Essential Sun Protection Accessories To Keep Players Safe In Summers

Sun Protection Accessories

As anyone who has ever played golf, cricket, or cycling in the summer knows, the sun can be a real problem.

The harsh UV rays can quickly cause sunburn, and extended exposure can increase the risk of skin cancer. However, they can take a few simple steps to protect themselves from daylight.

Wearing a hat with a brim is a great way to keep the light off your face, and sunglasses will help reduce glare. Besides, wearing SParms sun sleeves can help to keep your arms from getting tanned.

SPF clothing is another great option for sun protection. Several companies now make clothing with SPF built into the fabric. This type of clothing is ideal for all players but vital for those with a history of genetic skin cancer.

The Benefits of Sun Protection

Some benefits of taking steps to protect yourself from the harmful sun rays while playing sports are.

Sun Protection benefits

Prevent Skin Cancer:

In Australia, skin cancer is the most common type. Melanoma, the dangerous kind of skin cancer, can be caused by exposure to UV radiation from daylight.

– Reduce Wrinkles and Premature Aging:

Exposure to heat waves can cause damage to the collagen in your skin, leading to wrinkles and premature aging.

– Avoid Sunburn:

Sunburn is not only painful, but it can also lead to skin cancer.

– Prevent Heat Exhaustion:

Spending too much time in broad daylight can lead to heat exhaustion, which can be dangerous.

Consider Going Through Critical Effects Of Air Pollution On Skin

Types of Sun Protection Accessories

There are several different types of sun protection that players can use.

– Hand Sleeves:

Hand Sleeves

Hand sleeves are a great way to protect the arms from the daylight. They are typically made from SPF fabric and can be worn over regular clothing. It is essential to choose a product, like, SParms, that is comfortable and does not restrict movement.

– Gloves:


Gloves are another excellent option for daylight protection. They can help keep the hands from sun burning and reduce the sweat on the palms. Choosing a glove that fits well and does not impede your grip on the club is essential.

– Layer Shirt:

Layer Shirt

Many players, like golfers, wear layering shirts to protect their skin from the beams. Layer shirts are typically made from SPF fabric and can be worn over a regular golf shirt. It is essential to choose a shirt that is comfortable and does not restrict movement.

– UV Face Shield:

UV Face Shield

Most are familiar with UV face shields, typically worn by baseball players. They can help to keep the rays off of your face and can also reduce the amount of glare. Choosing a face shield that is comfortable and does not obstruct your vision is essential.

– Leg Sleeves:

Leg Sleeves

Mostly worn by cyclists, runners, and other athletes, leg sleeves are a great way to protect the legs from the beams. For instance, many cyclists wear SPF leg sleeves to prevent their legs from getting sunburned.

– Headwear:


Wearing a hat or visor is a great way to keep the heat waves off your face. It is essential to choose a hat that is breathable and does not cause you to sweat excessively.


Whether you want to spend a day on the ground or enjoy a backyard barbecue, these sun protection accessories will help keep you safe from harmful UV rays. And, they’ll help you look good and attractive while doing it!


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