KickassAnime – Is It Safe To Use?

KickassAnime - Is It Safe To Use

KickassAnime was a popular site where it was possible to watch free anime. However, the site is not available anymore. The site (the original URL) was removed since it consisted of many torrents on its sites. Hence, it violated many laws related to piracy. Despite that, you will find many clones of KickassAnime, which are proxy sites of the original.

In this article, you will learn essential details about KickassAnime, and what is available on the site. Furthermore, you will learn whether it KickassAnime is legal or not and whether it will be safe for you to use it to watch anime or not. Furthermore, you will also get a list of some of the alternatives to KickassAnime, which you can find easily. Hence, to learn more about KickassAnime, read on through to the end of the article.

What Is KickassAnime?  

One of the major factors you will need to know regarding KickassAnime is that the website was taken down a few years ago. Hence, you will not be able to view the website now. This is because the website posted download and viewing links to pirated content. However, there are many proxy sites of KickassAnime available, which you can find easily.

Despite that, it cannot be denied that KickassAnime was very popular among anime lovers throughout the world. Since it is not possible for everyone to watch paid content on top anime sites, hence, many anime lovers used to visit websites like KickassAnime, to download and watch the anime series they love. Furthermore, these anime series also used to come with dubbed subtitles as well inside the KickassAnime platform.

Most of the videos that are available with KickassAnime are of high quality with HD resolutions. No matter how unique the anime series is, it is possible to find it in KickassAnime. Hence, the website is really popular, and people still talk about it.

Another great feature that was available with KickassAnime is that you can request an anime if you don’t find it on the platform. Once you request an anime series that you cannot find, someone will post the video soon. You could then download the video and watch it while enjoying it.

Is KickassAnime Safe To Use?  

Is KickassAnime Safe To Use

KickassAnime is currently taken down in many places. However, regarding its safety, there is no big issue. The number of viewers and downloaders from KickassAnime used to be in the millions. Furthermore, the website is also secured with HTTPS and also contains an SSL certificate. Hence, there is no worry in accessing the website.

However, the torrent links that are present on the website might contain access to malicious links. Once you click on these links, you might face problems with your browser data or system data. Furthermore, these can also slow down your system. Additionally, the website is also customizable, and you can change things based on your needs as well.

Some websites have rated KickassAnime low. According to ScamAdviser,

“We lowered the review score as we found several websites on the same server with a low trust score. Online scammers have a tendency to set-up multiple malicious websites on one server, sometimes more than hundreds.”

KickassAnime – Is It Legal?  

KickassAnime – Is It Legal

No, KickassAnime is not legal and is taken down in many countries. In some nations, KickassAnime is accessible, while in some nations, it is not. Furthermore, many other nations are still deciding whether they should allow online streaming sites or not that offer content for free.

However, if you still anyhow get access to it, we recommend you use a VPN while you are browsing the website. This will help you to encrypt your IP address. Furthermore, the VPN will also allow you to secure your privacy, and it will not be illegal for you to access anime websites that offer content for free.

The reason why KickassAnime is taken down is that all the paid content is available for free. If you download and watch video content from KickassAnime, the creators of the anime are not getting paid. So, you are basically enjoying something and not paying for it. Hence, it does not seem legal. Therefore, the creators and producers of those anime took the website down. These video content are hence deemed pirated.

How Can You Access The KickassAnime Website?  

How Can You Access The KickassAnime Website

Although KickassAnime has a good reputation on the internet, it is still not available in every country. However, in some countries, it is available, but it is illegal to visit the website. Hence, if you intend to visit KickassAnime’s original website, try to enter with the help of a VPN. The VPN will enable you to encrypt your IP address. Hence, your entry on KickassAnime’s website will not be illegal.

After you visit the website, you will get access to a big library of anime content and anime series, which you can watch day after day. However, there is also a search bar where you can search for your favorite anime. There is very less possibility that you will search for an anime and you do not find it.

Top KickassAnime Alternatives  

Top KickassAnime Alternatives

There are plenty of alternatives to KickassAnime that are available on the internet. Some of them are illegal, while some are legal, as they post only free anime content. Some of the best alternatives are given below:

1. AniWatcher

2. 7Anime

3. AnimeNana

4. 9Anime

5. 4Anime

6. GenoAnime

7. AnimeTake

8. 123Anime

9. AnimeUltima

10. AnimeFreak

Summing Up  

Hope this review was helpful for you in getting a better idea of KickassAnime, and the variety of options you will get with it. If you are a lover of anime, you can watch many anime shows on the website for free and can even download them. However, the website is taken down in many countries, and it will be very difficult for you to access the website directly. However, if the website is not taken down in your region, make sure to visit the website with the help of a VPN and encrypt your IP address. Do you think torrent websites like KickassAnime are ethical for the public to use? Share your opinions in the comments section below.

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