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Lifestyle shopping is on-trend over the last decade. A lifestyle shop is a retail store selling a plethora of products under a single umbrella. When it comes to the Indian Lifestyle shopping sector, there are a number of such websites which are actually performing pretty well. One such lifestyle shopping site is Ikikai Lifestyle Stores Online or 

I’m sure you have recently heard about it and wanted to check whether this website is a scam or legit, right? You have arrived at the right place since we will be covering Ikkikai’s authenticity in this blog. 

Keep scrolling to get a full, transparent review. 

What Is Ikikai.Co? 

Ikikai Co is a lifestyle fashion shopping website designed with the purpose of changing lives as well as lifestyles in society. The products this website sells are handpicked by social enterprises, artists, and local small businesses from every corner of India. The products in Ikikai denote ethos standards from a social and environmental standpoint.

Ikikai started from the seed of empowerment. It was 3 friends, Kshira, Isha, and Parag who initiated building a concept over a cup of hot cappuccino. Their key objective was to drive success for struggling small-scale businesses, cottage industries, and emerging artists. 

In this way, a collaborative partnership between social organizations, women, and NGOs were created. This is how Ikikai came into being. 

Thumbs Up Reasons Behind Ikikai Lifestyle Online Shopping Site

‘Iki’ means ‘aesthetics,’ while ‘Kai’ means ‘restoration,’ and the hummingbird denotes individuality, beauty, and adaptability: ikikai is cut from the same cloth and spirit. The best parts of Ikikai shopping website that are worth falling in love with are as follows:

1. Handcrafted

The products are handpicked and handcrafted which ensures careful quality and curation to the customers. 

2. Women Entrepreneur

Women Entrepreneur

This lifestyle online shopping site is predominantly led by women entrepreneurs, NGOs, social organizations, etc. 

3. Eco-Friendly

Starting from eco-friendly designs to eco-friendly packaging, sustainability is related to everything on this website.

4. Social Enterprise

Social Enterprise

The procedures, and operations that go on in Your Ikikai involve the collaboration of social organizations, micro-enterprises, and NGOs. 

5. Organically Sourced

The raw materials this website uses are all organically sourced and cruelty-free, thereby creating a positive environmental impact.  

7. Creative And Unique Business objective

This initiative is about genuine transformation, genuine community, and genuine appreciation of creators.

Thumbs Down Reasons Behind Ikikai Lifestyle Shopping Site

Apart from all the positive aspects of Ikikai we mentioned above, there are certain points which we found as worth giving Thumbs Down. Precisely, we are pointing out some constructive feedback about where Ikikai Lifestyle Website can make improvements. Let’s check them out one by one:

  • Ikikai Co website sometimes exhibit technical glitches.
  • The customer service team of Ikikai Co delays a few times to solve an issue.
  • According to our viewpoint, their designing team could have made a more catchy design.  

What Are The Founders’  Viewpoints Regarding Ikikai Lifestyle Website?

In an age of sensitive customers, Ikikai’s business framework tells the tales of environmentally and socially conscious lifestyles. Starting from eco-friendly product designs, to sustainable packaging, Ikikai believes in the paradigm of doing good.

The co-founders of Ikikai have are considerably hopeful regarding this project. They are saying “Ikikai is that part of us which draws warmth by mobilising positive change. With design and social impact at its core, it is an endeavour of true belief carried through the hearts and minds of many who have come together to get it going. It is a pathway to celebrate the beauty and doing good.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Does Ikikai Co-Sell Eco-Friendly Products?

Ikikai lifestyle online shopping site is engaged in revolutionizing society by creating sustainable, handcrafted, environment-friendly, and creative products. 

Q2. Is Ikikai A Legit Or Scam Lifestyle Website?

Ikikai Lifestyle Stores Online is not a scam website. It’s a legit Indian Lifestyle Online Shopping site. The website is impacting society through unique, sustainable designs. 

Q3. Is Ikikai Lifestyle Online Shopping Site Indian?

Yes, Ikikai Lifestyle online shopping site is an Indian website led by Indian co-founders – Kshrira, Isha, and Parag.  

Q4. Are Ikikai Co Products Of High Quality?

Ikikai Co’s designed products are all socially and environmentally sustainable. The brand strongly believes in bringing social change and influencing lives by delivering quality products to customers. 

The Final Words

Today’s customers, according to Ikikai, intentionally choose decisions to leave a better social impact and a better tomorrow. In this voyage, Ikikai is the power of good. It’s legit and not a scam.  Considering all the aspects mentioned above, we recommend you give this lifestyle website a shot. 

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Disclaimer: This is not promotional content. Whatever the facts we have gathered are true to the best of our knowledge. We have also taken into account the real-life customers’ reviews, other websites’ reviews and gave our verdict based on them.

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