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Sandbox VR Review: Locations, Experiences, User Reviews

Sandbox VR Review Locations, Experiences, User Reviews

While the world has accepted virtual reality in their daily lives, experts continue to point out that VR might just experience a boom in arcade rooms. VR arcades like the Sandbox VR are becoming increasingly popular with tech lovers considering you get to try out different cutting-edge technologies in elaborate experiences. 

So we decided to check out this VR startup recently and had a crazy time – scroll down to read about the elaborate virtual-reality experience we had recently! 

Exploring The Sandbox VR: What’s The Buzz All About?

Steve Zhao, the CEO of Sandbox VR, recently spoke about how arcades like this are a great way for team-building activities and even corporate events. In this context, he said,

“We see a lot of corporate [customers], it's kind of scary, but it's about the chaos, what happens when everything goes wrong. We know a lady; she played seven times. I called her up and asked, 'why do you play so much?' She said, 'I just want to play with my relatives, coworkers, and friends.' She just wanted to share these types of experiences.”

The fact that players have to communicate and work together perhaps makes it so popular for team-building activities. In fact, arcade experiences have become so popular that a startup like VR sandbox managed to raise a solid 3 million dollars in seed funding, and that too from a top name like Alibaba Entrepreneurs Fund!

So without wasting any time, let’s find out about the Sandbox VR in detail.

Sandbox VR: Experiences

There are so many types of Sandbox Vr experiences, enough to make you fall in love with virtual reality, transforming you into a regular arcade-loving fanatic! So, let’s check out all the experiences that Sandbox VR offers – here you go! 

Deadwood Valley:

Deadwood Valley
Image Source

The Deadwood Valley gives players the opportunity to decide how the story actually ends – you can save the world from the zombie apocalypse or die trying to get rid of the zombies. You, along with your squad, get to engage in this adrenaline-pumping thrill ride in a town overcrowded by zombies. 

Deadwood Mansion:

Deadwood Mansion
Image Source

Another game for all zombie lovers, Deadwood Mansion, is all about surviving the attacks of a Zombie horde! Work together with your squad and find out all the tragic secrets of the Deadwood Mansion. Finally, choose your arsenal – do you want dual pistols or a combat rifle, or even a machine gun? The choice is completely yours!

Star Trek Discovery:

Star Trek Discovery
Image Source

We don’t need to explain how the Star Trek virtual reality experience works out. For all fans of the legendary franchise, you get to immerse yourself in the world of Star Trek as you could have only imagined. Go on missions with your friends and explore other worlds inhabited by aliens. You also get to discover a Starfleet ship and explore all the mysteries hidden inside. 

Curse Of Davy Jones:

Curse Of Davy Jones
Image Source

Perfect for both adults and kids, you can select a pirate and then hunt for treasures that belong to Davy Jones but were lost. But the point is whether you will be able to find the treasures within time or will Davy Jones’ curse strike you, claiming your soul? Don’t forget some spooky, some supernatural creatures will be waiting for you at the seas. 

Amber Sky 2088:

Amber Sky 2088
Image Source

There is a swarm of aliens on the verge of invading earth – will you, along with your squad, be able to defend the earth? Equipped with robotic enhancements and futuristic weapons, you get to become heroic Androids. Then, while taking your space elevator into outer space, blast those aliens out of your way and come back to earth a hero!

Sandbox VR: Locations

Are you already checking out sandbox VR locations? First, let us tell you that there are multiple locations! So, you don’t have to waste time looking up search engines and trying to find out the location close to you – instead, save this article for future reference. That way, from experiences to locations, you will have everything in a single place. 


In Europe, there are two locations of the Sandbox VR. These locations are as follows,

  • Alsfeld, and
  • London.
  • Birmingham
  • Wiesbaden
  • Zurich (Coming Soon).


In Asia, things are a little better, and you have four locations. The locations of the arcades are as follows,

  • Hong Kong,
  • Macau,
  • Singapore, and
  • Shanghai. 

North America: 

Things are obviously bigger and better in the United States, at least in the virtual reality industry. You might just have to type ‘sandbox VR near me’ in Google for effective results – but what if we tell you we have damaged to dig all the relevant locations of this arcade in the USA?

So here we go!

  1. California:
  • Los Angeles (Cerritos, Woodland Hills).
  • San Diego (Mission Valley).
  • SF Bay Area (San Francisco, San Mateo, San Ramon and Emeryville).
  1. Colorado:
  • Denver.
  1. Georgia:
  • Atlanta.
  1. Illinois:
  • Oakbrook and
  • Chicago.
  1. Indiana:
  • Indianapolis.
  1. Kansas:
  • Kansas City (Leawood)
  1. Kentucky:
  • Louisville
  1. Missouri:
  • St. Louis.
  1. Nevada:
  • Las Vegas.
  1. New Jersey:
  • Paramus
  • Woodbridge
  1. Minnesota:
  • Minneapolis (Roseville and Eden Prairie)
  1. Ohio:
  • Cincinnati(Liberty Township),
  • Columbus (Dublin) and
  • Cleveland(Westlake).
  1. Texas:
  • San Antonio,
  • Dallas,
  • Fort Worth, and
  • Austin.
  1. Pennsylvania:
  • Pittsburgh
  1. Utah:
  • Salt Lake City (Murray).
  1. Washington:
  • Kirkland
  • Seattle
  1. Virginia:
  • Tysons (Coming Soon).
  1. Canada:
  • Toronto,
  • Montreal and
  • Vancouver.

Sandbox VR: User Reviews! 

You might already be typing ‘sandbox VR Chicago’ or wherever you are located but wait! Never invest in anything without checking out a few user reviews – so we got hold of user reviews, and here we are – check these out!

“My daughter and her cousins spent her birthday here. It was not planned, but they were able to book us a slot within  30 minutes. We had such an amazing experience here! Our VR person, Victoria is super friendly and extremely knowledgeable; she answered all our questions making everything super easy. There was lots of laughter, and the whole group loved it. My daughter and her group said it was the best VR experience they had ever had! If you've never been, this is a must-try!”
Review By -  Angela C
“My family had such a good time! It was great to be able to work together, regardless of our different skill levels. Malcolm was the best host, making sure we knew what was going on each step of the way. And it was so fun getting to see our video at the end. I will recommend this to everyone!”
Review By - Kathy Burchfield
“This place was amazing! I went with a couple of friends for my birthday and did the Amber Sky 2088. Mike was our trainer and prepared us for an experience of a lifetime. He has a great vibe and made the adventure worth having! I recommend him if you are ever at the Northside Domain in Austin and visit the Sandbox VR! I would also recommend having a full group of friends to go!”
Review By -  Angel Rodriguez
“Love sandbox!!! They are in the new location, funny built out huge and amazing.

RICK is the best. It helped get us suited up and chimed in on the headset if we were lacking understanding. Not one thing I'd improve. It's perfect!”
Review By -  Natalie Nooner
“Extremely fun experience! I've always wanted to try VR but never had the opportunity to until now.
The process is about 45-1hr from time arrival, to getting strapped, to playing your game, and then finally watching the recap.
We opted for the hidden valley zombie game - loads of screaming from me. Each person on your team gets wrist and ankle bands I believe as sensors. You are also given a vest and finally your headset with VR goggles.

Big issues for me were the goggles sliding. I think this just happened over time due to the perspiration of my face but it did take away from the realism. My vision was blurry a lot of the time and I had to adjust the head piece.
I also had sensory issues so my weapon would get stuck in one position for 30 seconds and then I would get eaten by zombies.
Otherwise, I had a really good time, a good scare, and a good work out. YOU GET SUPER SWEATY.”
Review By -  Melanie B
“Came here for my son's bday party and the kids loved it. He just turned 10 but most of his friends are still 9. Some of the boys were apprehensive about VR and the "realness" of it but quickly adjusted and loved it. They all wanted to play a second time. I did have to assist the kids with their sensors because they couldn't strap it on properly, upside down, etc.
There is a place to store your stuff inside the room.
No party room if you're going to have a bday party there. I liked that there was a video after you played to see what you looked like playing. People here were nice and patient despite all the questions the boys were throwing at them.”
Review By- Mia S

Frequently Asked Questions:  

Check out the most frequently asked questions about Sandbox VR mentioned below:

1. Length Of Session?

The session length is about 30 minutes but it will take you an extra 20-30 minutes more to gear up. So the total comes up to 1 hour per session.

2. Can People Outside See You In Your VR Room? And If We Have 5 Ppl In Our Party Will You Add An Extra Person Or Can It Be Private Just To Those 5?

Yes people outside can see inside your room as there are no doors but a doorway that staff members usually guide the people towards their cubicle for their game. Chances are people will be busy playing their own game to see inside your cubicle.
Inside your cubicle you can have your group of 5 friends and one operator will also be present so full privacy is not possible.

And It’s A Wrap!

So now you have all the information about Sandbox VR that you need for visiting any of the locations. We had a whole lot of fun experiencing virtual reality – what about you? This is a great stress-buster, especially if you work long hours. So tell us, what do you think about visiting Sandbox VR? 

And if you have already visited any of the locations or any other arcade offering similar experiences, feel free to share your stories with us in the comments below.

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