Best Indian Food London Edition

If you have searched for ‘best Indian food London,’ then you might be searching for the best Indian foods you can find in London? If so, this article has just what you are looking for. In this article you will find 29 Indian restaurants in London that serves some of the best Indian dishes in its menu. 

London is the capital of England and a city where different cultures come together to create a cross-cultural society. England is known as a conqueror of several countries in North America, Africa, South America, New Zealand, Australia and Asia. One such country that England conquered and colonized in Asis was India in 1880s. 

Post World War 2, in which England was part of their economy, got weaker and that led to England giving up their control over several countries around the world. Several people from colonized countries chose to relocate to England for better opportunities.  

One such colonized country was India, when Indians relocated to England, they brought their food culture with them. This led to several Indian stores and restaurants developing in England, especially London. 

Not only Indian food, but other cultural food restaurants too started developing in and around London initially. This made London a cultural pot of Britian where several people from different cultures started living and working. 

Infact, Indian dish chicken tikka masala that originated from the northern part of India became the national dish of the United Kingdom. Although it’s quite controversial, as UK says this dish originated from the southern part of Great Britain from the Asian community. 

So, you can understand how popular Indian food is in Great Britain to make it the national dish of the country. So, if you are searching for the best Indian food London serves, then keep reading this article till the end.  

Best Indian Food London Edition

Best Indian Food London Edition

Here are the 29 best Indian food London has to offer you and where you can find them. London has several restaurants that specifically serve Indian specialties.  

India is a vast country with different culture and topography accounting for different food dishes origination from different parts of the country. We cannot list all the best Indian food London serves in here. What we can offer you are the top 29 best Indian food London serves that you can try. 

Motu Indian Kitchen

Motu Indian Kitchen 

Motu Indian Kitchen is not really a restaurant but a takeaway joint; since it was started by the crew that open the Michelin-starred Gymkhana and Hoppers in London, this takeaway place serves the best prawn masala.  

They are known for using the same spice mix and ingredients Gymkhana uses. They have several chains of takeaway outlets across London so you can try their other menu items as well. 

The Punjab

The Punjab

The Punjab restaurant located at the center of Covent Garden is a family-owned restaurant. It specializes is no-nonsense north Indian dishes. The serves the standard, old-school dish like kali daal, tarka dhal with smoky garlic flavor and ghee, vegetarian mattar paneer, Achari lamb, chicken dishes of North India with perfect traditional Punjabi spices. 

You must try Grandad’s Kaali daal from this place which is the classic black daal you won’t find anywhere in London. 

Address- The Punjab, 80 Neal Street, Covent Garden, London WC2H 9PA 

Chutney Mary 

Chutney Mary 

Chutney Mary was initially start in Chelsea 25 years ago and then found its new branch in St. James. The restaurant has a dark wood interior decorated with vintage Indian rugs, fluted glass candelabras and bell-jar chandeliers. 

Here you can try the many Indian dishes from the menu like Ankoori-Indian scrambled eggs, Afghani chicken, filleted sea bass glazed with spices and other food items. You can order the Watermelon Martini to compliment your food from their lavish Pukka bar.  

But the one dish you must not forget to try is their Baked venison samosa which is an English twist to an Indian dish. 

Address- Chutney Mary, 73 St James’s Street, St. James’s, SW1A 1PH 



Veeraswamy is one of the famous Michelin-starred restaurants in London that is popular for serving old-school Indian royal dishes. This restaurant is visited by the likes of Charlie Chaplin and Mahatma Gandhi. This is the oldest Indian restaurant in the UK that was founded by a retired Indian army personnel and his wife, who was an Indian princess, 91 years ago. 

They are known for serving royal dishes from different Indian regions. The restaurant’s interior is in Maharaja style to offer its customers an Indian royalty experience. The restaurant is decorated with chandeliers, hand-woven carpets, candlesticks, fretwork screens and decorated menus is available. 

The best Indian food London serves with royal flavors is available here or the Malabar lobster curry made with coconut and tamarind flavor sauce. You must try the Raja of Travancore prawn curry from here. If you don’t like seafood, then try their slow-cooked lamb shanks in bone-marrow sauce. 

Their rice chicken makhani made with tomato and caramelized onion curry is full of flavors. Your taste buds are bound to dance after having their Indian dishes. 

Address- Veeraswamy, Victory House, 99-101 Regent Street, W1B 4RS 


Gunpowder is a tiny and homey restaurant that has been serving Indian food since 2015 in Spitalfields. Devina and Harneet Baweja run Gunpowder and its different locations. A new restaurant opens in 2023 with a view of London Tower Bridge. 

The restaurant has brick-wood aesthetic interiors. Start by ordering their aloo chaat, a staple street food of India. Try the Kashmiri lamb chops or spicy Venison with vermicelli doughnut. Another dish you must try is the Chettinad pulled duck. Whatever you try is packed with flavor. 

Address- Gunpowder, 11 White’s Row, Spitalfields, London E1 7NF; 4 Duchess Walk, London SE1 2SD; 20 Greek Street, London W1D 4DU 



Trishna is a Michelin-starred restaurant that specializes in Indian cuisines especially Indian street foods. It is by the Sethi siblings who showcases coastal dishes from Indian states which is a shift from north Indian meat-heavy dishes. The decor is simple and contemporary with whitewashed brick walls, wooden chairs and tables without any tablecloth. 

Start with their selections of street foods from India. Try the Aloo tokri chaat a staple street food in several Indian states. Then try the Taste of Trishna’s Koliwada that includes small dishes of seafood made from blends of spiced and smoked like soft-shell crabs.  

You can try their South Indian delicacies like curries such as the Iyengar Aubergine Varuval. This dish is made from dry red chilli, curry leaf, coconut, and shallots. Their Makai Saag is mouthwatering that comes paired with truffled mushroom pilau and lentil dal. 

For drinks try their Gujarat Cosmo which is a home-brewed tea or tonic made from rose petals.  

Address- Trishna, 15-17 Blandford Street, Marylebone, London W1U 3DG 


Attawa is an Indian restaurant in London that is known for their gimmick-free decor and mouthwatering aromas filled interiors. When you visit Attawa the first thing you will notice is the rich aroma of freshly baked naan or strong smell of spices cooked in coconut oil. 

This place is located near the station and owned by a couple, Amar and Ravindra Madhray. Ravindra Madhray parents’ house has transform into a restaurant, Attawa.  

Initially a shoe shop that Ravindra’s parents ran and where Ravindra spent his childhood is sold. Ravindra bought the store some years later and collaborated with MasterChef, Arbinder Dugal and his mother’s recipies to start Attawa. 

Attawa is a restaurant that specializes in Indian dishes, especially from Punjab region. The name of the restaurant itself is after a village in Punjab that Madhray family originated. This resturant has the family touch in it through and through.  

They are well known for serving the best basic Indian breads and drinks. Along with the basics, Attawa serves flavorful palak papdi chaat (a baby spinach, yogart, potatoes and chickpeas filled papardi chaat).  

You can get the lamb seekh tandoori with mint chutney, chicken tikka with a side of cucumber salad, tarka daal paired with warn tandoori roti or naan. But what you can’t leave Attawa without trying is their lamb biriyani which is Ravindra’s mother recipe. 

Address- Attawa, 6 Kingsland High Street, London E8 2JP 

Pali Hill

Pali Hill 

Pali Hill restaurant specializes in different regional dishes of India all packed with finest flavors from different corners of India. The décor is inspired from art décor from India which was especially 

commissioned from there. Try all their regional specialties from South Indian dosas to North Indian kormas, starting with ‘papadi chat’ which is a street food, and hara kabab which is an Indian falafel-style dish for starters. 

For drinks try the Indo-European boozy lassi with a shot of rum, or their special Champagne lassi. You must try their dessert, Alphonso mango cheesecake or passionfruit ‘Gola’ or shaved ice. For main course, try their traditional tandooris, sea bass in banana leaf with green-mango chutney and grilled asparagus. If you are a meat lover then try their slow-cooked Suffolk lamb biriyani. 

Address- Pali Hill, 79–81, Mortimer Street, London, England, W1W 7SJ 



Gymkhana is the Michelin-starred fine-dining style restaurant that has gained a reputation for their Indian dishes. This is an Indian restaurant that took inspiration from old India’s gymkhana clubs. Once you enter this restaurant you will forget that you are in Central London with their gorgeous richly printed fabrics and dark polished timber interiors. 

Gymkhana not only will please you aesthetically but will please you with its flavorful dishes inspired from old Indian gymkhana clubs. You must try their Muntjac biriyani that comes paired with pomegranate-mint raita. Other delicacies you must try are their yaw mutton samosa, their fresh mango pudding, cardamom kheer and their meat dishes. 

To experience the ultimate flavor of their dishes, visit this restaurant with an empty stomach. You can also ask for suggestions from their servers, and you won’t be disappointed. 

Address- Gymkhana, 42 Albemarle Street, Mayfair, London W1S 4JH 



The deemed chef, Chet Sharma started BiBi at Mayfair, London. Chef Sharma was inspired by his personal memories, traditional Indian food and family history that led him to start, BiBi. This restaurant is designed with chequerboard flooring, red-tiled kitchens, paisley-patterned chairs, and dark wooden countertops. This glamorous décor was a worthy opponent of its neighborhood style which is also glamourous. 

Their menu dishes out seven-eight small dishes divided in three sections, each of which are full of flavors. The best dish you can try here is the Buffalo-milk paneer (Indian cheese) dish for your main course. You must also order their oyster with poached in lime, fermented chili and coconut, Khatti Methi Cod and Orkney scallops. 

Address- 42 N Audley Street, London W1K 6ZP 

The Tamil Prince 

The Tamil Prince 

If you are looking for a cozy and aesthetic pub that serves authentic Indian food, then The Tamil Place is the place for you. This pub cum restaurant was launched in 2022. The Tamil Prince intrigued several people because of its tapas style serving. Tapas style meant that the establishment served fresh food from their small kitchen that is visible through large glass window. All dining room customers can see their cooks preparing their dishes. 

The Tamil Prince serves onion bhajis or onion pakoras, okra fries paired with fiery mint chutney and other starters from their menu. For main course, opt for their Channa Batura paired with raita, paneer masala (Indian cheese in rich sauce), pilau rice, Indian breads like naan or paratha. You can also try Indian lentil dish, daal makhani along with these dishes try their cocktails from their Bar Termini. 

Address- The Tamil Prince, 115 Hemingford Road, London N1 1BZ 


If you want more Indian restaurants in London, then you can try these places Dum Biriyani House, Cafe Spice Namaste, Jamavar, Calcutta Street, Cinnamon Bazaar, Tandoor Chop House, Bombay Bustle, Kricket, Jikoni, Darjeeling Express, Benares, Brigadiers, Dishoom, Tamarind Kitchen, Kahani, Soho Wala, Tamarind and Kutir. 

India is a country that serves, vegan, vegetarian and non-vegetarian food dishes that is full of flavors. Even before veganism was a thing in western culture certain sections of Jainism and monks ate vegan diet. Hence, several kinds of dishes can be found in Indian that is bound to cater to all taste buds. 

So let us know which restaurant you will try first in London. Also, which dish according to you is the best Indian food London serves? 

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