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Top 10 Famous Mid Fade Haircuts For Men In 2022 – Must See!

mid fade haircuts

All men need to have haircuts that give their looks a sharp appearance.  For this purpose, you can get hairstyles that are either long, short, or lie somewhere in between. 

However, a popular hairstyle that has risen in prominence in this century is keeping your mid or top longer than your shorter sides. This makes your hair look voluminous, with sharper edges to make it look modern.

For this purpose, I have compiled a list of ten of the best mid fade haircuts a man should have in 2022. These hairstyles are super sexy, so just choose one and get to your barber quickly!

Best Mid Fade Haircuts For Men In 2022

If you want mens mid fade haircuts to enhance your hairstyle, then these ten best mid fade haircuts will do the job perfectly. 

1. Mid Fade With Tight Messy Curls

Mid Fade With Tight Messy Curls

Mid fade haircuts are super versatile haircuts that you can customize any way you want. This hairstyle works best if you have curly hair instead of straight hair.

Here, you have to keep your top longer and curly. Here, you have two options. You can either keep your top curls tight and short or go for a long and messier look.

This haircut will give you a masculine and modern look that any guy will look good in.

2. Combed Back With Mid Fade

Combed Back With Mid Fade

Combed-back hairstyles always look good on men because it gives us a more refined and gentlemanly guise. As a result, combed-back hairstyles are popular as one of the most common hairstyles you spot a man on the streets with.

If you want dapper mid fade haircuts, pair them alongside a combed-back hairstyle. Therefore, sporting this haircut will give you a clean look that looks distinguished, classy, yet modern at the same time.

3. Mid Fade With The Crew Cut

Mid Fade With The Crew Cut

Mid fade haircuts with a crew cut look especially good on men with rounded or square-shaped faces. However, in my opinion, this is a great haircut for men with any type of face.

Here, you get the legendary crew cut haircut on top and mid fade on the sides. Overall, this is a shorter hairstyle for men to look sexy and clean without any compromises. This is the perfect hairstyle for appearing modern and professional in corporate workspaces.

4. The Mid-Faded Man Bun

The Mid-Faded Man Bun

The man bun has risen in popularity to become one of the most popular hairstyles in the 21st century. However, will you believe me that you can still make it to look better with some minor modifications?

Coupling a man bun with mid bald fade haircuts for men will create a unique combination that looks dashing. The best time to go for this hairstyle is when you have long hair that is shoulder length. All you need to do then is to cut your sides shorter and get mid fade haircuts.

5. Mid Fade With Long Waves

Mid Fade With Long Waves

Men with long and wavy hair are super cool at all times. There is a varied charm with men who have sexy, wavy hair. A wavy texture like this will make the top look wonderful and voluminous, giving us men the edge we deserve.

However, pairing this hairstyle with mid fade haircuts on the sides will make you look like an Olympian demigod. All you need to do is keep your top hair long and wavy, along with shorter mid faded sides.

6. The Mid-Faded Short Afro

The Mid-Faded Short Afro

If you are interested in doing braided hairstyles, then mid fade haircuts paired with a short afro will look awesome.

Here, you need to have naturally short but curlier hair on top. After that, simply ask your barber to cut the top a bit shorter, with a mid-fade cut on your sides. This will successfully give your afro hairstyle a modern twist that looks fresh and chill.

7. Mid Fade, But Widows Peaked

Mid Fade, But Widows Peaked

Many men believe that widows peak hairstyles look bad on them. This stems from the stigma surrounding men having widow’s peaks on their hairline. 

However, that is not at all true. All it takes is a little gel or wax to slick back your hair behind you. However, before doing so, you must ensure that your top is no longer than mid-length and your sides get cut with mid fade haircuts in mind. 

8. Hard Parted Mid Fade

Hard Parted Mid Fade

Sometimes parting your hair towards one side is the best touch you can give your hairstyle. Here, you need to do the same, except that you will do so over mens haircuts mid fade to excellence.

You can hard part your hair towards one side, preferably in the opposite direction of your scalp line. This works best for people with curly hair or straight, stranded hair. 

9. Mid Fade With Brushed Top

Mid Fade With Brushed Top

Sometimes, looking clean and young is all that a man needs to do to attract the right ladies. You can rest easy knowing that you can do the same too. All you need is a shave and a sexy hairstyle that complements your looks. And what better than mid fade haircuts?

10. Tousled Mid Fade For Asians

Tousled Mid Fade For Asians

If you are Asian, looking for great Asian men hairstyles to complement your looks, then this hairstyle will be perfect. 

This hairstyle works best on Asian men with thicker hair than average. All they need to do is tousle their long hair on top and make it a slight bit messier. After that, simply get a men haircuts mid fade style to make your top look voluminous and cool.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

1. What Length Is A Mid Fade?

A mid fade is a type of haircut where the sides of your head are cut short. However, the sides are contrastingly differentiated into two sects based on the length of the fade. Regarding the length, the mid fade is kept at around two-thirds on the side of the head.

2. How Do I Ask My Barber For A Mid Fade?

If your barber doesn’t know the meaning of a mid fade, then it can become problematic to get a haircut. In such cases, simply tell your barber to trim your sides shorter, with the lower half fading or balding compared to your upper sides.

3. Should I Get A Low Or Mid Fade?

There can be three types of fades – low, mid, or high. A high fade and a low fade can look a bit too extreme if you do not have proper facial features to complement them. Therefore, a mid fade is the best and the safest haircut you can get.

4. Should I Get A Fade Or Taper?

If you compare faded haircuts with taper haircuts, both will appear similar but contrastingly different from each other. For example, your shirt sides gradually mix with your longer top in a tapered haircut. On the other hand, the fade starts at skin level and gradually joins the hair on top.

Fading Off

There are various kinds of mid fade haircuts that you can get in 2022. From the super sexy mid fade with a combed-back to the top or a mid fade with a brushed top, you will look great in whatever style you pick from the ten haircuts suggested here.

These hairstyles are designed to make you look sharp and sexy, enough to make a woman swoon and come to you only when there are more men around you.

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