Alienware Area51 Threadripper – Review, Price, Specification And More

Alienware Area51 Threadripper - Review, Price, Specification And More

In today’s world, technology is the one sector that is wearing the crown. So if you are someone who is into gaming and have been looking for a great gaming laptop that can provide you with high-class performance, it is the Alienware Area51 Threadripper.

It is a heavier gaming laptop that breaks the newly formed convention of a gaming laptop to be thin. However, when it comes to performance, it is ready to blow your mind. 

If you are planning to get yourself a gaming laptop for 4K resolution and high-intensity game performance, then you should get yourself the Alienware Area51 Threadripper desktop. Want to know more about it? Keep on reading this article till the end…

What Is Alienware Area51 Threadripper?

What Is Alienware Area51 Threadripper

Are you looking for a laptop that will let you play intensive games while not decreasing the quality of the experience? If yes, then it is time for you to get your hands on the model Alienware Area51.

It is one of the most powerful Alienware desktops that is great for high-end PC gaming. It provides the users with liquid cool processors, great graphics, and design.

Alienware, a hardware subsidiary of Dell, decided to incorporate the Ryzen Threadripper of AMD. Now, for the ones who do not know what Threadripper is, let me explain a bit.

Threadripper is a desktop processor that is used in desktops. Currently, it is the desktop processor with the highest performance ever when it comes to the desktops that ordinary consumers use.

There are thirty-two threads and sixteen core processors in a Threadripper. This makes it the only processor to be able to accomplish almost anything that comes its way. Now that Alienware incorporated Threadripper in its Area51 model, the desktop has become an invincible device for most users.

If you are planning to get a desktop that is great for HD video editing, streaming, recording, 3D rendering, and, most importantly, intensive gaming, then it would be best to get yourself the Alienware Area51 Threadripper.

Features And Specifications: Why Should You Get This One?

Why would you choose something without knowing what it has to offer you? That is the reason why I am going to list down some of the features and specifications of the Alienware Area51 Threadripper.

Here are the specifications that you should know about:

Model NameAlienware Area-51 R6
Width25.15 in
Depth10.73 in
Height22.41 in
Weight 28 kg
ProcessorAMD Ryzen Threadripper
ChipsetAMD X399
Graphics 11GB GDDR5X Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti (two)
Memory SlotsDDR4 DIMM sockets, 4 (internally accessible) 
Memory TypeDDR4
Memory SpeedUp to 3200 MHz
Total memory8 GB, 16 GB, 32 GB, and 64 GB
NetworkRJ-45 ports, 2
USBOne port, USB 3.1 Gen 2Two USB ports, 3.1 Gen 1Two ports, USB 3.1 Gen 1Six ports, USB 3.1 Gen 1Two ports, USB 2.0Two ports, USB 3.1 Gen 1 (powershare)
Audio/VideoOne port for audio input/microphoneFour ports for audio output/headphoneOne port for optical S/PDIF
Communications Ethernet (10,100,1000 Mbps)Wireless (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth )

The Important Part: What Is Good And It And What Is Not?

While investing your money and energy in a particular product, it is important that you know what the good things are as well as what the bad things about the particular product are.

So here are the good parts and the bad parts of the product that you should keep in mind:

Pros: What Is Good About It?

  • It provides you with a great gaming experience
  • It is one of the fastest desktops in the world
  • It is efficient and fast cooling
  • CPU and GPU can be upgraded

Cons: What Is Bad About It?

  • It is expensive
  • It lacks Thunderbolt 3 in one of the USBs
  • Heavier than other competitors

Reviews Of Alienware Area51 Threadripper: What Users Have To Say About The Product?

You might think that you should not trust my words. After all, I am a complete stranger. However, that is the reason why I have gathered some of the most trusted reviews of the Alienware Area51 Threadripper gaming laptop.

Here are some of the reviews of the product that you were looking for:

Reviews Of Alienware Area51 Threadripper What Users Have To Say About The Product - 2

Image Source :

Reviews Of Alienware Area51 Threadripper What Users Have To Say About The Product

Image Source :

Or, you can also watch this video for a better understanding of the product:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):-

Now that you have almost reached the end of this article, I hope most of your questions have already been answered. If there are still some doubts and confusion remaining regarding Alienware Area51 Threadripper, I recommend that you read these questions that readers frequently ask.

1. What Graphics Card Does The Alienware Area 51 Have?

Ans: The Alienware Area51 Threadripper uses the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Graphics card. This is the reason why the user experience when it comes to the graphics of the desktop as well as the performance of the product is great.

2. Can Alienware Area 51 R2 Be Upgraded?

Ans: The answer to that is YES. you can upgrade the Alienware Area 51 R2 with windows 11 as the product is compatible with the latest windows upgrade.

3. Does Area 51m Use Desktop Gpu?

Ans: The Alienware Area51 does not use laptop variants. Instead, it uses desktop processors. The users of the product can upgrade the desktop with new graphics cards as well as processors.

Bottom Line: Get Alienware Area51 Threadripper For Better And Faster Gaming Experience!

Alienware is a subsidiary company of Dell for computer hardware. Dell purchased the company in the year 2006. Alienware is known for making some of the best gaming laptops. 

The company released their model Alienware Area51 that runs on Ryzen Threadripper of AMD. It helps in making sure that the user experiences the ultimate gaming performance in greatest resolution.

In case you were searching for the reviews and the features of Alienware Area51 Threadripper, I hope you found this article to be of help. If there are any other queries related to the same, feel free to write them down in the comment section below.

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