How To Avoid Getting Traffic Tickets?

Traffic Tickets

Traffic tickets are issued by the law and enforcement authorities of the United States to charge anyone who commits traffic law violations. An average traffic ticket in the U.S. can cost around $150 to $2000, including a fine and suspension of a driving license in serious cases.

The US states of Michigan, New York, Texas, and New Jersey have initiated a Driver Responsibility Program for establishing a system of accumulating points for each traffic violation. The driver will be advised to pay an additional fee for conducting traffic rule violations, and the number of charges varies from state to state. 

In Washington D.C., drivers and passengers are advised to wear seat belts. Traffic rules are strict in DC, like in some other states, including Georgia and Oregon. However, you can hire a DC Traffic Lawyer if you are facing an unnecessary traffic charge. 

Top Ways To Avoid Traffic Tickets

It is advisable to drive while maintaining the designated traffic rules. However, nobody wants to be bombarded with traffic tickets on a busy schedule. It could be draining for anyone who is struggling to maintain the economic needs of their family. 

Traffic tickets can cost you heavily depending on the state you are facing the charges. No one wants their driving license to be revoked. And if you accumulate a number of traffic tickets, it can lead you to future problems. 

So, we advise you to keep track of the following methods that can save you from getting a traffic ticket.


Avoid Traffic Tickets

1. Look Out For The Highway Patrol

If you are driving down the highway lane, you must keep an eye on the police patrol cars on the highway. Ensure that your windows are all clear and visible from the inside. If they aren’t so clean, you might consider having a car wash at the local gas station.

You can keep track of the police patrol car from your rearview mirrors. Ensure that your rearview mirror is attached tightly to the car since if it keeps vibrating, you might lose visibility of your surroundings. 

In order to not be stopped by a highway patrol car, you must check the suspension of your wheels. You can perform the necessary servicing of your car to not attract the attention of any police patrol vehicle. 

2. Recognizing A Patrol vehicle

Police highway patrol cars are mostly sedans with sirens mounted on top of it. Sometimes highway patrol cars can be seen waiting near the ramps of the highway. If you spot one while driving through a highway, we suggest you do not overpass it. 

Once you spot a highway patrol car, you can limit the speed of your vehicle and safely drive the car to avoid any kind of unnecessary attention from the cops.

A police highway patrol car checks the speed of any ongoing cars using a radar gun to detect whether any vehicle is exceeding the required speed limit. Radar guns work by receiving and sending radio signals toward any vehicle it is pointed at. Radar guns use the doppler effect to calculate the speed of any vehicle on the basis of their returning signals. 

If you locate a highway patrol car in the opposite direction, do not overspend, as they can easily take a U-turn to catch you for tickets. 

3. Lookout For Patrol Motorcycles And Aircraft 

You should know that cops not only use sedan cars to hand you over a traffic ticket, but they are basically unrecognizable when they use motorcycles and aircraft. It’s hard to spot a cop on motorcycles; however, they use large-sized motorcycles with rear-radio antennas.  

Sometimes on the high-traffic highways, cops can be seen using small aircraft to hand you over traffic tickets. In most cases, they are so unrecognizable that you can get caught even before spotting a cop aircraft. 

If you don’t spot a cop sedan or motorcycle, then be sure there is an aircraft hovering around the highway. So, it’s better to drive within the designated speed limit on the highways. 

4. Limit Your Visibility 

To have reduced visibility from the cops, you might stop flashing your headlights at slow drivers, drive following the left lane, be careful about using radar detectors, repair windows and keep them clean when you are on the lookout for patrol cars.

There are certain things that you must not do, such as using oversized vehicles, shabby vehicles, and broken mirrors, as it might catch the eye of an officer. 

What To Do If You Still Face Traffic Changes!   

Face Traffic Changes

After being on a careful lookout, if you still get caught by an officer for a traffic rule violation, you can contact a traffic attorney, depending on the state you are facing the charges. You can hire a DC Traffic Lawyer, New York Traffic Lawyer, and Atlanta Car Traffic Lawyer, respectively, for facing traffic charges in Washington, DC, New York, and Georgia. 

Traffic lawyers can guide you through the case after listening to you in detail and will suggest you do the needful. You can either discuss the fees prior to the trials, or you can pay them later. Payment is dependent on individual lawyers. We suggest you consider an experienced lawyer who has previously handled such cases and won.   

Unnecessarily going through traffic charges can be really bothersome if you are facing traffic tickets for the first time. Some insurance companies can even take advantage of the situation and increase the number of premiums if they find out you have been charged a traffic ticket. So we suggest you hire lawyers to support you further.


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