10 Little-Known Benefits of Preschool

Benefits of Preschool

Preschool in Singapore has become the norm, though it’s not mandatory. Most parents take their children to high-quality preschool programmes regulated by the Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA).

Children below the age of seven enjoy learning activities that prepare them for the rigors of the formal education system. While parents are quick to enroll children in these early childhood facilities, many don’t appreciate the huge impact this has on the kids.

The hectic lifestyles in the country force most parents to work long hours. Preschools thus become an essential part of the child’s early socialization away from the family.

There’s no doubt that preschool is a critical stage in a child’s development. But it’s easy to overlook some significant benefits of preschools in Singapore.

This article overlooks some little-known benefits of these educational programmes.

1. Helping Children Make Friends

Helping Children Make Friends

How easy is it to make friends? Well, as an adult, you’ll appreciate it’s not always easy. For a child, it might seem like making friends is an easy thing.

However, many children moving from the comfort of the family structure struggle to fit into the formal classroom setup. Meeting with strangers might frighten your child, but the best thing is that they get used to it.

The trained teachers at preschool work closely with these children and identify their unique personalities. The teacher can set up groups or games that help reserved children open up. With time, the child drops their guard and starts a conversation with others. These social skills come handy later in primary school.

2. Learning to Listen 

Parents struggle to make their kids listen. Luckily, preschool teachers can help through systematic training. The child learns there’s a time to wait for others to speak before they also speak. Listening is a critical skill in life.

3. Learning Toilet Skills 

One aspect of self-care in preschool facilities is toilet training. Some children join these programs at a young age. The educational professionals in charge of these schools have the right skills to promote toilet training. Rather than castigate the child, preschool teachers help them through this experience.

The teacher can tell whether the child is ready for toilet training or determine the level of their toilet training. Preschool teachers are patient and use creative strategies in potty training. They have a reward system for toilet training which encourages kids to learn. The scheduling and timing are also important parts of the training.

4. Learning Cooperation 

Teamwork is a buzzword in the modern workplace. Employers want people who can blend easily with others as the synergy in teams deliver best results. Your child can learn teamwork from an early age in preschool.

Preschool Singapore programs introduce your child to situations that require collaboration and compromises. Your child understands the importance of give and take from an early age.

5. Promoting Physical Development

Promoting Physical Development

What’s the main thing you note when you visit your child’s preschool? Most likely, you’ll note a lot of physical activities like singing, dancing, and prancing around. In the classroom, teachers also have other activities such as writing, painting, and various games.

These activities can promote fine motor skills and also boost physical development. Have you ever thought about what it takes for a child to hold a pencil properly? Well, preschool is important for the development of such skills. Your child also develops the ability to coordinate mind and body through practice.

6. Learning Polite Greetings 

Have you noticed children who attend preschool have a certain way of greeting everyone? This is because the teachers are keen to promote politeness. Children want to see the reaction of adults and they use greetings as a conversation starter. It works because adults can’t resist such beauty.

7. Respect for Authority  

At home, your child is the centre of attention and they can get away with anything. Things change when they go to preschool as there’s an authority figure whose word must be obeyed. Children quickly understand the need to respect authority, including teachers and parents and all adults.

8. Fitting into Structured Environments 

Your child is used to a laid-back family setup. Once they join a preschool programme, things change as they have to fit into a structure. This is a critical lesson in life from primary school, higher education, the workplace and other setups. Learning to fit into structures early makes life easier for your child.

9. Learning Basic Life Skills 

Preschool is a great place for kids to learn common stuff including directions, self-care, focus and self-control, taking on challenges, critical thinking, communication, avoiding accidents and other life skills. Your child starts practicing these skills in primary school and finds life much easier.

10. Learning Diversity  

Learning Diversity  

Picture this; your child walks into a class full of kids from all backgrounds. You don’t expect any adverse reaction and with time, the child learns that it’s normal in life to meet people from all formal backgrounds.

Diversity is a major topic across the world and by introducing it early enough in preschool, you prepare your child to become more accommodative.

Wrapping Up

Preschool isn’t about games and playing alone. In fact, your child learns so much more to prepare them for formal school. These skills make them ready for life, boost their academic performance and make them more responsible.

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