Presidente Supermarket Review: User Review, Rating, Price

Presidente Supermarket Review User Review, Rating, Price

Presidente Supermarket!

It is the largest supermarket chain in Latin America, with more than 2000 stores across 13 countries. 

As you have landed on this article, it is obvious that you are looking for some genuine information about Presidente Supermarket. The good news is that you will get every piece of information that you need to know about the supermarket chain. 

So, now let’s start with what El Presidente Supermarket actually is. 

What Is President Supermarket?

What Is Presidente Supermarket

It was 1990 when Presidente Supermarket was established. A Cuban American family founded this supermarket. The main foundation of this family-run company was to deliver the greatest customer services and products, and that too at a cost that working-class families could afford. 

This very tactic has contributed to the ongoing success of this business. 

This supermarket has more than 30 stores, from Presidente Supermarket Miami-Dade to Presidente Supermarket Palm Beach Country. Now, Presidente Supermarket belongs to the biggest Hispanic-owned supermarkets in the country. 

And the development rate it has over the last 30 years is responsible for that.  

Products: At Presidente Supermarket

Products At Presidente Supermarket

Now, you get how Presidente Supermarket has started its journey and standing in the market. Now, it is time to look at the offering list of it. 

Here, you will get different types of household and food items. Presidente Supermarket sells almost everything from fresh produce to canned and meat goods, even cleaning supplies. It also comes with a section for beauty and health supplies. 

In case you are looking for electronics and home goods, you also can head to Presidente Supermarket. Whether you want to get the week’s groceries or want to grab some quick snacks, you just need to search “Presidente Supermarket near me.”

Services: By Presidente Supermarket

Services By Presidente Supermarket

Presidente Supermarket is the very first supermarket chain that originated in Miami in the early 1990s. After that, they started to spread across the entire country. And now, it has become the go-to place for groceries for a lot of people. 

Now, across the Dominican Republic, you will find more than several Presidente Supermarket stores. In case you are already living there or thinking about a trip there, trust me, this guide will help you a lot. 

It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for household items, food, or even clothes. You will get everything from here. 

Apart from offering products at a pocket-friendly price tag, Presidente Supermarket also offers services for its customers. That includes the following. 

  • Online ordering. 
  • Grocery delivery. 
  • In-store pickup. 

Also, their loyalty program offers rewards and discounts to frequent shoppers. 

Advantages Of Presidente Supermarket

Advantages Of Presidente Supermarket

Presidente Supermarket is indeed one of the most popular ones. And there are obvious reasons behind its popularity. They offer several perks to their shoppers or customers. 

  • Compared to most of the other stores, Presidente Supermarket typically has lower prices. That is why it is a great option for all those budget-conscious shoppers. 
  • They offer a wide range of products, including several international items, which can be really difficult to find somewhere else. 
  • Presidente Supermarket offers a loyalty program, which gives shoppers points for each purchase they make. Those points can be redeemed for freebies and discounts. 

Save Money At Presidente Supermarket

Save Money At Presidente Supermarket

The whole concept of Presidente Supermarket is to help working-class families save as much money as possible. So, when you are thinking about saving money while shopping here, there are some tips you just need to follow. 

  • Check the Presidente Supermarket weekly ad for coupons and sales, which will let you save a lot. 
  • Ensure that you are taking advantage of the store’s loyalty program. You just need to sign up for the program to earn points on each purchase you will make. And later you can redeem them for discounts on your future shopping. 
  • Presidente Supermarket often offers huge discounts on large orders, so whenever you are shopping, try to shop in bulk if possible. 

Why Presidente Supermarket? 

Why Presidente Supermarket

If you are still not convinced enough to visit your nearest Presidente Supermarket, I am offering you more reasons to do that.

First, Presidente Supermarket is the largest supermarket chain in Latin America, with more than 2,000 stores in 13 countries. Those countries obviously include the United States as well. 

And, as I have mentioned earlier, they provide a wide variety of services and products, which can save you money. Here are some of the reasons why you should visit Presidente Supermarket. 

  • Obviously, the prices are unbeatable. They offer some of the lowest prices on your grocery shopping in Latin America. 
  • Also, the selection is utterly incredible. They are packed with everything that you need, from fresh produce or seafood and meat to electronic items, household items, and much more. 
  • Do not compromise the quality. All the products they sell are of high quality and also backed by a satisfaction guarantee. 
  • They are known for their outstanding customer service. Their staff is quite friendly and always ready to help in order to make your shopping experience a hassle-free and pleasant one. 

Presidente Supermarket Review: User Review, Rating

I know; why will you believe only me when it is about your grocery shopping and saving money? I also don’t want you to do that. That is why here I am offering some genuine reviews from the customers of Presidente Supermarket. 

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐.

User Review

Now, come to the review part. All the reviews are taken from .


“This is a very latin oriented market. If you are looking for your latin spices you are in the right place. Very cheap prices..” – Liliana L.


“I absolutely love this Latin supermarket. They have great prices. I recommend strongly.” – Gabriel A.


“Hola chicas!,” said the cashier. And I knew immediately that this was the type of place where I should learn to speak Spanish. – Keith P. 


Great selection of ready to eat foods and Hispanic products! Prices are really good in the meat department and the variety of desserts in the bakery is nice too. Sometimes the service at the counters can be a bit slow but a little patience never hurts anyone.- Kelsea L


“This supermarket has a lot of Latin products, a great variety of products from Central America and South America. I usually get coffee, tea seasonings, juices and corn tortillas.
The price of the produce is affordable, if you are on a tight budget you will be able to save money. I had also bought cold meats and chimichurri for steak.
Parking is available and they also have fresh pastries available.”- Maria B


“This pandemic is having me go to places that I have never been. This place is one of them. Located on federal highway in Hollywood was out doing errands so stopped here for some limes. First thing to get a parking spot this place is packed luckily snagged one of the last ones on a Sunday afternoon. Once inside I headed for the limes 6 for $.99. Also got some Poblano peppers that looked great. I headed to the 10 and under express the line wrapped down an aisle. This is our new normal line at any store that is essential to being open. There was an odor in the air that was hard to identify. It wasn’t fresh and clean that’s for sure.
Listen, get what you need and leave definitely not a place you want to hang out in and dilly dally. Would I come back? That is hard to say at this time. Definitely if there is no other place but not a destination to plan on. Appreciate the limes as they were enormous but everything else here to me seemed unappetizing.”- Clarissa K

All About Payment!

Now, you know all the essential things that you need to know about Presidente Supermarket. It is time to check the payment options that you can utilize at Presidente Supermarket. The good news is that you can pay for your shopping both via credit card and Apple pay

So, now, what are you waiting for? Search for your nearest Presidente Supermarket and get whatever you want. 

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