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10 Diamond Nails Design Ideas- You Must Know

Diamond Nails

Modern nail fashion has been in trend since the late 90s. It was the time when unique nail polishes were released and women of all ages in every corner of the world started purchasing them. 

Now, it has been two decades and fashion for the nails have changed quite a lot. Nowadays, girls in all parts of the world are concerned about nail fashion right from their early teenage years. 

Well, here you would come to know about some outstanding diamond nails design ideas.

Do you have very little idea about diamond nails?

No Problem!! Diamond nails are basically designer nails where you can paste different types of rhinestones on your nails. The rhinestones are well available in the market and they are just made of glass or plastic polymers. 

So, you can easily attach them to your nails for design. Proper diamond nails and spa can always help you retain the prominence of the design and keep your nails healthy. You can attach artificial nails easily. 

Keep in mind the following points while buying the rhinestones for diamond design in nails:

  • The shape of the stone
  • The material is made of
  • The shade it contains
  • Its glue-friendliness

So, now you can check out the most trendy diamond nails design that you can try out in 2022. Do not forget to show up to a professional nail artist if you are not confident enough to put the design on your own. 

Top Ten Diamond Nails Design You Can Try In 2022

Here are the ten entries that you can go through when it comes to designing your nails with rhinestones (nail diamonds). 

1. Ring Design Diamond Nails

Ring Design Diamond Nails

The ring design on your nails with the rhinestones can be alluring. In case you attach them normally or for parties, it can give your nails an outstanding outlook

To carry out the ring design, you would need a lot of small rhinestones and make rings with them around the edge of your nails. As a result, it would seem that your nails have put on a garland of diamonds. 

2. Diamond Plated Natural Nails

Diamond Plated Natural Nails

If you are desiring to have diamond nails without tampering its naturality, this design idea is surely for you. You can consider it a style relating to white diamond nails. So, it would be easier for you to get that classic nail outlook. 

3. Complete Diamond Plating

Complete Diamond Plating

If you love diamond nails, the complete diamond plating nails can be the best designing idea for you to apply. Well, you would need some larger rhinestones to create this design. Moreover, sheer experience in applying the glue is also necessary. 

You can consider this as a real diamond nails design as the entire top-part gets covered up with the rhinestone. You can apply this design while going to a party or a family meeting. 

4. Rhinestones And Butterfly Design

Rhinestones And Butterfly Design

Are you looking for unique diamond art nails? Well, in such a case, you can try out the butterfly design along with the rhinestones. If you are sure to perfectly draw a butterfly on your nail and complement it with a nail-diamond, waste no more seconds to start incorporating it. 

5. Gold And Diamond Design

Gold And Diamond Design

The diamond nails that pair up with a gold plate can always be classic. You can try it if you are more formal towards life. You can either use a golden base on your nail and add white rhinestones or cover your nails with both golden and white nail stones.

Then You can visit a diamond nail Oshkosh spa and get this design done on your nails if you are a newbie. 

6. Blue Base And Blue Diamond Design

Blue Base And Blue Diamond Design

The blue diamond nails can be one of the unique fashion statements you can carry. Well, to get this, you can coat your nails with a shade of blue and add blue rhinestones to it. So, play with your creativity and get a marvelous design. 

7. Ombre Nail Design With Diamonds

Ombre Nail Design With Diamonds

The ombre shade is quite simple to put as you need to mix shade with two contrasting colors. At times, you can get ready-made base-coat nail polishes in the market. So, once you have put the ombre coat on your nails, paste the little rhinestones according to your wish and turn them into diamond nails. 

8. Gold Flakes In Combination With Diamonds

Gold Flakes In Combination With Diamonds

If you desire to have royal diamond nails, this design idea can be the right pick for you. To start with this design, you can apply a coat of nail gloss. Otherwise, a coat of metallic gold nail polish would also do.

Well, after the base coat dries up, you can paste golden rhinestones to your nails in any form. As a result, it can show up as new aesthetic nail art. 

9. Diamond Polka Dot Design

Diamond Polka Dot Design

When the matter comes to diamond art nails, the polka dot design can always steal the show. To get this design of diamond nails, you would just need round rhinestones to attach to your nails. 

It can be the best if you have long wavy hair and you contrast it with nail art. For any type of assistance, you can take the services of diamond nails Tulsa professionals.

10. Floral Design With Diamonds

Floral Design With Diamonds

The floral design on nails is always good but it can be better with diamonds. So, you can play on your own with different kinds of rhinestones. Even you can take the help from the diamond nails palm desert professionals. These people have dedicated nail artists and can design your nails as per your wish.

Frequently Asked Questions:-

Q1. How Do You Do Diamond Nail Art? 

Ans: You can do diamond nail art with the rhinestones. You need to paste them into your nails to make the design.

Q2. What Are The 5 Basic Nail Designs?

Ans: The five basic nail designs are square, oval, squoval, round, and pointed.

Q3. What Are The Things You Need To Consider In Applying Fancy Nail Art Design?

Ans: You need to consider the presence of instruments like tweezers, nail art tape, and a thin pointed brush while getting nail art.

Final Words

Diamond nails are pretty trendy now. So, you can always give it a try while desiring to play with nail fashion. Now, in this case, you might have to attach artificial nails. Otherwise, you might not get enough room for attaching the rhinestones.

Well, purchasing the artificial nails can be a tricky job. You should always look at its shape and quality before buying. Remember, high-quality artificial nails are flexible and durable at the same time. With the best accessories, you can expect to have the best design.

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