6 Fun Ways to Be More Active


If we’re honest, most of us live a far more sedentary life than we’d like to. We’re often busy with work and family commitments and the idea of going into a hot and sweaty gym after a day in the office can be unthinkable.

When you are stressed out and tired, and they’re already don’t seem to be enough hours in the day to complete your to-do lists, the last thing that you want to do is use a precious free hour to go for a run, and you certainly don’t want to face getting up an hour earlier to work out, when you don’t feel as though you are getting enough rest as it is.

But getting more regular exercise can be beneficial. Exercise can help you to sleep for longer, and more soundly, making those early mornings easier and worthwhile.

It can reduce your stress levels, boost your mood, help you to avoid colds and other bugs, and boost your productivity. In short, squeezing in exercise can actually help you to get more done in less time, and feel better about it.

The good news is, you don’t have to hit the gym or drag yourself out for a run to reap the benefits of exercise if that’s your idea of hell. All movement and activity count, and there are some much more fun ways to keep fit and healthy.

Here’s a Look At Six Fun Ways to Be More Active

1. Try a Team Sport

Team Sport

Team sports are a fantastic way to reduce stress, have some fun, make new friends, and get a workout in without realizing that you are doing it.

A sport like baseball can be ideal, and there’s nothing like giving a ball a good whack with a big bat to burn off some stress and negative energy. Even when you are practicing with an excellent training tool like an automatic ball feeder on your own, or with friends, you can have a fantastic time, and nothing beats the benefits of exercising with friends or as part of a team.

If baseball isn’t for you, think about sports that you might have enjoyed at school or look at groups and clubs that are available in your local area.

2. Make the Most of Technology

Unrecognizable fit woman in sports top and leggings walking in park Free Photo

Technology is often seen as the enemy of exercise, but it can actually be its best friend. Make the most of the tools available to you. If you don’t enjoy walking, try walking while you listen to a podcast or audiobook. Use fun apps to make running more interesting, or just use your camera to take photos while you are out and about.

3. Dance at Home

home dance

Dancing at home is a great way to burn calories, get a workout, and have some fun. Use Spotify to build playlists and don’t be scared to let yourself go.

4. Play with Your Kids

playing with kids

Playing with your kids, grandkids, nieces, and nephews, or even your friends’ kids is a great way to be more active and have some fun.

5. Play Active Video Games

Active Video Games

Playing video games can mean sitting still and staring at a screen for hours, but it can also mean getting up and moving about. Just Dancing and other active games can be great fun and excellent exercise.

6. Get Your Skates on

roller sketing

If you fancy getting some exercise while you have fun, and while you travel from a to b, you might be tempted to cycle, but what about roller skating? Roller skates and blades are faster than walking, an excellent workout, and always a laugh.

Some people love to exercise and work out, but it’s not for everyone. If you are someone who has never enjoyed things like exercise classes, these fun options might be a better fit for your lifestyle, and the benefits can be just the same.

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