5 Casual Pants Styles for Women

Casual Pants Styles

Let’s face it – we’ve all become a bit too comfortable and look standard as well in our casual pants lately. Now that we’re headed back to the office and out into the world again, it’s time to get wise to some casual pants styles that are just as comfortable as our work-from-home lounge pants.

These women’s casual pants styles might just fit the bill.

1. Chinos

Chinos are business casual pants. They are more formal than jeans but not quite as professional as slacks. However, they are great for a more comfortable business setting, and the perfect pseudo-professional pants to take back to the office. Usually, chinos are lightweight, so they are best for the winter months. Go for chinos that aren’t too loose, but aren’t too tight either – they should have a nice fitted look.

Pair your chinos with a shirt or blouse that matches the intention of your outfit. Printed chinos are great for casual settings, but you should stick to solid colors for a more professional option. Tuck your shirt in, too!

2. Joggers


Joggers are best for laid-back, casual styles. You shouldn’t be wearing them to the office, but you can wear them around town, to the gym, or to a lunch date with friends. They’re just as comfortable as your lounge pants, but it’s a bit more acceptable to wear them out of the house.

To style your joggers, you can go with an oversized graphic sweatshirt and a pair of sneakers. Dress them up with some strappy heels and a fitted cardigan. For spring and fall, opt for a simple tee and a denim or leather jacket over your joggers. There are so many ways you can mix and match your joggers for the perfect styles.

3. Wide-Legged Pants

Wide-legged pants have been popular for a while now, so chances are you probably have a pair or two in your closets. Some of your old high-waisted wide-legged pants are back in style right now, so make sure to break them out while you can! The high-waisted style is great for hiding a little bloat. Make sure to pair them with some killer heels to get some added height.

Your wide-legged pants can be made of any material, including denim. To make the most out of any variety, make sure to experiment with different colors and textures. Wear a lace blouse, a basic fitted top, or a top with a loose, flowing hem.

Add a belt to your favorite wide-legged pants to add some extra definition to your waist! If you’re trying to dress them up, throw on a coordinating blazer, too.

4. Palazzos

Palazzos are beautiful, flowing pants that look more like a skirt when you move around. They are made of fabrics you might find in maxi dresses, too – so they’re super comfortable. They also have a certain dressy style to them, so make sure to take advantage of that. Palazzos are best suited for spring and summer wear, so pair them with tanks, fitted tops, and more.

Printed palazzos work best with solid tops. If you want a pattern or texture, go for a crocheted top or a lacey cami. Most tops can work well with palazzos as long as the shirts are tucked in or cropped to show off the pants.

When in doubt, pair your palazzos with a solid fitted crop top or tee.

5. Culottes

Culottes are the classier cousin of capris. They are a little looser, with wider legs and thinner fabrics than traditional capris. Like capris, culottes fall to your mid-calf. These pants are extremely versatile. You can wear them with just about any top, shoe, and accessory combination. How you style them determines whether they’re a professional or casual look.

You can pair them with sneakers and a loose-fitting graphic tee if you want (just make sure to tuck it in)! Try a lace top and heels to bring out the classier side of your culottes. Prints should be worn with solid tops. Don’t be afraid to pair your breezy culottes with an off-the-shoulder top!


Casual pants don’t have to be slouchy, and your business casual attire doesn’t have to be uncomfortable. These casual pants styles can help you strike a comfortable balance between form and function!

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