Crime Victim Claims: Who Can File And What Is Covered

Crime Victim Claims

There are myriads of crimes, some are really big, and some are not that really profound. But when the victims suffer serious crimes or felonies, they need compensation for the loss. Some losses can be compensated, and some cannot be compensated.  

But the monetary compensation serves to reflect the idea that law and order are alive in a democratic state. People are living in the world where justice resides and not in the deaf world of a despot.

Moving on with compensation, if you suffer from a crime done to you, you have to file for compensation, and this is your legitimate right. Take the help of a bona fide lawyer. Victims Lawyers can help you out of the situation. 

Let us try to get in-depth into the matter to understand it closely.

Who Can File For Compensation?

  • A vital question can strike you, can everyone and anyone files for compensation?

This is an important question that requires some clarity. Let’s try to understand the eligibility for compensation. The eligibility depends entirely on different aspects; crimes and intensity. If you want to know them all, you must hire one of the potent crime victim attorneys. 

Victims’ Lawyers can help you out by providing you with all the details right from advice to that representation. Let’s try to get in deep into the nitty-gritty of the matter of fact. 

Firstly, the sufferer must have received some terrible physical injury. Now, if an individual is physically injured, this will have repercussions on not only the body but also the mind. 

Whenever some condemnable crime is committed on you, ensure you get this reported to the concerned authorities involved. You must file a law report with law enforcement providing every nitty-gritty of the mishap and the injury you sustained during the incident.

Submit the information timely. When some crime is done to you, the reporting has to be timely. 

Generally, you can report an incident not more than three to five years after the crime took place. If you report the crime late, your application will not be accepted as it will turn out to be null and void. 

If some crime is committed against minors, the reporting needs to be done two years from their 18th birthday. 

Filling out the application or reporting the mishap requires some form fillup and paperwork. Get help from some crime victim attorneys. 

They have a thorough understanding of each and every aspect of the reporting, and they can manage things smoothly for you. 

We hope you have a thorough understanding of the question, who is eligible to file compensation?


What Are The Benefits That You Get If You Are A Victim

There are different kinds of crimes like drug crimes, street crimes, organized crimes, political crimes, victimless crimes, and others. 

When some crime is hurled on you, the law of the United States fixes provisions of benefit to the crime sufferers. Now the benefits can vary slightly depending on the intensity of the crime. But we can tell you generally (banking on laws of the state of Washington). 

The Washington State Department of Labor and Industries has distinctive laws and regulations on the benefits. If you are a victim of some crime, the sufferers can get benefits like:

  • Medication.
  • Mental Health Treatment.
  • Dental Treatment.
  • Grief Counseling. 
  • Partial Wage loss.
  • Funeral expenses.

You are getting all the benefits you get yourself insured from a reliable insurance company. 

Now, if we describe this in terms of monetary value, it can be said that the maximum claim you get from a claim is $190,000. You can get a maximum of $150,000 for medical health treatment. If some family loses the earning member, it is entitled to receive a $40000 maximum as a homicide benefit. 

If the crime negatively affects your job, you receive a temporary wage loss of up to around $15000. Finally, if you receive some permanent losses, you are entitled to receive a maximum benefit of $40000. Consult one of the reputed Crime Victim Attorneys to know all in detail. 

What If You Don’t Get Your Compensation?

If your insurance company gets back from its position, you can report to the crime department by filing a complaint. 

The legislative and judiciary of the USA have a framework to take action against your insurance company or any wrongdoer. They will enforce upon the insurance company so that you get the payments that you deserve.


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