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Mullet Haircuts For Men That You Need To Know About In 2022

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Good News: Mullet Haircuts Are Back In Fashion”

When were mullet haircuts popular? This is a new question that many kids and youngsters nowadays are asking others on social media.

The mullet hairstyle was popular back in the 70s and 80s in the USA and the UK when biker gangs roamed the streets fearlessly. A sign of a high testosterone count, this hairstyle was adopted by many during that glam era. However, it soon faded out of sight in the 90s.

If you want such a manly haircut keep on reading to find out which haircut will suit you the best. 

Best Mullet Haircuts For Modern Men In 2022

To look manlier than the manliest man, get one of these mullet style haircuts right now:

1. Classic Retro Mullet

Classic Retro Mullet

To know more about mullet haircuts, you have to go back to their origins. Popular in the 80s, this haircut was famous amongst most men in biker gangs and high school kids.

One of the most popular middle part hairstyles back in the 80s, this defined masculinity for an entire generation. The top is kept long, and the sides are kept longer. You don’t need any tapered or faded sides to look like an 80s  biker gang member. 

Pro tip: Wear biker gang jackets and ride a Harley Davidson if possible. 

2. Blonde Highlighted Mullet

Blonde Highlighted Mullet

One of the cool mullet haircuts from the 80s and 90s, this haircut was popularized by “Rocketman” Elton John. 

Try to achieve a good volume on top and behind, tousling your hair for effect, if possible. You require this to make your hair appear to have a low-maintenance undertone. 

Make sure that you apply a blonde highlight on your hair stands to make yourself look hippier. 

Pro Tip: Wear colorful hipster clothes and colorful sunglasses for the extra panache.

3. Half Curled Short Temple Mullet

Half Curled Short Temple Mullet

One of the more “decent” mullet haircuts, this hairstyle looks very subtle, best for men of elegance. 

Here, the sides are tapered, with the top being curled slightly. This curl increases the volume of hair on the top and makes the side sweeps even more effective. This is one of the best little boy mullet haircuts. 

Pro Tip: Curl the front end of your top hair like Elvis Presley. 

4. Long Topped Short Mullet

Long Topped Short Mullet

If you want fresh and modern mullet haircuts to boost your machismo, get this style done by your barber today. 

Here, it’s best to keep your top longer, and your mullet longer. Also, spike up some hair on the top to add some great modern effect to this old hairstyle. In addition, taper some hair on the sides to maintain a bit of subtlety. 

Pro Tip: Dye your hair on top and have a thick mustache with no beard to get the best look. 

5. The David Beckham Mullet

The David Beckham Mullet

This is one of the best mullet haircuts you can ask your barber to cut for you in 2022. This haircut was popularized by football legend Beckham Beckham while he was still kicking the ball. 

Let there be a messy foundation overall. Do not cut the sides short so that it looks uniform and seamless from front to back.

Pro Tip: Don’t forget to keep your hair a bit messy.

6. Curly Backed Temple Faded Mullet

Curly Backed Temple Faded Mullet

This is the best mix of old and new school hairstyles for men. 

One of the best men’s hairstyles in 2022, the flair of this style lies in the curly back hair. This is different from most other mullet haircuts, where the back hair is kept long but preferably straight. Here, the back hair is pushed back, and the top is kept at medium length. 

Pro Tip: Do not keep the back mullet hair longer than the neckline. It should not fall on your shoulders. 

7. The Frizzy Topped Manly Mullet

The Frizzy Topped Manly Mullet

By far one of the best mullet haircuts for men, this style looks masculine from every angle. 

One of the best long hairstyles for men that we could have imagined; the sides are tapered and slightly faded. In addition, the top is also kept long, with the back mullet being longer. Keep the mullet long, which should extend below your shoulders. 

Pro Tip: Make your top hair a bit spiky at the front for added aplomb. 

8. Long Stranded Mullet

Long Stranded Mullet

If you want an absolutely classy hairstyle from front to back, then these longer mullet haircuts are for you. 

Here, all your hair is bruised backward so that you appear like a stylish elven king from the Lord Of The Rings. Keep your hair strands long so that they become long and reach your shoulder length. 

However, keep your mullet longer so that it extends below the top hair length. The mix between the top hair and the mullet should be gradual.

Pro Tip: Rock this style with a clean-shaven face

9. Temple Faded Mullet

Temple Faded Mullet

One of the best bald fade haircuts, this is one of the better mullet haircuts to style your hair in 2022. 

Here, the sides of your head are cut short and trimmed, preferably following a fading hairstyle. On the other hand, your mullet should gradually extend your top hair. Keep it in the shape of a pompadour in the front. However, the overall length of your hair should be kept short

Pro Tip: Have a thick beard and mustache that is of the same level as your top hair length. 

10. Frizzy Short Mullet

Frizzy Short Mullet

If you are looking for shorter mullet haircuts, then this hairstyle is for you.

Your overall hair length is kept short, except for your mullet, of course. Brush up your hair on top and pair it subtly with a slight taper on the sides. Ensure that the overall volume of your hair looks uniform overall. 

Pro Tip: Sport a well-trimmed beard and mustache that is of the length of your tapered sides. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q1. What Kind Of Haircut Is A Mullet?

Ans: You can quickly identify mullet haircuts by the person having longer back hair (the mullet) that extends to their shoulders, with medium-length top hair and tapered sides.

Q2. What Is A Modern Mullet Haircut

Ans: Out of all the various styles through which you can identify mullet haircuts, the long-stranded mullet haircut is an example of modern mullet, along with the curly backed temple faded mullet.

Q3. Are Mullets Back In Style 2022?

Ans: Yes, mullet haircuts are back in style in 202 as men started to take an interest in older hairstyles. This revival movement has been started by many social media influencers.

Q4. How Do I Ask My Barber For A Mullet?

Ans: To ask your barber for a mullet haircut, just ask them to cut your sides short and keep your top and back longer. Do so only if they do not know what a mullet is.

Want A Haircut? Get A Mullet!

Mullet haircuts are back in trend after nearly three decades. A style statement of manliness back in the 80s, this style is slowly being adopted by the younger generation. 

While it does not have the subtlety of the 21st century shorter hairstyles, its recklessness and messiness are what define this style. 
If you want to know more about other men’s haircuts, read our other articles here at Proudly Updates!

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