A Guide to Creating a Commercial Cleaning Business

commercial cleaning services in Sydney

If you are looking for an industry where the demand is always high, look no further than commercial cleaning. Just about every sector relies heavily on third-party contractors. They come in during the night and get everything ready for the next day’s production.

If you think you have what it takes to set up and manage a company that provides commercial cleaning services in Sydney. Please read on for some valuable information.

Create a business plan.

It is impossible to set up a successful business without some form of plan. The more detailed your business plan is. The better your understanding of what is involved. A comprehensive business plan would contain the following:

  • Business overview – General overview of the business, including mission statement.
  • Marketing section – Detail how you intend to reach your target audience.
  • Startup costs – A detailed account of all business assets and all costs involved in the setting up of the business.
  • Running costs – This can be broken down to the daily amount of revenue that the business needs to break even.
  • Organization flowchart – A chart that shows each employee and their role within the organization.
  • Profit forecasts – Typically, this would cover the first 5 years with a realistic appraisal of future revenue.
  • Third party providers – A list of all services that are outsourced to 3rd party contractors.
  • Strategies to minimize risk to the business – Details of insurance policies taken out to protect the business. All major assets should be insured against theft or loss.

There are a lot of educational resources online to help you with the content and format of a good business plan. Click here for information on self-storage solutions for small businesses.

Leasing a business premises

Leasing a business premises

You will need to have a base, a company HQ where your offices are located, and all your vehicles and equipment. Prior to signing any lease agreement, ask a commercial lawyer to scan the contract to ensure that your activities will not be restricted.

Essential equipment

Essential equipment

You will need to invest in at least one fully equipped mobile workshop that contains a lot of heavy-duty cleaning equipment, even more, if you plan to run several teams. This is a significant investment, and you may have to take out a business startup loan, which means your business plan needs to be on point. If your budget is limited, you could probably acquire used equipment, although it should be heavy duty equipment.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Every new business needs digital marketing, and if you make a connection with an established digital marketing agency at the very outset, they can create an aggressive digital marketing plan that includes SEO and social media. Of course, you need to target businesses that require your services, which is why you need a digital marketing agency.

Register the business with the Australian government

Register the business with the Australian government

Of course, you need to register your new business with the Australian government, which can be completed via the Internet. Once this is done, you can begin trading and make sure that you record all business transactions using spreadsheets, which will be needed for bookkeeping and filing tax returns.

Be customer focused

Be customer focused

If you want to retain customers, you should develop a culture of good customer relations; satisfied customers refer you to their friends, which is a great way to build a solid client base. As a business owner, you should have firm plans to take the business to the next level and manage the business effectively.

5 steps for starting a cleaning business 

When you are starting a cleaning business or any business, as a matter of fact, you have to get a business license before anything else. After that, the actual steps of starting a business come into action. 

Step 1: Know Your Market 

Whenever you are starting a business, it is important that you have a knowledge of the existing market and your competitors at the same time. 

So, it is very important to do proper market research to understand the demand for your business. Also, through this market research, you will understand your target audience and your demographic at the same time. 

Step 2: Choose Your Specialty

After your market research, you will get to know how you are going to set your cleaning business apart from your competitors. Through this, you are able to pick a specialty area for your business as well. 

With proper market research, you will understand what types of business you want, whether you are looking at a commercial or a consumer cleaning business. Both of them have a totally different target audience. 

Step 3: Generalist or Niche?

When you are starting a business, you have to select whether your business has a niche or is simply going to be a generic cleaning business. If you wanna specialize in one area, then that is something that you need to specify from the beginning. 

Your specialization can be on cleaning school uniforms or hospital uniforms. What you are going to choose for yourself is what is going to set your business apart from any other. 

Step 4: Set Your Rates

When you are starting a cleaning business, there are three different price points you can choose from, they are, 

  • Hourly price rates
  • Flat rates
  • Calculated by square footage

When you have a business, there are a number of different prices that you need to be on top of, such as.

  • transporting equipment
  • special equipment
  • cleaning equipment 

Step 5: Budget For Transport, Equipment and More

According to business experts, “Budgeting in the beginning requires thinking through all of the stages the employees of your business will go through in the cleaning process. If you need any specialized equipment, you’ll want to invest in that upfront so you can get started immediately. Special equipment like floor waxers might require training for your employees as well.”

Wrapping Up!

Now that you have planned and decided on these steps that are mentioned above then you are good to go start your business with a good strategy. If you think this article was helpful for you, then surely let us know in the comment section below. 

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