How To Protect Your Feet from Fungal Toenails?

Fungal Toenails

Have you ever contracted toenail fungus? 

Well, if you didn’t, then you are one of the luckiest of the bunch. After all, when an infection, especially a fungal one, occurs in your body, it doesn’t really look pretty at all. And, if you do not treat it quickly, it can also start spreading and cause quite a lot of discomfort too.

So, what’s the solution?

Well, when it comes to protecting yourself from a toenail fungal infection, it’s always best to opt for a proper healthcare center. An example of it can be Podologo Santo Domingo.

Here, you can get treated by an experienced doctor through a well-maintained infrastructure. So, you won’t have to deal with any repercussions or anything at all.

How Do You Protect Your Toenails?

As mentioned before, going to a dedicated healthcare center like Podologo Santo Domingo is going to be the best possible option here. But, if you want to protect yourself from any further infection progression or anything, you can follow the below-mentioned tips.

Tip – 1: Clean Your Feet Regularly.

Even if you don’t go out too much, make sure to clean your feet regularly. Use a combination of warm water and soap to make the most out of it. And, don’t forget to dry them properly. It will ensure that your toe is not attracting or picking up fungus anytime soon.

Tip – 2: Change Your Shoes Often.

If you have to go out regularly, it’ll be important for you to have more than one shoe and pair of socks too. Sometimes, when your feet get too sweaty, the risk of getting a fungal infection will increase massively. So, it’s best to clean them as often as possible too.

Tip – 3: Avoid Going Barefoot.

Fungus loves growing in wet, warm places. And, it spreads pretty quickly from one person to another as well. Therefore, it’s best not to wear a flip-flop or something as such around a pool or locker room. Avoid using them in a shared-shower room as well.

Tip – 4: Choose The Right Footwear.

The risk of the spread of fungal infection can increase when your feet are placed in a pair of tight socks and shoes. Thus, when you’re buying them, make sure to check if they fit properly with your feet or not. Also, avoid buying something that’s made of synthetic material.

Tip – 5: Trim Your Toenails Regularly.

When it comes to prettying yourself up, you must always start your venture from the toenails. Just try to clip them short or straight across. Also, make sure that you’re not cutting them in a way so that they’re digging into your toes’ sides. Don’t pick at them too. It’s a bad habit.

Tip – 6: Use Foot Powder.

If your feet tend to get sweatier than usual, don’t forget to use foot powder prior to wearing a shoe or your socks. This way, your feet will stay dry and well-maintained for a long time. It’ll also protect you against fungal infections like athlete’s foot as well.

Tip – 7: Skip Your Daily Dose Of Nail Polish.

Wearing fake nails or nail polish can trap moisture in your feet, sometimes. In some cases, it can also lead to a blockage that might prompt fungus to grow from the same place. Therefore, even if it doesn’t make you feel pretty, make sure to skip them whenever possible.

Tip – 8: Opt For A Cleaner Nail Salon.

Are you thinking about doing a pedicure? Well, in that case, be sure to look for a cleaner or well-maintained nail salon. Also, before you do anything, ask them if they sterilize all of their tools properly or not. Or, you can sterilize your equipment and bring them on accordingly.

The Bottom Line

In case you’ve had a toenail fungal infection before, it may be best for you to use an antifungal cream regularly. Also, don’t forget to get rid of all of your older slippers or shoes.

And, finally, clean your room or house with warm water daily. The cleaner your domicile is, the better you’ll feel or be, especially in the case of a fungal infection.


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