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You don’t have to chase the latest fashion trends to be fashionable. 

You don’t have to have a closet full of expensive suits, sweaters, and slacks.  You can put together a great look by just understanding a few basics.


One of the first skills you have to acquire to dress in style is to find colors that match your skin, hair, and eyes.  You may naturally gravitate towards certain colors that you like or that make you feel comfortable but there is quite a science of choosing colors that match your characteristics.

The seasonal color analysis takes your skin tone, natural eye tone, and hair color and generates the best color palette for you to choose from.  One way to categorize is by using the seasons, winter, spring, summer, and fall.

There are many ways to test for your basic color.  DIY self-tests, full-color draping, and even color cosmetic manufacturers provide ways to determine your most complimentary colors.


When it comes to fashion, fit is just as important as fashion.

Clothes shouldn’t be too tight or too loose.  Tight clothes that bind and restrict your movement are uncomfortable and you probably won’t wear them very often.  Shirts or slacks that are too loose, make you look dumpy.  If you can’t move like you normally would, your clothes don’t properly fit.

Find a good tailor or seamstress.  If you can afford custom-made clothes, that’s great.  If you buy off the rack, then take them to a tailor for a proper fitting.  It is worth the extra money. Click here for tips on sourcing lip fillers.

There are now plenty of sites online that will make made-to-measure suits, shirts, and slacks for men.

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Hair Style

Your hair and facial hair should be clean and well-groomed.  A good haircut can transform your appearance.  

Different hairstyles are better suited for different face shapes.   A hairstyle that looks great on one man, might not suit you at all. If you want to transform your looks and style check out these haircuts.

Studies have found that being well-groomed can lead to better pay.  So you do want to pay attention to your attire and personal grooming.


Wear the right clothes for the right occasion.  With dress codes constantly changing this is getting harder to figure out.  There are some obvious situations, such as not wearing a bathing suit to a wedding, or a tuxedo to a beach party.  

Styles are broken down into the following categories.  White tie, Black Tie, Creative Black Tie, Semiformal Business, Business Casual, Casual, and Ultra Casual.  Knowing what to wear when can show respect to your hosts as well as enhance your image.

There are some things to consider when choosing the right style of dress.  Take into account the location, and the time of day, and look at the invitation itself.

For example, day weddings are less formal, than evening ceremonies.  Don’t be afraid to ask the host, if you have questions as to what attire is appropriate.  If you are not sure, it is better to be slightly overdressed than appear under-dressed.

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