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Top 10 Famous Fade Haircuts For Men In 2022 – Must See!

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Are you looking for a great haircut for men because your hair has gotten pretty long and uncouth? Or are you looking for new hairstyles to change your look and attract those pretty ladies at the nightclub more? Whatever your reason may be, have you heard or seen fade haircuts?

Guys with faded haircuts look super sexy since your sides are cut pretty short while your top is kept longer.

A fun fact here is that this hairstyle has the highest chance of attracting ladies left-right and center. The look of your skin from the sides is hot enough to make them gaga over you.

Therefore, if you want similar results, read this article right now. Here, you will get to learn the best fade haircuts for men that will elevate your looks up a level.

What Is A Fade Haircut?

What Is A Fade Haircut

As the name suggests, fade haircuts are popular hairstyles for men where your sides are kept shorter. On the other hand, your top is kept longer so that your hairstyle has a sexy symmetrical shape to it. It is a fresh and modern hairstyle that makes a man look confident.

Fade haircuts have been popular for quite a long time. However, it gained prominence this century after hot summers forced men to get shorter hairstyles to keep their heads cool.

There are quite a few types of this haircut that you can get by simply asking your barber. First, however, you must maintain it by getting a haircut once every three weeks.

Best Fade Haircuts For Men In 2022

Best Fade Haircuts For Men

If you want to know what are the different types of fade haircuts for men that you can get in 2022, keep reading below. Here, you will find the ten best options to satisfy your hair styling needs.

1. Low Fade

Low Fade Haircut

Low fade haircuts are by far the most common type of faded haircuts you will see on the streets. This is one of the most popular hairstyles for men since it looks pretty sleek and stylish. It’s a famous low fade little black boy haircut.

Here, the focus is given to the bottom inch of their side hairs, which are trimmed short. Then, it gradually fades to the side hairs above it, slowly mixing with your top.

2. Mid Fade

Mid Fade Haircuts

The second primary type of fade haircuts is the mid fade. Compared to the low fade, the faded portion of your side hairs is significantly more. Also, unlike the low fade, mid fade haircuts extend towards the middle of the side of your head.

The mid fade is another classic hairstyle for men that will make any man look sharp and bold. It works bets on males with longer, chiseled faces. Keep the top and make it textured to get a desirable hairstyle that attracts more women than blokes.

3. High Fade

High Fade Haircuts

As the name suggests, the faded portion of your side hair extends toward the top of your head. This fade haircut has become popular recently because of increased hairstyle experimentation amongst Gen Z teens.

Here, the fade extends till the top of your head and mixes with your top hair. This look is slightly less subtle than an average fade haircut because your side hairs are almost gone. However, it still looks super cool and sexy.

4. Tapered Fade

Tapered Fade Haircuts

A tapered haircut is a type of hairstyle where the hair on the side of your head gradually becomes shorter. This happens as it reaches behind your ears, revealing the skin underneath behind your ears and your head. 

This style is stylistically similar to the mid-fade haircut. It’s because the fade or the taper begins from the mid-portion of the side of your head. This is one of the best fade little boy haircuts.

5. Bald Fade

Bald Fade Haircuts

The bald fade haircut will be a great choice if you want a masculine and versatile hairstyle. If you want to ask your barber for this haircut, just tell them to shave both the sides and back of your head entirely.

This hairstyle looks super hot and super cool at the same time too. As a hairstyle, this is pretty versatile because you can style your top hair any way you want. However, it is best to keep the top hair a little bit bigger to create a contrast.

6. Combed Over Fade

Combed Over Fade

Sometimes, looking like a gentleman can be the best look that you would want to achieve. I mean, which woman does not like a gentleman, right?

Therefore, ask your barber for fade haircuts. After that, simply comb your top hair all the way back or towards any one of the sides.

7. Pompadour Fade

Pompadour Fade Haircuts

A pompadour is a style that was made popular in the 70s and is still popular even today. It’s an edgy and rebellious hairstyle that looks great when combined with fade haircuts.

You can also combine this hairstyle with mullet haircuts to make a definite style statement in women’s minds.

8. Buzz Cut Fade

Buzz Cut Fade Haircuts

If you don’t like to spend time or money maintaining your hairstyle, it’s best to get a shorter haircut. For this purpose, I would suggest getting fade haircuts with yourṣ top being buzz cut.

This is a good hairstyle compared to other short fade little boy haircuts. Here, your sides are kept entirely faded, with the top hair being super short as well.

9. Mohawk Fade

Mohawk Fade Haircuts

If you like mohawks and want to keep long top hair, then you must try out mohawk fade haircuts.

Preferred by edgy teenagers in a punk rock band, this is a pretty extreme and modern hairstyle chosen by teens.

10. Afro Fade

Afro Fade Haircuts

One of the most famous black men’s fade haircuts, this style is popular amongst African American men because of their naturally curlier hair. It’s slowly becoming one of the most popular black men’s haircuts in 2022.

Simply ask your barber to keep your sides short and your top longer, in the form of an afro. You can also turn your afro into braided hairstyles if you want.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

Q1. Which Fade Haircut Is Best?

Ans:- The best fade haircuts are:
• Low fade
• Mid fade
• High fade
• Tapered fade

Q2. What Do I Tell My Barber For A Fade?

Ans: To ask your barber for a faded haircut, simply tell them to cut or shave your sides short and let them gradually mix with your top hair. Also, tell them how much of the fade you want.

Q3. How Much Does A Fade Cost?

Ans: A fade haircut will simply cost the same as any other haircut. This is because most barbers have a fixed rate for all hairstyles. Therefore, it should not cost above $30. 

Q4. What Length Fade Should I Get?

Ans: The answer to this question depends on the size of your face and its structure. You can go for any length if you have a longer, chiseled face. However, faded haircuts do not look great on men with shorter and rounder faces.


Fade haircuts are trendy right now because it’s summertime and because women dig this stipend of hairstyle. Another great fact about this hairstyle is that it’s pretty versatile since you can style your top any way you want.

Therefore, if you want to keep your head cool, appear hot, and become a chick magnet, simply get yourself one of the haircuts above, and you will be good to go.

Tell us which hairstyle you liked here down in the comments below, and check our other hairstyle-related article here at ProudlyUpdates!


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