Increase Your Memory Power with Ayurveda


The cognitive functions of a person directly depend upon functions of the brain with regards to focus, concentration, memory functions, and intellect.

How the person behaves and how well his brain functions with respect to IQ and memory determines how ‘smart’ or intelligent the person is considered to be in general.

Boosting one’s memory power and concentration skills can enhance the overall performance of an individual and help in acquiring great heights when it comes to academics and professional careers.

Ayurveda has some of the best medicines such as the Brahmi Gritham which is made from the extracts of the Brahmi leaves – a potent herb that is classified as a memory booster and brain tonic in Ayurveda.

Using ayurvedic herbs that are known for brain functions such as memory, concentration and focus is one of the best ways to improve these areas of the brain and attain success and overall mental development.

Brain Functions – Memory and Concentration

The two most important parts of the brain functions are memory power and concentration skills. Both these skills are extremely useful when it comes to academic life or professional life. Memory is required to remember what a person learns and how to recall them at a moment’s notice.

It expands the brain functions to store more information in a better manner. Concentration helps in understanding the concepts in an efficient way and using this information in the future wherever applicable. Application of the acquired knowledge is the most important skill that most people expect.

Brain Functions

The combination of memory power and concentration skills can work like magic to learn things, be creative, recall information, and apply information in academics and careers.

Most people are unable to expand their horizons when it comes to memory and concentration skills. They work with limited ability and are unable to maximize the utilization of their brain powers.

Cognitive skills are developed only with the right utilization and through the right nourishment. For this purpose, a person must focus on a diet that includes a good portion of protein and healthy fats that are known to improve the cognitive skills of an individual.

Brahmi for Memory Power

Ayurveda has some of the best-kept secrets for brain superfoods that boost the overall health and functioning of the brain. Brahmi is known for its benefits to the brain as its extracts are extremely potent and are used in making Brahmi Gritham, a well-known ayurvedic memory tonic.

Brahmi is a small plant that has very well-known uses in making tablets, capsules, and pastes that are essential for the cognitive functions of the brain. Brahmi is known as the ayurvedic medicine for concentration as it improves focus skills and memory functions of the brain.

It aids in alertness, attentiveness, and the balancing of the doshas in the body for the effective removal of toxins.

Memory Power

Brahmi extracts are combined with other potent ingredients such as Shankhpushpi which is a known herb for cognitive function improvement. It helps in cleansing and detoxing the brain and aids in better retention of information.

Ghrita refers to Ghee – a therapeutic ingredient that is known to have extremely potent value in Ayurveda. It helps in digestion, improving the metabolism, rejuvenation of the body, cleansing the body and detoxification, nourishing the bones and muscles, and improving the brain functions.

Consumption of Brahmi Gritham is known to have excellent results for brain functions and overall health improvement.


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