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How To Style Short Curly Hair For Men -7 Trusted Tips & Tricks

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While straight and long hair may look gorgeous, short curly hair is nowhere behind the competition. Short and curly hair’s unpredictable and wild beauty can make both men and women look attractive.

You should be proud of the precious curls that crown your head. You can style them and flaunt them with beautiful, fashionable curls. But, you will need a hairstylist with expertise in the area.

Whether you have short curly blonde hair or short curly black hair, you can play with your hair’s textures, density, head shape, and curl patterns.

Girls can look gorgeous in pixie short curly hair. There are also some styles for men in the short curly hair segment to add extra to their already stylish appearance.

So, if you are looking for short curly hairstyle tips, I have some tips that may help you.

Men’s Short Curly Hair Styling Tips

Curly hair has been so popular among Hollywood stars for a long time. The short curly hair of Superman, Henry Cavill, or the short blonde curly hair of the famous pop icon Justin Timberlake is way too attractive. Now, if you want something like that, I suggest you read these tips thoroughly.

1. Choose The Right Moisturizing Product

First, I recommend you check the type of curly hair you have. Whether those are little ringlets or coils will determine the type of moisturizing products you need to use.

Generally, you can apply all types of natural oils like coconut oil or argan oil to keep the curls firm and moisturized for a long time. It would help if you had that extra moisture to keep the short curls sealed within a particular style.

However, you can minimize the moisturizers if you have less curl and if the hair is more on the waiver side than being short curly hair.

Applying hair wax or gel to your hair will help you acquire a stronghold. But, on the other hand, If you have wavier hair, I will recommend you minimize the use of hair gel. You can rather use the slightly moist hair volume for a stunning look.

2. Keep Away From The Shampoos

The short curly hair fiber is prone to damage. Why? That is because of the uneven curly hair shape; short curly hair is drier than the straight ones. So now, as I have already said, you need to keep your hair moisturized.

Shampooing your hair does clean your hair, but it also strips your scalp of the natural oil that your scalp produces. Therefore, I suggest you not shampoo very often if you want to maintain the curl of your hair. You can also use shampoos that hydrate the hair.

3. Air Dry Your Hair

When drying your hair, I will recommend air drying them. Otherwise, if you want to blow dry them, you need to learn to blow dry your hair strategically. First, you need to dry the hair cold using a cold diffuser. Then, when the curls are formed and semi-dry, you can use a hot air drier on a low setting to finish the drying. Using lesser hot blow-dry keeps your hair from damaging. Also, you can keep your short curly hair well managed if you follow these methods.

4. Mens’ Hair Treatment

Men’s short curly hair is very likely to get damaged by dehydration. So, aside from styling, taking their regular care is necessary. It would be best if you kept a good hair care routine. Also, I recommend taking hair treatment every week if possible. You can use conditioner or take hair treatment at least once or twice every month.

Regular hair treatment will keep the scalp moisturized. In addition, it will have a healthy effect on your curly hair. Therefore, I will recommend taking the hair treatment on the day you shampoo your hair.

5. Use Foundation Spray On Your Short Curly Hair

Of course, humidity is the best friend of your short curly hair. But if the weather is already humid, your hair could have the worst poofy effect you never saw coming. So, how do you fight excessive humidity? Well, you can use wax or hair spray on your damp hair.

After you style your hair, you can use this spray to fight the humid weather; it will work like a shield against the humid air and keep your short curls healthy and luscious all the time. In addition, the foundation spray will help you keep the style intact throughout the day.

6. Switch The Regular Towel With A Microfiber One

Regular towels are good if you are only wiping your skin. Also, if you are drying your hair using a towel like you are rubbing something too hard, you will damage those short curls.

The harder you rub your hair with rough towels, the more the roots of your hair will get weaker. The structure of your short hair curls will also be damaged. So, what is the solution, if not the regular towels? You can use a microfiber towel. If that is also unavailable to you, you can go for an old cotton t-shirt.

Also, I recommend pat drying the hair instead of rubbing like you have head lice. Gently pat drying will take a little time, but that little time is worth spending if you care about your hair.

7. Say No To Regular Brushes

The regular brushes aren’t cut if you want to maintain your short curls. The regular brushes or combs have narrower teeth, and they will straighten your curl and make the volume disappear. Rather, you can use brushes with wider teeth. These brushes are ideal for short curly hair. So, I suggest you say no to the regular hair brushes and use the wide ones.

Bottom Line

There are various types of short curly hairstyles. For example, you can go with a short curly undercut, a low fade with messy curls. A side part undercut with curly hair on the top also looks incredible. But whatever style you choose in the short curly hair category, you need to give it proper care. The tips in this article will help you with the necessary care routine for short curly hair.

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