15 Savings Hacks for a Financially Healthy 2022

Financially Healthy

Everyone has future goals they want to realize – a wedding, a dream vacation, or even a dream home. Perhaps you’re looking into higher education so you can utilize your skills and value and make more money. What can you do about it right now?

Below are 15 ways you can start saving money right now so you can either stash it away for future goals or feel more financially comfortable day today.

1. Free Yourself of Bad Habits

Have you been thinking for a while about cutting back on cigarettes or drinking coffee or alcohol a little less throughout the week?

It might sound a bit scary at first – but if you set a reasonable goal and stick to it, you might be surprised at just how much money you are keeping in your pocket, while still happily managing your guilty pleasures.

2. Eat at Home More Often

2. Eat at Home More Often

The pandemic has really curbed most people’s desire and even ability to dine at restaurants. Take advantage of this fact and turn it into a positive by planning meals, and making weekly grocery trips to save money, and get healthier, too!

3. Review Your Car Insurance Coverage

Most people pay no attention to their auto insurance, but if you find affordable car insurance, you’ll be paying out less, each and every month, and putting more money in your pocket.

This can lead to a larger savings account or even further enhance your driving experience as you save for a nicer vehicle.

4. Leave the Kids at Home

Leave the Kids at Home

If you’re able to leave the children home or with a babysitter when doing your grocery shopping – go for it. You will spend nearly 30% less without them accompanying you to the store.

5. Practice Mindfulness

Being as present as possible will help curb impulsive decisions to buy things you don’t need and probably don’t even want. Take a meditation class or download an app to meditate daily, so you can get better at controlling impulsive behavior.

6. Track Every Dollar

Track Every Dollar

At the end of the week, do you find yourself wondering, “Where did my paycheck go?” If that is the case, chances are good that money is sifting through your fingers like water, and you don’t realize it. Write down every dollar that is spent including banking fees, parking fees, tolls, that quick hot cocoa, everything.

7. Never Pay Full Price

Service providers such as internet and cable, cell phone carriers, even garbage service will often entertain your request for a discount. Be polite, let them know they are doing a great job, and then ask how you can save money on your bill.

8. Embrace Free Entertainment

Embrace Free Entertainment

Sure, going to concerts and going out to dinner is fun, but what about making a gourmet meal at home, lighting some candles, and watching a concert free on YouTube on your TV.

You can also avoid paying on movie streaming platforms by opting instead for free content on the internet. In other words, there are many platforms and websites that can help you download free content from the internet. The best ones are proxy-rarbg.

9. There’s an App for That

Sure, it might not make you a millionaire, but there are dozens of apps available that will pay you for things like taking surveys, trying a different search engine, and even playing games.

10. Install a Shopping Plug-In

Install a Shopping Plug-In

If you do a lot of online shopping, consider installing one of the many money-saving plug-ins that will automatically scan your shopping cart at checkout to be sure you’re paying the lowest price. Try Amazon Assistant, Rakuten, Capital One, and Honey.

11. Go Cash Only

Try to get into the habit of remembering that when you buy an item with your credit card, you will ultimately pay more for it than the list price. If the item is $100, are you ready to eventually plunk down $120? Think about all the money you could save – and not spend – if you use a cash-only rule.

12. Give & Get for Free

Install a Shopping Plug-In

The Freecycle Network is all about keeping items out of landfills. Sign up for the opportunity to hand off things you no longer need and receive the items you do – all for free.

13. Become a Creator

Do you have a unique voice? Are you charismatic and want to offer advice or an interesting point of view of the world? Monetizing that voice via social media and your passion could earn you some extra cash.

14. Rent Your Space

Rent Your Space

Real estate is valuable, whether it’s a single room, a garage, or an entire house. You can make money by renting out the space you’re not using with a minimal amount of work.

15. Join Loyalty Programs

Grocery stores, gas stations, convenient stores, and department stores: everywhere you shop likely offers some type of loyalty program. Ask customer service about obtaining a membership card and start saving!

Let 2022 be your year to get on a budget and save big. Little savings go a long way, and when you make the effort to cut back and look for less expensive ways of doing everyday things, your future goals will happen more quickly!

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