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What Is Abdominal Pain And How To Treat It?

Abdominal Pain

Abdominal pain is the most common health symptom that occurs to almost everyone at some point. Gastroenteritis, irritable bowel disease, gastritis, and urological causes are common reasons why abdominal pain occurs.

Viral gastroenteritis may often cause stomach pain. These are some of the most common diseases and can be cured with simple medications. However, severe cases like colon cancer or appendicitis may also cause abdominal pain.

Are you feeling pain anywhere from below your chest down to your groin? If so, the reason may lie within your abdomen.

If you have lower abdominal pain or pain anywhere inside your abdomen, you need to understand the symptoms and consult your doctor quickly. But, before you get diagnosed, having a primary understanding will help you explain the symptoms to the doctor.

So, if you are trying to understand what type of abdominal pain you are experiencing, you need to follow this article.

What Is Abdominal Pain?

What Is Abdominal Pain?

Abdominal pain is the pain or discomfort that taunts you anywhere within your abdomen. The pain can be associated with the stomach or any other internal organ besides the stomach.

The stomach pain can occur anywhere within your stomach, from the stomach up to the ribs to the groin area.

The pain can be acute abdominal pain. It can also be of the chronic type. An acute abdominal Pain develops suddenly. Chronic pain, however, stays longer (minimum three months).

There are different types of abdominal pains. And all of them irritate the patient in different ways. It can be-

  • A sudden pain.
  • The pain may come and go.
  • Constant stabbing pain.
  • Dull aching pain.

No matter how severe the pain seems, I suggest you consult with your physician. Even if the pain is mild, it is better to seek medical help.

When diagnosing, your doctor will ask you about the symptoms. You may have a high fever, diarrhea, or vomiting as some of the most prominent symptoms. The doctors will try to locate the pain and ask you questions about lower right abdominal pain. Does the pain relocate to other locations of your abdomen? Does it increase during sleep?

If you have a clear understanding, you can help the doctor with the diagnosis.

Different Types Of Abdominal Pain

Different Types Of Abdominal Pain

Stomach pain is categorized based on the severity, how it starts, and how long it lasts. Here are the three different types of abdominal pains.

  • Acute pain: starts within hours and may come along with several other symptoms.
  • Chronic pain: it may last longer, for weeks or even months. It may also go away afterward. 
  • Progressive Pain: This Pain grows severe with time.

What Causes Abdominal Pain

What Causes Abdominal Pain?

There are many reasons behind abdominal pain. The pain may occur due to digestion problems, pelvic problems, and abdominal organ problems. Here are the most important reasons.

  • Gas
  • Indigestion
  • Constipation

Abdominal Causes For Stomach Pain

Pelvic Reasons For Stomach Pain

Chest Problems

  • Heart attack
  • Pneumonia
  • Blood clots in the lungs

Abdominal Pain Treatment

Abdominal Pain Treatment

Mild and acute abdominal pain may go away with or without any treatment. However, stomach pain caused by gas and constipation is easily treatable at home.

But, if the pain is progressive or a pain that has stayed for months, you need to see a doctor. After diagnosing and checking the symptoms, your doctor will prescribe you the medicine and treatment needed for treating stomach pain.

Here are some treatments your doctor may prescribe you-

  • If you have gastroesophageal reflux disease, inflammation, or ulcers, the doctor will prescribe the necessary medicines.
  • If there is an infection, the doctor will prescribe antibiotics.
  • Use of numbing agents or spinal or local injection for subsiding the pain.
  • If the pain is caused due to appendicitis or hernia, the doctor may ask to perform surgery.

Abdominal Pain Home Treatment

Stomach pain can go away with home remedies if the case is not that serious. Following some daily routine, eating healthy food and the right foods can cure stomach pain at home. Here are some home remedies for stomach pain-

  • Eat frequent meals, but eat less each time. 
  • Chew on the food before swallowing. 
  • Drink beverages at normal temperature.
  • Avoid foods that may cause indigestion and gas.
  • Take limited coffees and alcohol.
  • Manage the stress level.
  • Limit the stress level.
  • Exercise daily.
  • Be seated straight after a meal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about stomach pain. If you have any further questions about this disease, these questions may help you.

Q1. What Causes Abdominal Pains?

Ans: There is no one specific reason for stomach pain. However, the pain may occur due to some of the most common health symptoms. The common reason for abdominal pain are- 
Food allergies
Menstrual Cramps

Q2. Where Is Abdomen Pain Located?

Ans: From below the human ribs, down to the groin area, you can experience abdominal pain anywhere. The pain may relocate to your pelvis as well. Stomach pain may come and go, or it may stay for some time. Most severe pains need quick medical attention.

Q3. When Should I Worry About Abdomen Pain?

Ans: Abdomen pain is usually mild and can go away even without any treatment. However, you may experience severe pain coupled with fever, nausea, bloody stool, and vomiting in some cases. In these cases, you may seek medical help.

Q4. What Are The Symptoms Of Abdominal Pain?

Ans: You may generally feel pain in any part of the abdomen. The pain may be acute, chronic, or progressive. Based on the underlying reasons, the pain may be mild to severe. Here are some of the most common symptoms of abdominal pain-
Severe Pain.
Bloody stool
Swelling abdomen
Yellowish skin


If you are experiencing any severe symptoms, I suggest you take immediate medical help. It is better not to take any medicines yourself without properly diagnosing the symptoms. However, if the symptoms are mild, you can take help from the home remedies mentioned here.

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