Guide On How To Make Hot Cocoa Bombs

how to make hot cocoa bombs

Are you searching ‘how to make hot cocoa bomb on the internet?’ Then this article will definitely interest you. We have provided you a guide on how to make hot cocoa bombs. Where you will find recipes to nutritional facts of chocolate bombs. Jump in the trend of making hot chocolate bombs at home. Make it a fun pre-Christmas activity for your family.

What Are Hot Cocoa Bombs?

Before learning how to make cocoa bombs know what hot cocoa bombs are. Hot cocoa bombs also known as hot chocolate bombs are sphere shaped tempered chocolate balls filled with cocoa mix, sprinkles, and mini marshmallows.

When these hot cocoa bombs are put in hot milk. The cocoa bombs melt and reveal the fillings which mix with the milk to form hot chocolate.

Hot chocolate is heavenly in taste, especially during cold seasons. Christmas parties are incomplete without hot chocolate. Now people have started creating hot cocoa bombs at home. Use their creativity to decorate them and fill it with different fillings as per their choice.

Cocoa bombs stand makes a great addition for Christmas parties. It is equally loved by kids and adults.

Eric Torres Garcia, a photographer was the first person to share hot cocoa bombs that went viral, as per The Washington Post. This led to creating a whole cocoa bomb company that popularized hot cocoa bombs for gift giving purposes as edible gifts.

How To Make Hot Cocoa Bombs?

Here’s how to make hot cocoa bomb at home. Let’s start with the ingredients needed to make hot cocoa bombs.

  1. To make the cocoa spheres you need to have sphere molds and temper chocolate. Tempered chocolate are chocolate that contains a network of stable crystals that give the chocolate a shiny finish and the chocolate does not curdle when ingredients are added.

If you melt non tempered chocolate chances are your cocoa bombs won’t form smooth sphere and break easily while peeling from the sphere mold. Tempered is important for making hot cocoa bombs.

  1. Cocoa sphere halves comes out great while using silicon molds which are relatively inexpensive and can be found easily in stores or online. These silicon molds can be stored and used many times which makes it a great purchase.

Also you cocoa bombs are much more shinier while using these molds and easily come out of the mold unlike solid molds which aren’t flexible.

  1. Pastry brush to spread melted tempered chocolate on your silicone mold.
  2. A pan or skillet is used to melt two chocolate sphere halves and join then to make a whole sphere.
  3. For filling your cocoa bombs you will need mini marshmallows, hot chocolate mix, sprinkles and other ingredients as per your preference. Some like a pinch of salt and sweet in their hot cocoa bombs fillings while other like toppings with some crunch like mini pretzels or minty candy canes.
  4. Some optional items you need foe making cocoa bombs are an instant-read thermometer, piping tips and bags for decorations over hot cocoa bombs and protective gloves if you are learning to make this for the first time.

The Complete Step-by-step Method Of Making Hot Cocoa Bombs

The Complete Step-by-step Method Of Making Hot Cocoa Bombs  

Here’s how to make hot cocoa bombs in your home.

  1. Start by cleaning and drying your silicon mold or any other molds you might have for making hot cocoa outer sphere halves. Clean molds are great start for making smooth chocolate sphere halves.
  2. Melt you tempered chocolate.
  3. Next, using the spoon or piping bag put some melted tempered chocolate in the molds. Next using the pastry brush, smooth out the melted chocolate evenly around the mold so that all sides have an even chocolate layer. This ensures no breakage when you take the sphere out of the mold.
  4. Refrigerate the chocolate filled molds for 5 minutes to harden and apply a second layer of chocolate and harden it refrigerator.
  5. Next remove the chocolate sphere halves from the molds gently by first releasing the edges of the chocolate sphere halves. Try doing with wearing gloves and quickly as the chocolate can melt with heat from your palms.
  6. Fill your half of your chocolate sphere with different fillings like hot cocoa, mini marshmallows, sprinkles, inch of salt, sugar or fillings of your choice.
Few More Steps To Go:
  1. Warn up the pan and used the warm pan to melt the sides of you other halves of the chocolate spheres to seal the chocolate spheres. Then using extra chocolate, seal the spheres and freeze them.
  2. Once your chocolate spheres are ready decorate it with sprinkles, edible glitter, chocolate drizzles or leave it as it is. Freeze them again and your hot cocoa bombs are ready.

Now that your cocoa bombs are ready make an cup of hot chocolate by mixing hot cocoa bombs in warm milk and enjoy. The best thing about learning to make hot cocoa bombs is that it’s a fun activity to do with your family. All incorporating their own creativity to decorate the cocoa bombs.

Hot Cocoa Bombs Nutritional Facts

We have provided all the nutritional facts about hot cocoa bombs so that you can decide how much calories you intake per cocoa bomb. This will ensure you don’t over indulge in hot chocolate and feel guilty later.

Nutrition Facts About Cocoa BombsServing Size:1 Bomb Equals To 38 g
Amount Per servingCALORIES 140
                                                                                                 % Daily Value
Total Fat 9 g                                                                                      12%
Saturated Fat 6 g                                                                             30%
Trans Fat 0g
Cholesterol 0 mg                                                                               0%
Sodium 20 mg                                                                                    1%
Total Carbohydrates 25 g                                                                 9%
Dietary Fiber 0g                                                                                  0%    
Sugars 23
gIncludes20 g
Added Sugar                                                                 40%
Protein 2 g
VitaminD 0 mcg                                                                                   0%
Calcium 0 mcg                                                                                      0%
Iron 0 mcg                                                                                              0%
Potassium 70 mg                                                                                  1%
The percentage of Daily Value (DV) indicates the amount of nutrients provided in a serving of food that contributes to your overall daily diet. General nutrition advice for people to have within 2000 calories a day.


We hope this article was able to provide you with all information on how to make cocoa bombs from ingredients to how much calories each hot cocoa bombs consists of.

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