from the facts above, men can take care of their beards and keep a good stubble along with the spiky. Moreover, you can put up colored contact lenses to look different.

Final Words

The short spiky hair for men and women can be the best hairstyle if you can carry it in a bold manner. The best you can do is visit an experienced barber for styling. However, there is a DIY, you should not take the route as you might end up ruining your hair completely. Remember that you can hold on to your outstanding outlook with the help of short spiky hair if you even spend a little time with it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Short Spiky Hair Called?

Ans: The other name of Short Spiky hair is Frosted Tips. It had been a trend in the 1990s, and now it has revived. 

How Do I Make My Short Hair Spiky?

Ans: Proper trimming and application of gel can help you spike your hair easily.

Is Spiked Hair Out Of Style? 

Ans: No, the Spiked hair is in-trend right now. You can keep it if you desire to carry a bold outlook.

How Do You Do Messy Spiky Hair?

Ans: To do messy spiky hair, you can apply some less gel to your hair. Moreover, you can get the best messy hair if you do not apply any water to your hair.

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