What Is Oculus Gift Card? Where To Buy Oculus Gift Card?

What Is Oculus Gift Card Where To Buy Oculus Gift Card

So your little brother is a gamer, and you are still wondering what can be the best birthday gift for them. Many of us feel like gifting them money can help them choose the gift for themselves.

But wouldn’t it be better if you offered them gift cards and let them purchase their own gift? Are you wondering if you can give them an oculus gift card or not? Of course, you can.  

If the person you are giving this gift card to loves VR gaming, then this can be a good decision to offer them an oculus quest 2 gift card. But, you must also understand if that is a good option for their go-to gaming platform. In this article, I will talk about the oculus gift card and where to use them. 

What Is Oculus Gift Card?

What Is Oculus Gift Card

If your favorite person loves to play VR games you can definitely give them an Oculus gift card. Unfortunately, no Oculus gift cards are available right now. But, you can still purchase them the game that they love. You can directly buy them the game that they might love. 

You can go to the store and buy the title that is the favorite of the recipient. They can get the title as a code in their email. They can enter the codes in the game and access it for free. But, if you have the gift card oculus, you could let them choose the games themselves. 

If the person you are giving a gift card to is a gamer, they will love it. You can melt their hearts with the gift cards offered by them. 

But, although giving your favorite person a gift card might be the best and most viable idea, Oculus still does not offer gift cards for games. If you want to give games to someone, you have to purchase the games or the applications. You can offer it to them, and they can use it to access the game. 

How To Redeem Oculus Quest 2 Gift Card?

How To Redeem Oculus Quest 2 Gift Card

As I said before, there are no gift cards from Oculus available at the time. If you want to give anything related to Oculus to your friend or family member VR gamers, you can buy applications or games to offer. 

You can purchase the title. Once you send them the game titles, they can access them using their Quest Gadgets. But, if you need a guide for it, then here are the steps to help you do so –

  1. First, you have to select the game you want to gift from the official store of Oculus. 
  2. You have to select the option “Buy for a friend.”
  3. Now you have to select the email ID of the recipient. It will generate a 25-digit code they can use to claim the gift. 
  4. You can attach congratulations or cute notes to the email. 
  5. Finally, you can use PayPal to pay for the title. You can also use your credit or debit card. 

The process is pretty straightforward. Buying an oculus gift card would have been easier. However, this process only takes a few simple steps making it a worthwhile option when you are considering a gift. 

Where To Buy Oculus Gift Card?  

Where To Buy Oculus Gift Card

Since the oculus store gift cards are not available, you have to buy the game you want to gift to someone. However, if you are winding down where to buy the Oculus game, then here are When you are planning to buy the Oculus VR game, you have to buy it from the Oculus Store. 

But, there is no way to buy an Oculus gift card since there are not any. You can only send someone a game that you have bought for them. 

How To Redeem Oculus Gifts

How To Redeem Oculus Gifts

So, you have bought an Oculus VR game for someone and also sent them the gaming title through email as a code. Now, if they need help redeeming the game code, then these steps can help them. –

  1. First, you have to go to the game or the app you got as a gift. 
  2. There is an option reading “redeem gift” on the right-hand side of the screen of your computer. You have to click there. 
  3. Now you can use the redeeming code and redeem the game. 

Once you redeem the game using the gift card, you can start playing it with ease. But, if you want to gift them something other than an Oculus gift card, you can go for Amazon gift cards or Walmart gift cards

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):-

I think you have found the answer to your queries. But here are some similar questions and answers related to this gift card. You may find them informative. 

1. Is There A Gift Card For The Oculus Quest 2?

Ans: Yes, there are gift cards for Oculus Quest 2. You can get the 256 Gb version of this headset, formerly known as Quest 2. You can use the $25 gift card which will set you back to $399.

2. What Gift Cards Can You Use For Oculus Quest?

Ans: If you are planning to buy the Oculus Quest 2, then you can use any type of gift card byVisa to purchase the headset from the Oculus store. The Visa gift cards here can also help you make in-app purchases. The main advantage here is that you don’t have to pay any additional fees when you are using Visa gift cards. 

3. How Do I Send An Oculus Gift Card?

Ans: If you want to send someone the oculus gift card, then here are the steps for it –
1. First, open the mobile app of Oculus. 
2. Go to the send as a gift option in the app.
3. Choose the option reading “buy for a friend.”
4. Now, you have to enter the email address of your friend.
5. You can also attach a note to the mail.

Final Words

I think it should not matter that there are no oculus gift cards available. You can buy the game that you think your friend likes. Attaching the congratulatory note to the email makes the present complete. 

Did you find the answer you were looking for? Please share your feedback about this article. You can also ask questions if you have any. 

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