Why Should Your Company Have An Employee Benefits Program?

Employee Benefits Program

It is a common psychological phenomenon that a person won’t work for somebody else willingly unless rewarded for it.

While most businesses try to offer reasonable remuneration to their employees for their efforts, it is still not enough. But what strategy will make you stand out from other companies?

How can you be assured of increased employee productivity and engagement to achieve the company’s objectives?

A simple answer to this is through an Employee Benefits Program. Some features included in these programs are life and health insurance, free regular health check-ups, disability insurance, dearness allowances, and many more.

These programs make the employees feel appreciated and motivated to work for an organization. The benefits not only encourage a worker’s professional but also personal growth.

The employees deeply believe that their hard work is being recognized and rewarded through employee benefits. Various online resources like offer programs specially designed to engage employees and improve their efficiency at work.

Some classic examples of impressive employee benefits include Google’s top-class, highly-equipped gym for the staff and Zomato’s period leaves for its female employees.

Keep reading to learn why your company needs to implement an employee benefits program.

How Does This Program Work?

Employee Benefits Program Work

Once you sign up for one of these programs, you will have to pay monthly charges for the number of personnel in your organization. This will provide access to an online portal for your workers.

The employees will have unlimited access to unique discounts on several items, which include but are not limited to:

  • Cinema tickets for trending and newly released movies
  • Groceries and edibles
  • Transportation like hiring a car or traveling by train
  • Electronic appliances like refrigerators, television, tablets, smartwatches, headphones, and many more.
  • Celebrity events and talk shows
  • Match tickets
  • Home appliances like furniture, crockery, decor, fixtures, and many more

Your employees can access these discounts from gift vouchers and cards through an online portal.

How Can Your Organisation Benefit From These Programs?

Now that you know how these employee benefits programs work to contribute towards improving your employees’ performance and the overall company’s accomplishments.

Take a look at its benefits for your company:

1. Increased Personnel Engagement

The days when just a substantial salary motivated the employees to work hard and continue with the company have passed. Now, every four out of five workers expect additional benefits from their employers, like healthcare insurance, due to increased uncertainty in the workplace and life.

Hence, employee benefits program help fulfill these staff requirements and make them feel valued and appreciated. These benefits are more likely to stay longer in the memory of your staff than just a slight hike in the salary.

2. Enhanced Sense Of Loyalty

Who wouldn’t like to work for a business that appreciates every small effort with amazing rewards? When your personnel realizes they are valued at your place, they will experience an increased loyalty towards your firm and will likely stay with you for a longer time.

At a time when millennials plan to leave their companies within one or two years, implementing this program could help you retain those talented and skilled millennials as it results in improved company loyalty.

3. Recruitment Of Best Talents

A capable candidate might walk past your company just because your competitor has offered a higher income than yours. However, you can attract this talent by providing additional benefits that your counterparts probably won’t offer.

Any candidate would like to join your organization and stay there if they know your firm cares for and appreciates its employees. Thus, you have an increased chance of integrating the best talents in your organization. 

The Bottom Line

Implementing an employee benefits program for your staff is a great strategy to improve the workforce’s performance and loyalty. With the numerous benefits offered by these programs, your employees are more likely to give their best to your firm and work harder towards achieving the company’s goals. Thus, it results in employee and employer satisfaction.

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