Who Is Biggest Solopreneur Of All Time?


Have you ever asked yourself who the biggest solopreneur is? The truth of the matter is that there are so many solopreneurs.  However, knowing which one of these solopreneurs is the greatest is not easy.  For some reason, people find interest in knowing who a solopreneur is and who the biggest solopreneur is.

Due to the number of times that this matter has come up, it has become important to look deeper into this issue. In this view, therefore, this text looks into the entire concept of solopreneur meaning.  If you have some questions that you might have wanted to ask in this regard then this text will be beneficial to you.

From the text, you will get to know who a solopreneur is, what they do, and other things about the same.  If you have some questions that you need to be answered in this regard the text below will help you do that perfectly.  The text will also be looking at other things you need to know in this regard as well.

Who Is A Solopreneur? 

Before getting further with the discussion of who the biggest solopreneur is, it is important to start by looking at a solopreneur definition.  Once you know who a solopreneur is you will then follow that up with other things in this regard which are crucial as well.

A solopreneur is in simple terms a person who runs his or her business all by himself or herself.  If you have been doing some form of business all by yourself then you qualify to be called a solopreneur.  It could be any business that you are doing that makes you a solopreneur.

Even though it is not mandatory, this name also best fits those people who started the business all by themselves.  However, if you acquired the business and you still run it all by yourself then you still qualify to be called a solopreneur.

Who Is The Biggest Solopreneur? 

Having looked at what a solopreneur is, it is important to take time and look at who the biggest solopreneur is.  Being that this is the subject of this discussion, it deserves some serious consideration.  Well answering this question is not an easy thing by any means and the reasons as to why this is the case are quite simple.

First, there are so many people getting into businesses which means so many solopreneurs across the world.  Some of these solopreneurs have grown so much and excelled so much in the end and there are much spread across the world.  This, therefore, means that if you are looking for the best solopreneur from all these people chances are you are less likely to get many names.

Unfortunately, there are some among them who might not be known as well.  For instance, those that choose to keep a low profile might not get recognition in such a survey.  This, therefore, means that if you were to look for solopreneurs based on those that are known across the globe then you might miss out on some.

Given the diversity in the whole career of a solopreneurship, means that finding a single one among them all is by no means. Nonetheless, there are some names in this business that deserve a mention any time the topic solopreneurs come up. Here are some of them, if you are looking for serious inspiration in this regard then the list below offers it to you.

Marie Forleo: A Business Coach 


It is not in doubt that many people are looking to get into different businesses. However, the recent statistics show that getting into business is one thing and succeeding is another.  It is not any other person who gets into a business that succeeds some do not.

With this possibility so likely, people are looking for ways that they can use to evade losses in business.  One way of doing this is by looking for the right training which allows the interested people to approach business in the right way.  This is exactly where the fortune Marie came from, he is a business coach.

From these simple business assistance programs, Marie has been able to establish a multi-million business.  However, this is not the only business that she takes part in, she also runs other online businesses.  These two businesses have largely contributed to her success in business.

Erika Leonard: Author 


Talk of the best writers across the globe and Erika is one of them.  Erika stands out and also appears on the list of famous solopreneurs because of the success of her authoring.  In fact, Erika falls in the category of the richest authors.

Erika is estimated to be worth about $148 because of the success of her writing.  She is famous for her fifty shades of gray which is a book that has been published and even produced in movies as well.  This one among many others speaks to the success of Erika as a solopreneur.

Sara Blakely: Spanx 


Talk of one of the best and famous self-made solopreneurs and the name Sara Blakely comes up.  Sara Blakely is one of the richest women in the United States of America.  The Spanx creator is estimated to be worth about $1.1 billion.  The story of Sara Blakely is a long one that has started off just as a fax machine selling expert and growing on from there.

Sara faced some rejection along the way but developed a thick skin enduring through this process.  She has since grown on to become one of the enviable solopreneurs there is in America, she continues to grow from time to time.


Being a solopreneur can help you become such a prominent person in life especially if you do this right.  The text above looks into the whole issue of being a solopreneur and some of the best experts in this business that you need to know.

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