What Is An ESOP Share Scheme?


An employee stock option plan (ESOP) is a form of employee benefit scheme that encourages employees to buy company stock.

When an ESOP is structured properly, it helps the company avoid the problems associated with traditional stock options and other incentive programs.

In addition, ESOP shares increase employee loyalty and reduce turnover by making employees more invested in their work environment. In general, an employee stock option plan is designed so that employees can accumulate shares of stock over time through payroll deductions made from each paycheck.

The amount deducted depends on the employee’s salary and length of employment with the company. By participating in this program, employees can eventually purchase shares at a discounted price from the current market value and receive dividends based on those shares’ performance over time.

What Is The Benefit Of ESOP?

employee stock option plan

ESOPs are an effective way to retain talent and incentivize employees

After the option period, which is a certain number of years, a firm offers ESOPs to its employees for them to purchase a set number of company shares at a set price. The employee can buy these shares at any time during the option period, at which point they become vested.

A power-giving schedule is set up so that employees cannot sell their stock until they have met certain milestones or performance requirements; this ensures that employees have a financial interest in the company’s success.

Employees who receive an employee stock option scheme tend to be more loyal because they have more of a stake in seeing their employer succeed. They also tend to work harder because they know that if they do well and make their company money, they’ll be able to purchase more shares and increase their wealth.

Their part in taxation:

Employee stock option programs are a critical component of employee remuneration. These plans can be used to help employees save for retirement, and they also provide a means for employees to learn about the inner workings of their company. ESOP share price can lead to a more engaged workforce that is more likely to stay with the company throughout its growth stages.

In addition, ESOPs have considered perquisites for taxation. ESOPs are taxed for an employee in two instances. The exercise of options comes first, followed by the sale of shares. First, it is considered a requirement and is subject to income tax under the head salaries. When the second item is sold on the open market, it is considered a capital gain.

ESOPs are a type of employee benefit plan that encourages employees to buy company stock. The company provides these options as part of its retirement package, which helps them keep their employee’s happy while also benefiting from lower turnover rates among key personnel who have vested interests in seeing the business succeed long-term.

incentivize employees
Note: In most cases, when employees are given a set number of shares in the company, they are given no up-front costs. The company holds these shares in trust until the employee retires or resigns. In this way, the company ensures that it has access to all stocks owned by employees and can keep track of who owns what.


ESOP shares provide a number of benefits to both the employee and the company.

The employee is able to enjoy the benefit of owning a piece of their company, and the company is able to avoid some of the problems that it might face if it were to issue all of its stocks as options, such as stock volatility and potential lawsuits.

By properly structuring an ESOP, companies can avoid the risks involved with offering different kinds of incentive programs and allowing employees additional opportunities to build wealth over time.


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