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Top 10 Famous Asian Men Hairstyles For Men In 2022

asian men hairstyles

Asian men hairstyles are all the rage nowadays due to the popularity of k-pop and Japanese anime. Some Asian men are called the hottest in the world (members of k-pop group BTS) with some anime characters (Levi Ackerman anyone?) as well. This is because of their Asian men’s hairstyles. 

Therefore, if you want great hairstyles like them, then you need to read this article. Here, we have compiled some of the best hairstyles that Asian men will look great in. 

These hairstyles are not very difficult and asking any barber to style your hair will do. Therefore, read this and go to your barber today!

Best Asian Men’s Hairstyles In 2022

If you are an Asian male, then you must ask your barber to get you one of these Asian men hairstyles:

1.The Undercut

The undercut is a staple when it comes to Asian men’s hairstyles globally. The undercut is the best way an Asain man can look hot. Cutting your hair short on the sides and keeping the hair on the top longer look great on Asian guys. 

Moreover, the undercut can be modified to an extent to turn your top into a quiff or a pompadour. Therefore, you can mix and match other hairstyles to get the best look that suits your face shape.

2.The Faded Haircut

The fade cut is one of the most popular hairstyles for men. This hairstyle is very similar to the undercut. However, the shorter sides have faded out. Therefore, the topmost edge of your sides will be bigger than the hair around your ear. 

One can assume that these Asian hairstyles men will make a man appear more sexy and modern. The faded sides look amazing, especially on Asian men with more prolonged and sharper faces. A great aspect of this hairstyle is that it is casual yet very formal as well. 

3.The Comb Over

Give a man a comb, and he will style his hair in the best way possible. However, if you want a professional look that looks great in corporate spaces, then ask your barber for this hairstyle.

One of the best Asian men’s hairstyles, this will go pretty well along with the undercut or the fade cut. Just ask your barber to comb your hair over to the sides so that your hairstyle looks neat and sophisticated. 

4.The Spiky Hairstyle

If you want something a bit more rough and badass, then a spiky hairstyle will suit you perfectly. This hairstyle is perfect for men whose hair is thicker than most. It is difficult to make spiky hair strands if your hair is thin and silky.

It’s best to pair these Asian men hairstyles with an undercut or fade cut so that your top appears prominently. Then, apply some hair gel or hair wax to ensure that your hair is held straight for a long time.

5.The Slicked Back

If you want slick Asian men hairstyles, then you simply need to slick your hair back. Upon first look, this hairstyle will appear as a fusion between the combed-over and undercut hairstyles for Asian men.

Simply use a comb to comb your backward. Also, don’t forget to keep your sides short so that your top appears more prominent and voluminous. Finally, keeping your hair slicked back is the ultimate x-factor that will make you look stylish and professional at the same time.

6.The Quiff

The quiff is very similar to all the hairstyles mentioned earlier. Popular amongst all Asian men hairstyles, keeping the top longer and edgy and shorter sides will give your face the edge it needs, making you appear sexier.

Pairing this hairstyle with a bald fade haircut will definitely make you look more badass and attract the right chicks. One of the coolest hairstyles for young Asian men, it’s favored by women as one of the best men’s hairstyles.

7.The Side Part

If you prefer old-school hairstyles, then these Asian men hairstyles are perfect for you. This hairstyle goes hand in hand with middle part hairstyles.

This short hairstyle for Asian men is a classic because of how neat and sophisticated it makes a man look. Corporate workspaces prefer men with hairstyles like this because it makes them look smart and professional.

Unlike other Asian men hairstyles, it’s best not to include an undercut or a fade cut on the sides. Doing so will make the side part lose its identity and become similar to a quiff. This hairstyle looks great on Asian men because of the fact that they have thicker hair.

8.The Faux Hawk

If you want to be the ultimate badass Asian roaming the streets and intimidating everyone in your sight, ask your barber for a faux hawk. This gangster hairstyle is only reserved for men with a high testosterone count and an attitude that matches it.

To get the best look possible, ask your barber to taper your sides or get a fade cut to get the best look possible. In addition, do not forget to use hair gel or hair wax. It helps keep your top a bit spiky and keep it pointing towards the front.

If your hair is of medium length, then you can turn such Asian men hairstyles into long hairstyles for men. You can do so by keeping the top longer and the sides shorter.

9.The Crew Cut

One of the best Asian men short hairstyles, this will be perfect for you if you have sharp facial features. Great for men with more masculine jawlines, this haircut is simple and easy for the barber. The best thing about this haircut – it requires the least maintenance of all.

You can also keep your top an inch longer than the sides to give your hair a textured look. Doing so can allow you to turn your top into a fringe or even a faux hawk as it grows longer. The objective here is to keep your hair short and simple.

10.The Buzz Cut

If you want one of the shortest Asian men hairstyles possible, then the crew cut is exactly what you need. Hare, you need to keep all the hair on your top as short as possible. This gives your face an immaculate and tidy look.

In addition, it can also help you appear more masculine if you have sharp facial features. Therefore, it’s easy to become a badass even with such a short hairstyle.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

1.What Hairstyle Should I Get Male Asian?

If you are an Asian male, then you should get hairstyles that keep your hair short or medium length. This includes the fade cut or an undercut.

2. How Do Asian Men Wave Their Hair?

Asian men can make their hair wavy by applying the right hair products and using their fingers to style and make it wavy instead of a comb or a brush.

3. How Do Asian Men Style Medium Hair?

If you are an Asian man with medium-length hair, then you can keep spiky hairstyles like the quiff, the faux hawk, or even a pompadour.

4. How Do Korean Men Get Their Hair Texture?

If you want textured hair like your favorite k-pop star, you can shampoo your scalp daily. In addition, add some hair wax to make your hair wavy and style your hair like k-pop stars.


Asian men’s hairstyles like the undercut, or a buzz cut paired with spiky and textured hairstyles on top look amazing. Therefore, you too can look sexy with hairstyles like the side part or faux hawk if you fancy medium-length hairstyles.

If you want shorter hairstyles, then the buzz cut or the crew cut will look dashing if you have the appropriate facial features.
To read more about other hairstyles, give out other articles and read here at Proudly Updates!

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