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When it comes to hairstyle, even the country’s army comes into count. The defense service members of most countries have to keep high and tight haircuts. It is one of the classic haircuts that you can keep if you have to attend formal meetings or programs daily. On the other hand, you can keep this hairstyle if you need to wear helmets for your work.

In this article, you can learn many things about the cut, as mentioned earlier. So, you should read this article minutely if you are planning to get a new look. However, remember to go for the cut if you have a taller face with a distinct jawline. For now, you can go through the points given below.

What Is High and Tight Haircut?

In the case of a high and tight haircut, the top of the head contains well-trimmed hair, while the side and the back are nearly hairless. Therefore, the cut is quite alluring but straightforward at the same time. Moreover, it is famous because the modern high and tight haircut is shared among the military.

At times, the high and tight haircut can resemble the crew or buzz cut. So, you need to be clear about whether you want to keep a hybrid or pure high and tight fade. The brief details of these cuts are given later in this article.

Describing High And Tight Haircut To Barber

Describing High And Tight Haircut To Barber

At times, describing the high and tight haircut to the barber can be problematic. However, you can follow the steps given below to make him understand:

1.  Instruct the barber to clean the sides and back of your head.

2. Ask the barber to keep the hair intact at the top.

3. Tell him to trim the top hair to a specific size and merge it with the side and the back.
4. Finally, tell him to clean the sides. 

This is the easiest way you can make your barber understand the military high and tight haircut. While the experienced barbers know what high and tight means, the novice ones might need some guidance.

Getting High And Tight Haircut

You would be amazed to know that there is a DIY process to get the high and tight Dallas haircut. However, you would need proper grooming set for it along with a bit of experience of its operation. Take a look at the following steps to know all:

Step 1: Determine The Top Hair Size

In the primary step, you need to determine the top hair size that you want to keep. Here, you need to decide both the length and breadth of the hair that you want to keep.

Step 2:  Put On The Right Guards On Your Trimmer

After you have decided the dimensions of your hair, it is time to put on the right guards on your trimmer. In case you are less experienced, you can go with a big guard at first. You can also attach the small guards if it is comforting to you.

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Step 3: Start Cutting Your Hair

You can start cutting your hair slowly. The best you can do is cut around the top at first. Consider it to be the toughest job to do in this case. Now, touch the sides and the back after the entire top-hair portion is cut.

The best you can do with the sides and the back is a complete shave. Although you can do the same thing with a trimmer, it would take a lot of time. So, keep your hand and the trimmer/razor in full control while you reach near the top of your hair.

Clean the sides thoroughly, and it can be the best DIY haircut for you. Well, the main reason you can execute the high and tight haircut yourself is its simplicity.

Try not to incorporate any extra styling elements on your top hair. Remember that the high and tight haircut is simple, and you can get the best from its simplicity.

High And Tight Haircut: Some Distinct Hybrids

There are only a few distinct types of hybrids for the High And Tight haircut. Here are the facts related to those:

1.  High And Tight Side Part

The high and tight side part is a unique hybrid of undercut and H&T. In this case, you can keep a bit of hair at the side. Do not try this haircut on DIY, as you might not do it yourself.

2. The Buzz Crew Cut

The Buzz Crew Cut is yet another hybrid of H&T. Here, you can keep medium hair at the top and beard too. This haircut can give you the most desired geeky look. Even you can get that masculine outlook with the buzz crew cut.  So, you can enlist it under the medium-high and tight amount.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How Does High And Tight Haircut Look Like?

Ans: The high and tight haircut looks very masculine on people with sharp faces. Therefore, it is the commonest haircut among militaries.

Q2. What Is High And Tight Military Haircut?

Ans: The high and tight haircut is a style where the top hair is big, and the sides and back remain completely clean.

Q3. Is High And Tight Haircut Good?

Ans: Yes, the high and tight haircut is quite good as it gives a masculine outlook within males.

Q4. What Does High And Tight Fade Mean?

Ans: The high and tight fade means a type of H&T where the sides are quite small. This haircut needs much less maintenance.

Final Take Away

The high and tight haircut is now a global trend. It is because most people in this world are now concerned about fitness. Even there are a lot of civilians who desire to look like an army person. For them, the H&T haircut is a game-changer. Moreover, people tend to keep the H&T as it needs no maintenance. You can control it for months without any hassles and then have a haircut if necessary.

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