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6 Great Ways to Add Personality to an Office


Whether your office is in a high-rise tower block in the centre of town, or your spare bedroom, it is likely you spend a considerable proportion of your time there.

If you work eight-hour days, then during the week you could easily spend most of your waking hours in the office.

Thankfully, we are in the 21st Century and there is more to office décor than fluorescent strip lighting and gunmetal-grey filing cabinets, so there is no need for your workspace to be dull.

Evidence suggests you will be more productive if your office has a welcoming, homely feel so revamp and reap the benefits!

Here Are Six Easy Ways To Stamp Your Personality On Your Office

1. Photos

Working area in modern office with carpet floor and meeting room. interior 3d rendering Premium Photo

Framed pictures are popular desk decorations and a wonderful way of keeping your loved ones close as you work.

Digital photo frames make it easy to display your photos without compromising on precious desk space and have the bonus of rotating your images so more of your happy memories can be on display.

If you prefer a less formal look, consider a pinboard – plus there is always your screensaver. Sometimes seeing your child’s cheeky grin or the picture of your last big holiday reminds you of what you are working for.

2. Nick-nacks

3d rendering business meeting and working room on office building Free Photo

Who says work must be boring? Whatever your passion, integrate it into your workplace. Maybe you collect Funko Pop figures – add some to your bookcase.

If you are a sports fan, consider a themed money box to save any loose change (or act as a swear jar on the days where it all gets a bit much).

You can also place your favourite scented candle on your desk to give a pleasant aroma. Lemon is good for creativity and productivity.

3. Toys

white and black ceramic mug beside white and black ceramic mug

Go back to your childhood with toys and bring the fun into the office. Whether you have a dinky car Mercedes to inspire you to work towards your goals or an executive stress toy your partner gave you as a joke present last Christmas, sometimes we all need a break from the routine.

4. A Feature Clock

white desk clock near pen and book

Digital or analogue, wall-hanging or desktop, a clock is an office must. Choose a colour and style that compliments your new office design from the selection at Oh Clocks and really make a statement.

With eye-catching designs that are a pleasure to look at, you will never be late for an important meeting again!

5. Super Stationery

Different office stationery arranged on white table in co-working office Free Photo

The easiest way to showcase your personality in the office is through the necessities.

Look at your office and see what you can change to allow the space to be a better reflection of the real you. Pimp your computer with a fun mouse or a light-up keyboard.

Switch out the standard-issue paper bin for one with a design to add colour. Stationery is where you can go wild.

Go matchy-matchy or for an eclectic mix – whatever floats your boat! No one will dare steal your stapler again…

6. Perfect Plants

Modern workplace with creative desk with plants have blue wall. Premium Photo

Being stuck in an office all day can feel stifling, especially if you enjoy being outside. Create the illusion of the great outdoors with potted plants or flowers.

Whether you opt for one solitary spider plant or a jungle of greenery, this is an effortless way to bring your office to life. There is evidence that plants are good for focus and reducing anxiety and depression so not only will you be prettifying your space, but you’ll also be improving your mental health.

However, if you decide to update your workspace, make sure it works for you. Have fun with it and heading to the office will be a pleasure!

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