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Top 10 Famous Braided Hairstyles For Men In 2022 – Must See!

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Braided hairstyles are most commonly spotted amongst African American men. The braids go pretty well with their texture, making these hairstyles perfect. 

However, this does not mean only African-American men can sport this hairstyle. Any man with medium-length hair can don such hairstyles and flaunt it fashionably and gracefully. While the last two adjectives might not sound very masculine, they do in reality.

Therefore, we have compiled this list of the ten best-braided hairstyles for men that you can try out in 2022. 

Best Braided Hairstyles For Men In 2022

1. Boxed Braids

Boxed Braids

If you spot a random man walking on the road with braided hair, chances are he has boxed braided hairstyles. 

Box braids, as the name suggests, refer to the style of hairstyle where your hair gets braided into various strands. However, the base of your hair gets box-like shapes that give this hairstyle the boxed braid name.

This is a versatile hairstyle since you can arrange and shape your braids in any way and direction you want. For the best effect, dye your hair lighter colors if you have a darker complexion and vice versa. 

2. Long hair With Side Braids

Long hair With Side Braids

If you want a Viking braided hairstyle, then this is the hairstyle you must get. Famous during the age of the Nords, this hairstyle is a sign of the strength and pride of a warrior. 

Here, you keep your overall hair length long, with two braids running parallelly downwards on both left and right. This looks good on men with bigger physiques and blonde or light brown hair.

3. Ponytail Braids

Ponytail Braids

Long hairstyles for men are incomplete without sporting a sexy man bun or a ponytail on the back. You can do the same with some added twists (quite literally). 

Just ask your barber to braid your hair into multiple strands and weave them together at the end to create a ponytail. This simple look seems very practical and can be done without much effort. 

In addition, this is a great summer hairstyle since it keeps your head cool even in the scorching heat. 

4. Dreadlock Braids

Dreadlock Braids

The classic dreadlocks of the 80s make a return as one of the best hairstyles for men in 2022. This hairstyle is one of the original braided hairstyles that were popular amongst African American men. 

This style is versatile since you can keep your hair long or short, depending on your preferences. Men’s hairstyles like these look natural and help draw attention to your natural hair texture. 

5. Fine Braids

Fine Braids

If you have thin, fine hair, then fret not since it’s still possible to have braided hairstyles. Fine braids have become popular among teenagers because of their sporty and cool aesthetic look. 

Goddess Braided hairstyles like this suit men best when they have longer hair, around the shoulder level. Here, your braids are knotted in thin strands so as to keep them light and free-flowing. In addition, you can add beads at the end to get a more flashy appearance and stand out. 

6. Cornrow Braids

Cornrow Braids

The tribal braids hairstyle is popularly known as one of the most famous black men haircuts. Here, the braids are shaped and layered into rows that look similar to rows of corn trees. 

This is a versatile hairstyle since you can adjust the thickness, length, and spacing in multiple ways. Depending on the shape of your head, you can get creative since you can design these cornrows in many ways.

This style is variable because you can use simple cornrow braids or be edgier with flashy cornrow braid designs. 

7. Wavy Braids

Wavy Braids

If you have naturally wavy hair, then you can convert them into wavy braided hairstyles. This hairstyle is another hot take on the cornrow braided hairstyle.

Here, your corners are spaced from each other with gaps in between them. Also, the cornrows flow from the front to the back of your hair wavy. 

8. Side Fade Braids

Side Fade Braids

If you want to mix and match hairstyles, then braided hairstyles with fade haircuts can give you sexy hairstyles overall. 

Here, only the top of your head is braided, and both your slides have smaller and shorter hair. Just ask your barber to keep your sides short with a receding fade towards the bottom. Then, tell them to get your longer top hair braided to get a modern haircut. 

9. Side Braids With Curls

Side Braids With Curls

If you want to sport curly hairstyles for men, then you cannot go wrong with this cool hairstyle. 

Here, your top hair is kept curly and longer, with braids running parallel to your hairline, one on both sides. This is an uber-cool modern hairstyle for men since it looks unique and has a certain vibe. 

For the best effect, keep your sides faded to achieve a cool hairstyle that keeps your head cool in summer. 

10. Side Braids With Quiff

Side Braids With Quiff

You need this haircut if you want a masculine and sexy hairstyle with knotless braids that highlights your hair. 

Here, you keep the braids only on your head’s sides and the top wavy and medium length. The quiff that you keep on the top looks great if you have a fairer complexion. 

If you want to modify this hairstyle as your hair gets longer, you can turn the longer quiff into a ponytail to appear devilishly sexy. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

1. What Braids Are In Style 2022?

In 2022, boxed braids and cornrow braids are the most popular braided hairstyles. Both these hairstyles are donned by many celebrities, especially late rapper Juice WRLD. 

2. How Long Should A Man Keep His Hair Braided?

If you want to have a hairstyle with braids, then it is best to keep the braids to a maximum of shoulder length to get the best look. However, if you want to sport dreadlocks or want a longer hairstyle with braids, you can increase the length of your braids to slightly above the hip level. 

3. How Much Does It Cost To Braid Men’s Hair?

The cost will increase proportionally depending on the size of your hair and the total size and number of braid strands you want. However, getting all your hair fully braided will cost around $55 to $85. 

4. What Is A Viking Braid?

As the name suggests, a Viking braid is one of the long hairstyles for men that were seen during the era of Vikings. This awesome and masculine hairstyle looks good on men with big, well-built physiques.


There are various types of braided hairstyles that you can opt for. These include the boxed braids, the curly braided tops, and even braided hair with faded sides. 

All of these hairstyles will look good on you irrespective of your face shape and size. Plus, you can always play around with your braids and tie the knots differently to create new and unique hairstyles.
If you want to know more about other men’s hairstyles, read them here at Proudly updates and drop comments below!

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