10 Best Lithium Stocks To Buy Now

lithium stocks

There are many types of stocks among them lithium stocks.  These stocks are more like the other types of stocks.  However, the lack of information in this regard has made people doubt what these kinds of stocks are. As such, it has become essential to try and offer as much information on this kind of stock to help people know what they are.

Therefore, the text below looks at lithium stocks and more so the top ten lithium stocks.  If you have any information you wish to know about these stocks then you will find that in the text below. It offers the best lithium stocks there is in the market currently.

Best Lithium Stocks To Buy Now

Lithium Stocks, What Are They

Lithium stocks are simple to understand, these types of stocks are those of shares that engage in the mining of lithium.  As the business of share has really gone, it is now easier to invest in lithium stocks and make profits in the end.

1. Albemarle


If you are looking for one of the best lithium stocks then this is one of the options you need to be contemplating.  The company has more than 5400 employees and has operations in up to 100 countries.  This is one giant company that is a global supplier of many chemicals, among them lithium.

The Albemarle company was founded back in the year 1887 and has a long history of stocks.  In fact, it is one of the companies in the market offering the best prices for stocks.  If you need to fetch the best prices for stocks then this is the company you need to consider working with.

2. Lithium Americas 

This is another company that offers lithium mining stocks.  It trades in lithium stocks on the New York exchange as well as the Toronto stocks exchange.  Due to its consistency in the business, Lithium Americas qualifies the Benzinga stocks for the stocks that are under the $20 category.

3. Livent


This is also another company that was founded back in the year 2018.  This company specializes in the manufacture of the performance of lithium compounds.  Other than that, the company also engages in the production of high-purity lithium metal.  This material is so essential in the manufacture of lightweight aircraft materials.

4. Noram Lithium

If you are looking for a long-term lithium stocks investment then this is one of the companies you need to be thinking of. Even though the company falls into the category of $ 5 it is still in the exploration stages.  This means that there is a chance that this company is more likely to grow in the coming days.  If you are looking for a place where you can invest properly then this is the company you need to be thinking of.

5. Global Battery Metals 

Global Battery Metals 

If you wish to buy lithium stocks and work with a top company then this is one of the companies you need to be thinking of.  The company is based in so many places which include Vancouver, Columbia, Britain, and even Canada.  The company is involved in the acquisition as well as the development of mineral properties.  If you want these stocks, you can directly buy them from the TSE via a broker or any other means.

6. Sociedad Química Y Minera De Chile

If you are looking for a place where you can get the best returns with lithium stocks then this should be one of them.  The company develops products that focus more on plant nutrients.  These nutrients include iodine, lithium as well as industrial chemicals. For the last 12 months, the company has been trading at a stock price of $57.  It is projected that the share price of this company is more likely to go high in the coming days.

7. EnerSys


This is one company that deals in reserve power as well as motive batteries. In the month of March 2021, the company announced a dividend of $ 0.175.  According to a database, there were a recorded 24 hedge funds that held positions in this company.  The biggest stakeholder of this company is David Rosen Rubric’s capital management.  The company has a record 425 thousand shares which are estimated to be worth $35 million.

8. Energizer Holdings

Energizer Holdings

This is a household battery supplier.  This is one of the best companies there is for the people who are looking for the best lithium stocks.  In fact, in terms of lithium stocks, this company is ranked 5th compared to all the other companies associated with this business. In the month of February in the year 2021, the company recorded a $0.30 dividend per share for the common stake.

9. Colgate – Palmolive

Colgate – Palmolive

Many people know about this company as it specializes in the production of healthcare products.  If you are buying lithium stocks during times of inflation then this is one of the companies you need to be working with.  The company has had a record %10 return to their investors in the past year alone.  This company makes it one of the best places you can ever go to for lithium stocks.

10. IDEXX laboratories 

IDEXX laboratories 

This company has its headquarters in Westbrook the company recorded up to %7 in the first quarter of the year.  During this time, Fund Smith LLP was its shareholder of the company.  At the end of March, the company had a share value of $2065.2 million. There are also other companies with stakes in this business making it a worthwhile lithium stocks investment.


If you are looking to buy lithium battery stocks then better make sure you are buying that from the right company.  This text looks at some of the companies from where you can buy some of these shares if you need a worthwhile investment.

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