7 Important Pieces Of Leather Working Tools You Need To Have


Leather working, in essence, can be an exciting bit of craft to get into. It’s creative, eloquent, and helps you show off your innovative persona through the created artwork. However, to showcase your proficiency, you will need to use the right set of equipment. 

But, what are they? How are you going to use them for your purpose? 

Here, in this article, we will share information regarding the leather tools you’ll need to improve the quality of your project efficiently. Please keep reading to find out what it’s all about. 

Leather working – A Guide To The Much-Needed Tool Set

Leatherworking - A Guide To The Much-Needed Tool Set

Leather working is pretty definitive when it comes to tool usage. For example, if you don’t use the right equipment for a project, the overall quality of the end product won’t be good enough. Here’s what you need to know in this aspect. 


An awl, in essence, is a metal-made tool that comes with a sharp point. Hence, you can use it to create a mark on the leather or pierce it precisely. 

These tools vary quite a lot when it comes to the core design. For example, some of these items come with a fixed point while others can be interchanged in accordance with your requirements. You can also use the module to make holes in the metal prior to stitching. 

Round Or Head Knife

As the name implies, this type of knife comes with a short, rounded head. Most people primarily use it for trimming edges and cutting basic shapes in the leather. 

Nonetheless, due to the shape and design, you can use it with both of your hands without worrying. However, remember; the sharpness of a head knife tends to get subdued pretty quickly. Hence, we’ll ask you to sharpen at least once a month. 

Leather Stamping Tools 

The leather stamping tools are generally used for creating a brand of design on a leather module. For example, you can utilize this equipment to curate unique indentations on a milder option like vegetable-tanned leather.

Usually, these tools are used more craftworks than anything else. Thus, if you are not working in this segment, there’s no need to invest in this tool at all. 

Needles And Thread

Needles And Thread

Although it’s pretty apparent, you will need the needles and thread to sew your leather products properly. If you want to perform the fundamental saddle stitch, you will require at least two needles, to begin with. 

For the advanced ones, we’ll ask you to use an entire set of specifically-designed needles. These might be a little expensive, but they’re absolutely worth it if you’re trying to create ornate craftworks. 

Precision Knives 

Unlike the round ones, precision knives can cut a leather piece with impeccable accuracy. Due to this reason, if you are working on a smaller or trendy project, we’ll ask you to include this tool in your armory. 

Nonetheless, keep in mind; precision knives are pretty delicate when it comes to durability. Thus, you mustn’t use it while working on a heavier material, such as chrome tan leather. 


Using a burnisher is all about smoothening the edges of a leather surface by inflicting a proper amount of friction. It’ll make the material even more substantial and help you use it to make a dress or work on any other similar project.

Nonetheless, using a burnisher can be pretty tricky, as you have to generate a massive amount of heat through friction. Therefore, if you have an adequate amount of budget, we’ll ask you to use a power burnisher machine for your purpose.

Leather Glue 

No, contrary to what you had thought, you cannot use any glue on leather material. Instead, you will need to use a product that has been specifically designed for these projects.

Usually, leather glue tends to be much stronger than regular adhesives. Hence, it’ll become easier for you to stick the edges of the product appropriately. Nonetheless, we’ll ask you to wear a pair of gloves while using them. Otherwise, your hands may get stuck as well! 


Although the leather working equipment models are pretty definitive, they usually don’t require any significant investment. Therefore, we’ll ask you not to compromise on the quality of the tools just for the sake of saving your money. 

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