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5 Methods to Get Funds for Your Business Idea or Startup

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There are different hindrances that might stop you from starting your new business ideas. Of all those impediments fund collections are one of the major ones.

But you need adequate funds in order to start your new venture.

So how will you get funds? Who will provide them?

And you know well how businesses performed during the Pandemics. So you need to secure adequate funds to give wings to your imagination.

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In this article, we will be discussing the five ways or methods to get funds for developing new business ideas for Startups.



Before focussing right on funds let’s work to expand the discussion. There is more than one when you are starting a new business.

  1. The first hindrance is fierce competition. New businesses face fierce competition from the existing companies already operating in the market.
  2. Sometimes new entrepreneurs enter the market with unrealistic expressions without knowing the facts.
  3. Start-ups must have a capable workforce that will deliver for them. This workforce needs to be skilled enough to sustain market challenges.
  4. For smaller companies, financial management becomes an extremely challenging affair.
  5. Cyber security turns out to be a big threat for new businesses as they are not strong enough to build a capable workforce.
  6. Getting Funds for business is the main challenge.

Startup?? It Will Be Difficult For You To Raise Funds 

New businesses face a whole lot of challenges as far as generating funds is concerned.

  1. A new business fails to attract an early set of investors. This is because financers don’t generally show confidence in the newly developed business idea of the startups.
  2.  Delivering the perfect pitch or idea to the investors becomes a challenging affair. It is hard to become an angel investor if your idea is not constructive enough.
  3.  Finding the right Investors is difficult because the investors search for guarantees of their investment.
  4. COVID19 really went on to damage the confidence of the investors. Consequently, Small businesses or new entrepreneurs pay the price of an ecosystem that is not suitable for business growth and development.

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Five Methods To Get Funds for Your Business Idea or Startup:

Five Methods To Get Funds for Your Business Idea or Startup

So you really think that all is lost for you?? And there is no hope left before you at this point in time?

There are different ways through which you are going to extract funds for your dream start-ups. Here are five ways through which you will be able to generate your fund.

1. Bootstrapping / Self-funding 

This comes under the most natural source of funding. Self Funding includes scraping together any funds that you could gather.

Bootstrapping is more important and beneficial than borrowing money as you do not require any hurdle for repairing the money with high interests.

2. Finding An Angel Investor

Finding An Angel Investor

The individuals who have surplus cash are considered Angel Investors. These investors invest in small businesses in different parts of the world.

The advantage of finding Angel Investors is that they often provide the monitoring as well as advice that helps startup entrepreneurs take their baby steps in the business. They help businesses take off quickly.

On the other hand, the dark area is that Angel Investors want more returns compared to that Financial Institutions.

3. Crowdfunding

Crowd Funding comprises the collection of funds from multiple investors. They engage with the business idea via social networking sites as well as web-based platforms.

This concept is growing in importance with the passage of time. Different platforms of Crowdfunding include Kickstarter, Ketto, Fundable, and others.

4. Business Incubators

Business Incubators

These are the organizations that offer financial help to business enterprises. The ultimate aim of the funding is to accelerate the growth and development and success of the business.

Business incubators provide opportunities to startups so that they connect with potential investors.

These programs run for a stipulated number of minutes and he requires much commitment.

5. Peer to Peer Lending 

Peet to Peer Lending involves a process where no intermediaries are involved in the whole process.

In this process, the lenders could earn from the borrowers. Interest rates are decided between both parties.


It could be said that the source of borrowing money from businesses is getting a bit narrowed down.

This is due to the financial constraints that the organizations are facing at this point in time.

Therefore new businesses need to judiciously select the type of source depending on their own requirements.

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